Jaanemaan Part 6

Jaanemaan Part 6

Hey guyzz this z supriya once again.first thanx for all your amazing comments….I don’t have words to express my gratitude.I will just say…love you all.this z the part 6…hope you enjoy reading it.
Radhika was very happy for getting arjun back in her life.she had thanked god million times in her heart.
Location… Arjun’s farmhouse
Arjun,”are you happy,wifey?
Radhika,”I love you so much sir.”
Arjun glared at her which made her correct her sentence.
Radhika… I love you arjun.
Arjun,”better,don’t call me sir again.I hate to hear it from your mouth.”
Radhika…I need time to get used to it.
Arjun,”kk now one more surprise awaits you.”
Radhika,”still one z left?
Arjun…yes this z the best of all and for it I have to wear my shirt.
Radhika… What your shirt has to do with the surprise?
Arjun,”why you don’t want me to wear my shirt wifey?enjoying the view.”
Radhika… You are too much arjun.
He grabbed her waist tight…tucked her hand behind her ear…was about to kiss her when she kept her hand on his lips.
Radhika… Not so soon,you have to wait dear husband. You kept me waiting for you for two months now I won’t let you get me so easily.
Arjun…you are already mine.but I will wait for you to be comfortable and one more thing…what z wrong in kissing my wife?just one kiss plz…you don’t know how long I have waited for this moment to come.I always dream about me kissing you plz turn my dream into reality.
Radhika…oh god you dream such things…srsly you are shameless.
Arjun,”so what you are my wife.I have the right to dream such things…. Only I have the right to dream about you.”
Radhika… We will talk about it later.
Arjun,”what did you just say?so you mean others can also dream about you.
Radhika… I did not say anything.you only bring out someother meaning from whatever I say.
Arjun,”first say that only I can dream about you. ”
Radhika…. Ok only you can dream about me,happy now?
Arjun…not exactly. I want my kiss.
Radhika…first my surprise.
Arjun,”OK first let me wear my shirt.”
He buttoned his shirt…

Arjun…are you staring at me?
Radhika, “no…I am not staring at you.”
Arjun,”you will not accept it,will you?
He removed his phone out from his jeans pocket.He dialled Neil’s no
Arjun…hey,where are you?
Neil…we are out…we thought to give you some privacy with your wife.”
Arjun…we had enough privacy…now come inside.
Arjun..listen use the keys I have given you…don’t ring the bell.
Neil…OK boss but I hope you guys have clothes on you.
Arjun…I will kill you Neil…
Neil..kill me later.
Arjun..yaa for sure and for your information nothing like that happen today.”
Radhika..whom are you talking to?
He disconnected the call

Arjun…nothing…I was talking to your surprise.
Radhika, “talking to my surprise?my surprise z a person?
Arjun…two most special people of our life.can you guess who are they?
Radhika…I can’t guess plz tell me naa arjun.
Neil and Sam entered the house…
Neil…what yaar chashni you forgot us so soon?
It didn’t took Radhika too much to recognize his voice…she turned towards them.
Radhika…neil,Sam you guyzz ohh god… arjun sir this z the best surprise.
Arjun..again sir.
Radhika,” srry,arjun.”
She walked couple of steps to reach her two sweethearts
Sam hugged her tight….arjun,”don’t crush my wife Sam.”
Sam broke the hug and got her knees…radhika was shocked…
Neil…are you planning to propose her Sammy?
Sam..stop it Neil..I had enough of your silly jokes.
Radhika,”Sam what are you doing?
Sam…plz don’t talk anything right now chashni..let me do what I am doing… I want your forgiveness plz chashni I know I insulted you,our friendship. I have been so much horrible. I should have trusted you but I was blind to see your love for me.I am really very sorry for all the pain you received becoz of me and my stupidities but I promise you I will only give you happiness now.I will not let anyone hurt you not even your husband. Plz give me one chance to redeem my mistakes.
Radhika made her stand…you are not just my friend but you are my soul sister.I have forgiven you long back Sammy.now forget all this past.we will wipe all this bitter memories.
Sam hugged her again…I love you chashni
Neil,”common guyzz even I am here,chashni all your love z only for Sam..you don’t even love me bit to notice my presence.
He made a puppy face.
Radhika..how can I ever forget you Neil.you are my first friend in Mumbai..I can never forget you.
He gave her a tight hug…she hugged him back..but her husband interrupted them…kk now leave her…
They laughed looking at him..Neil,”you are impossible,arjun.
Arjun..so what yaar what if I give Sam a tight hug infront of you?
Neil…don’t compare me to you arjun.I trust Sam alot and you are over possessive.
Arjun…yaa I can never be like you Neil.you have soo much control over your feelings srsly hats of to you.
Neil…thank you but even I get jealous but not so much like you.
Radhika…yaa,I know you use get jealous seeing Sam with arjun sir.
Sam…let’s not talk about all this chashni.
Radhika nodded positively

Arjun…Neil but I am srry for all the pain I gave you now I know what it feels to see your beloved with someone else.
Neil..it z kk buddy.
The house was filled by their laughter… The four friends were finally together… They will never leave eachother’s side now.
After sometime arjun dropped Radhika and left with nesam.
Location: Mishra house
Dilip was waiting for Radhika to return… he had a desperate look on his face.he got a sign of relief when radhika entered the house.
Dilip…where were you?I was worried about you …you didn’t even find it necessary to call me once and tell me your location.
Radhika.. Srry papa but I informed maa that I am with arjun…she didn’t told you,I guess.About my phone,it z dead.”
Dilip…you answer for my each question, don’t you?
Radhika… I just answered what you asked papa.
Dilip…what were you doing with that arjun?
Radhika,”he z my husband, I can be with him.”
Dilip…he z not your husband,radhika.that marriage was a mistake.you married him to save your best friend and now she z happy in her life so now plz can you end this drama?
Radhika… Yaa I know I married for Sam but now this marriage z my life.if you try to end it you will end my life,papa.
Dilip…you have lost it…but I will try my best to do what z right for you
Radhika replied looking in his eyes….I will not marry adi.
Dilip…he z a good guy…just think about him once.
Radhika, “I know he z a good guy but I love arjun and most important I am married so will you plz stop thinking about my and adi’s alliance?
He just left from there
Radhika POV…why can’t you understand papa?adi needs someone who will love him back and I can never love him in this life.I only love arjun…and you have to understand this.
Radhika was dialling adi’s no but he was continuous dismissing her calls…she was hell worried for him…she decided to meet him tomorrow.

Next morning….
Radhika… maa,I am going to meet adi.
Maa…why but?what will arjun think?
Radhika… He will think nothing… don’t tell him anything… I will be back by 10 am…don’t worry..kk bye ..love you.
Mala was worried.she didn’t wanted her daughter to spoil her marriage behind adi also she didn’t wanted to lie to arjun.
Radhika reached adi’s house…..
Whole house was messed up…furniture was ransacked…..all things were scattered….many were broken too…she was tensed….her eyes were searching adi….
There he was lying on bare floor…his eyes red and worn out indicating he was crying whole night….she touched his shoulder to make him aware of her presence….he hugged her.
Adi…why can’t that man leave me alone?why am I so unlucky that everyone I love…I don’t get their love back…m I that bad that I don’t deserve any happiness of this world?
Radhika ..no adi,you are a very good person.
He broke the hug
Adi….I am srry…I know I should be in my limit but I lost my control srsly I didn’t mean to….before he could complete his sentence…she gave him a hug.
Radhika…if you want to get relief from all this pain then you should meet your father once.
Angrily he broke away from her. .

Radhika….I am not telling you to accept him as your father…plz just meet him once.atleast hear what he wants to say plz adi…don’t do this for me.do this for your mom…plz just once.
Here arjun was dialling radhika but she was dismissing his calls which made him more restless…. After thinking for sometime he dialled mala…
Arjun,”hello maa,where z radhika?
Mala’s expression change…she had no idea what to answer him now…..
Arjun…are you listening maa?
Maa…haa beta I am listening to you.
Arjun…where z your daughter then she z ignoring me,I think…
Mala…nothing like that beta.
Arjun…if she z around you then tell her dare if she cuts my calls again.
Mala…she z not here beta.
Arjun…where she maa?you have my swear,tell me where z she?
Mala was in dilemma now…she could not break arjun’s swear now.she took a deep breath and answered…. She z with adi.
This one sentence was enough to make arjun angry….he banged his phone on the floor. Yes he was hell angry…
So guyzz this z it….hope u liked it.do comment and your suggestions are most welcome buddies….

Precap…aradhika fight

Jaanemaan Part 6


Jaanemaan Part 6

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