Stay away…. I m nt ur husband (episode 3)

Stay away…. I m nt ur husband (episode 3)

Hii… I m back… With ep.. its really long… my fingers got tired typing it…. thnx all of you who ever commented n even the silent readers….. thnx for motivating n supporting. … I never expected such a response bt thnx again for giving it. … I will try my best so dat ur hopes don’t go down… ppl who had trouble reading hinglish.(hindi +English ) … thn this episode is pure English except few words. ..n who are troubled for pairs thn plz be patient as if I will reveal all the thing thn their will be no mystery left….so guys plz b patient….now no more bak bak….

Episode starts:

7:30 AM

Morning sunlight passing throughthe window is falling on our heart throb yup ri8 sanskar ( srry guys I am literally a sanskarholic n varunholic too so I will do lil exazaration ?) …. birds r chirping cool n calm morning. … Sanskar being disturbed by sun light wakes up bt thn turns left pulling his blanket for a lil more extra sleep…. thn his sleepy eyes fall on an angelic face sleeping beside him. A small curve comes on his lips but it was only for a second or so… next moment he realised what was happening. …
He quickly jerked off from the blanket taking his sleep away… n being shock n thn he recalled the ni8 event. …so he was going to get off the bed when he realised about a grip in his hand….

He found his hands intertwined with her soft delicate hands… He was shocked as how it happened n looked at it they were as made for each other. … He was happy from inside bt soon throwing this idea… He jerked off her hand n quicky whn to washroom with his clothes. ….

As he entered he quicky bolder the lock n stand in front of the mirror as if finding himself in the reflection. … curiosly watching himself to find answers. …bt nothing to b found. …

SANSKAR : (in mind ) what r u doing sanskar…. STAY AWAY. …from her…. frst of all u don’t know her u just met. .. what met… no u nt even met her as meeting means talking… but I wanna talk to her…. don’t know whn she is near it gives me inner happiness. … I can’t see her in pain it hurts me…. even I didn’t feel this for KAVITA. … uff kavita…. urggg. ..No No No not again sanskar don’t fall again in the pit u have fallen earlier. … don’t repeat it again.. u only know how hard it was to come out. … don’t break the walk which u have created or u will again shatter…. n dont forget all women’s r same. … n who is this girl to u??..NOTHING. … she would have a family. .. or may be should be married … what r u thnking relationship. .. u don’t even know her name dammit… n dont forget u don’t deserve love… n love happen once n u had ur one love… no not break down be brave….
SANSKAR : ( loud ) urgh… its so irritating ( he banged his fist on the wall of the washroom ) I was true she is afat (trouble ) in my life. … MS. AFAT kahi ki…

Now blocking these thoughts he takes bath n comes wearing black jeans, yellow t-shirt n royal blue blazer looking hot with wet hairs….

He sees that she is still sleeping a peaceful sleep..
SANSKAR : see taking my sleep away in morning. .. making me restless she is sleeping peaceful. .. yaar… whn she will gain conciousness the frst thng I will do is to dump her in her house n remove this afat from my life….MS. AFAT kahi ki… ( being separate with her this thought ws only giving him unknown pain in his heart bt staying near her was nt good for him… n most importantly he doesn’t know her)

Giving last glance to her he left for downstairs. …

8:30 AM

All where eating silently making no noise as sanskar hates talking while eating. DP n Panchi were talking through actions of course abt mystery girl… they didn’t knew dat sanskar was knowing that what they are doing bt never stopped thm as he lyked their cute action convo n smiled. … Panchi was asking Dp to ask abt the grl… atlast Dp. …

SANSKAR : ask faSt dad what you wanna ask I am getting late
DP : dad? ?.. ( with fake anger expression )
SANSKAR : ok ok… baba say what u wanna ask
DP : how is she now? Got any info
SANSKAR : nope. .. She is still unconscious. ..
PANCHI : by the way Chachu what’s her name..??..
SANSKAR : I Don’tknow kiddo she is unconscious
PANCHI : so if she gain conciousness I can call her Chachi? ?.. ( just murmur last word Chachi )
SANSKAR : (suddenly takes his face from the plate n looks at Panchi) how many times I have told I don’t lyk talking while eating…just finish ur breakfast fast n go to school…
N thn he again continue eating. .. Panchi shook her head n started eating again…

Sanskar finishes his breakfast n says to Dp : whn she will gain conciousness call sinha uncle n do all formalities n thn ask her adress n send her to her home I will send the car in afternoon for it..I mean her family members will be curious about her… (This all he said arranging his chair…n whn he looked at Dp to continue he saw thm shocked as if they saw a ghost… n he gave thm a what-happened look bt no respond )

So to find the source of it he turned n he too was shocked to c…

An angelic face standing nt even 1 feet away from him but wait why is she crying before sanskar could react n come out of shock … another shock caught him as he found her hugging him… He was drumstruck…whn she hugged it was lyk… For 1 sec he forgot to breath. … He didn’t hug her back was still nt in his senses bt came back in his senses by her sobs n her voice…soothing voice lyk can cure all diseases. …
GIRL : please please. .. don’t do this to me… Sanskar. .. (she was sobbing hard ) .. I also love u… I m nt gonna leave anywhere don’t worry. … I will be with you forever. … Sanskar in husband wife relationship small fights r common… don’t make a big issue of it… I don’t know what we fight abt bt I apologise. .. don’t throw me out… marriage Is a promise for life time… u r this much angry dat u stopped her to call me chachi… dont do this sanskar. .. I m sorry bt I don’t know what happened bt thn also sorry. .. I love you. …
( her hug was becoming more tight by every moment as her life depends on it)
Now sanskar can’t handle more. .. his patience level has surpassed. … He was happy bt he knew what it gonna result too… his break down… which he didn’t want… so he separated her from the hug… she was seeing him with a hope. . It was lyk she knows him from long years… bt can’t afford to again go to the black hole where kavita had dumped him…n by much difficulty he came out…
His eyes were red with anger n his rage had no limit…He pushed her n she fall in the ground n he shouted making every one feel goosebumps
SANSKAR : STAY AWAY. … I M NT UR HUSBAND! !.. keep it in ur mind….n who r u? What I am too u?… what is ur name?many women do same tricks to lure me listen it will nt affect me …(He shouted his lungs out .)
She was very afraid completely visible in her face bt she answered : offcourse it..It. . Will…nt. nt.. eff..effect. .. bcoz they are other women… n I am ur wife sanskar how can u compare me With other women .. n I m.. I m… wait whom m I. .. whom m I. .. plz anyone say whom I? .. ahhh… my head ahh.. its spinning…n she faint’s. ..

All are shocked frSt by sanskar’s anger n secnd by the question who she. . Of course she will only know. ..whn Sanky’s anger calm down a lil he again took her in his arm n moved to his bed room…

Huh… atlast completed how was it guys?.. IS she really sanskar’s wife? .. Is she had a memory loss? … but if dat so how she recognise sanky?… why she call herself his wife ?… Some answers will be found in nxt chapter n for others questons wait guys… have patience ..
Girl will be revealed in other ep…
Hope u lyked it…I tried my best… n plz do comment n suggestions r also welcome. …

Stay away…. I m nt ur husband (episode 3)


Stay away…. I m nt ur husband (episode 3)

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