Swasan - OMG!!!! One shot

Swasan - OMG!!!! One shot

Guys unfortunately it is again me , Zuha with my OS , this time for Swasan , so let’s give it a try.

The journey begins…..

“OMG , OMG!! He is here , Swara set up your hairs , what impression he will get.” squeled Swara.

A beautiful girl came inside , wearing a blue and pink anarkali suit with neatly tied hairs smiling at Swara’s innocence.

“Swara , relax , he is coming from UK not from Mars that you are so much excited.” said the girl who is Ragini , Swara’s sister.

“Ladoo , yeah he is coming from UK but after 10 years , in these 10 years each and every moment I waited for him and finally he is back , Yippeee! Waisay I heard that Laksh is also coming , so what do u think? Shall I ….” continued Swara in a tesing manner.

Ragini in disgust “Oh please that MONKEY , never , remember what he did with me when I was 5….”

Swara says without any interst,”Yeah , yeah he made you fall in mud…Cmon Rags grow up.”

“Shoona , I fell infront of everyone in the school and all laughed on me because of that Monkey,” Ragini almost crying.

“Ragini , look I am hearing this story of yours since the past 15 years , please let me get ready” said Swara in a hurry.

Ragini”Oh god , Sanskaar is coming not any celebrity for whom you are soooo much excited.”

Swara continues , ” Ab kya karein ishq par zor nahi.”

Ragini happy for her sis.” Ok get ready , I am going.”


A black , shiny car stops infront of Badi , a young , handsome guy steps down , button up his blazer and walks innnnnnn…..

He entered and shouted , “Shooooonnnnaaaaa!!”
Swara came running and land up falling on him they have an eyelock Saiyaaaa plays…..

They both compose at Ragini’s cough.

Ragini says” After a long time Sanky.”

Yes , he was Sanskaar.

Sanskaar continues,”Hey you and lucky do not call me like that , it looks like Sanky (Mad person , mentally disabled).”

“So u are only that.” A voice is heard from the back , all turn to see a young , dashing and handsome gentlemen.

Sanskaar, “Hey lucky.”

He is Laksh urf Lucky.

Laksh comes and hugs him.

Laksh says, ” How are u bro.”

Sanskaar replies , ” How am I looking.”

Swara in her imaginary world , ” Hot….”

Sanskaar does not pay heed to her words and take them as fun.

Sanskaar continues , “Guys , I want to introduce someone.”

Ragini in curiousity , “Yes , yes!!”

Sanskaar in joy , ” So introducing , Ms.Beaitiful , Kavita Raichand”

A girl steps in , wearing a black , skiny frock , open hairs , over loaded with make up. Sanskaar goes and hugs her tightly , leaving everyone shocked. Swara is in tears.

Sanskaar continues , ” So this is Kavita , and we love eachother and will be marrying soon.”

All are shocked , while Sanskaar’s words echo in Swara’s mind.

She was left heart-broken and decided to be far from all , she left everyone with a note , which said ,”I love Sanskaar , alot and will continue loving him till my last breath , I am happy for him that he is getting his happinnes which lays in Kavita. Sanskaar you are very lucky to acheive your love , because all do not have a destiny like you. I am leaving , far from you and Kavita’s life , wishing u both a happy life. Don’t try to find me as I am very far from ur lives and heart.

2 years passed and no clue of Swara, but as destiny wanted to unite the 2 lovers , one day Sanskaar was driving (not in Kolkata , in Mumbai) He saw beautiful girl playing guitar , Swara flashed in his mind but it was his imagination. He left. He reached an Orphanage for donations , he was about to leave when he heard a voice , quite famililar , he turned to see Swara. He hold her hand and dragged her from their , while Swara had no clue….
They reach an isolated place , both get off from the car.

Swara said,”What is going on Mr. who are u to drag me like this.”

Sanskaar continues, “How can you , like you left me like that Shona , How can u even think about it.”

Swara stubbornly , “Who Shona , I am sorry u are mistaken Sir.”

Sanskaar cries , “Mistaken , right I can never be mistaken Swara , I can feel ur heart beat when u are around , can’t u understand , I love u god damn it!”

Swara was overwhelmed , she asked him to repeat and he did , she asked about Ragini , he told that she married Laksh , she was mixed with emotions they chit chatted when she asked about Kavita , Sanskaar told her that Kavita was after his money and left him.

Swara continues , “Sanskaar u know what , it looks like a dream.”

Sanskaar says,”Which came true…”

They were overwhelmed with emotions and hugged passionately…….

Note : Always make a correct decision for your life partner and do not hurt someone who loves you , or u will regret.

So this OS ends here , hoping to see ur lovely comments ~Zuha Fatima

Swasan - OMG!!!! One shot


Swasan - OMG!!!! One shot

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