RAGLAK- Second love (9)

RAGLAK- Second love (9)

Hello everyone. I am back to torture and treat you. Enjoy reading.
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Uttara: you know what bhabhi, even aadarsh bhai is no less in this.
Aadarsh: what did I do?
Uttara: should I say what prank did you all play on me on my 13th birthday?
Sanskar and laksh: no.
They almost screamed.
Swara: what did they do?
Laksh: enough of everything now. Let’s have dinner
Parineta: you can’t escape laksh and papa must come to start the dinner
Uttara: thanks bhabhi for supporting.
Sanskar: this is not fair
Swara: what not fair? You say us uttara.
Uttara: I got a phone call from an unknown number asking me to come to city hospital saying that one of my friend faced accident. I asked laksh bhayya to drop me there and we both started on bike but soon he stopped at some godown. He asked me wait for few minutes as he had some work with his friend. I went inside after fifteen minutes and the Room was totally dark. I kept shouting laksh’s bahyya’s name but noone responded. I got scared and started running Untill I bumped into someone.
Swara: is that laksh?
Parineta: shh
Uttara: that was sanskar bhayya. I felt relived seeing him but he started looking at me wierdly. I shook him twice but he didn’t even blink that time. I was really scared. At time time, I heard some voice back of me.
Swara: who?
Her voice showed how much she feared.

Parineta: will you be quiet?
Swara: sorry
Uttara: aadarsh bhayya. I saw something around his lips. I guessed it to be blood. I heard him saying that they both turned into vampires and as they love me, they will turn me even and being lucky, I watched twilight the day before. I started running madly but soon laksh bhayya stopped me. I said him everything and asked him to come with me. But he didn’t. Soon I was surrounded by these three asking me to join their group..vampires group. I closed my eyes tightly till I heard..
Sanskar and laksh: happy birthday uttara!
Swara: uff!!
Uttara: everyone are pranksters.
Swara: I know
Everyone started laughing except ragini.
Ragini:( to himself) laksh ji was a fun loving boy..yes he was..then what made him to turn cold?
Ice surrounded her heart started melting.
Parineta: didn’t papa punish you all?
Sujatha: why not? Even they received their share for me.
Everyone smiled again but suddenly swara started breathing heavily.
Swara: San..San..
Everyone turned to swara when they heard ragini scream. Almost everyone panicked seeing swara. Sanskar ran to his room and came back with a inhaler.
Sanskar: how are you feeling now?
Swara smiled and nodded.
Sujatha: what was that?
Sanskar: it started few months ago. Sometimes it becomes difficult for her to breath ma. Doctor said that it will be cured after delivery.
Ragini turned her eyes to laksh and sighed.

Sanskar: you know what, laksh marriage is love marriage.
Swara: what?
It is something which is totally unexpected to her
Swara: how did ragini…
Sanskar: I don’t know about it. Will talk to laksh. Swara smiled at him.

Few days passed

Ragini: it’s okay ma. I will do it.
Annapurna is shocked seeing ragini. She has slowly started helping everyone in the house.
Ragini climbed on the chair to hang few decorative pieces but she stumbled and lost her grip. Ragini closed her eyes tightly in fear welcoming the pain but again opened her eyes when she didn’t feel touching anything hard. She turned her head and saw sanskar holding.
Ragini: thanks
Sanskar gave her a warm smile. Ragini left the place without uttering anyword. Sanskar felt wiered when he saw laksh standing few steps far from them. The worry on his face is not the same which he feels for swara.
Laksh gave him a warm smile.

Swara: what are you thinking mister?
Swara asked sanskar in their room. Sanskar sighed.
Sanskar: laksh is weird..I mean his behaviour towards ragini is cold.
Swara: maybe they had fight.
Sanskar: no. Something is fishy
Swara shook her head and stepped out the room. She saw laksh walking in the corridor.
Swara: laksh
Laksh: what bhabhi
Swara: um..did ragini gift you anything?
Laksh narrowed his eyes
Laksh: no
Swara: I mean she didn’t gift you anything from the day you both met?
Laksh didn’t understand why is she dragging but he wanted to be genuine.
Laksh: not at all. Anything wrong?
Swara gave him a fake smile and went downstairs. Laksh shrugged

Laksh raised his head from book when he heard knock on his door.
Laksh: come in bhai
Sanskar: hi
Laksh: hi
Awkward silence filled the room.
Laksh: do you want to talk?
Sanskar: um..yes.
Laksh smiled at him.
Laksh: it is so odd that my brother is feeling awkward to talk me
Sanskar: I don’t mean that way lucky.
Laksh: say what you want to
Sanskar: ragini
Laksh’s smile faded away and it didn’t go unnoticed by sanskar. he waited for few seconds and turned to laksh.
Sanskar: any problem between you two?
Laksh: nothing as such
Sanskar: I am missing something in your relationship laksh.
Laksh blinked twice and gulped.
Sanskar: I am not understanding why you both are behaving as strangers when you both love each other.
Laksh: what!
Sanskar: papa said that yours was a love marriage.
Laksh gulped again. His breath quickened.
Laksh: chacha is right but..
Seeing sanskar’s attentive face, laksh became nervous. His heart is becoming second by second and he shivered badly.
Laksh: chacha is right bhai. Mine was a love marriage but it didn’t work
Sanskar widened his eyes in shock.
Laksh: I..I was..divorced

Swara: stop cracking jokes ragini. You became very naughty
Swara said in between her laugh. Ragini came to swara’s room to spend time as she badly needed her.
Ragini: you need to laugh didi. More you laugh, more healthy for my son.
Swara: son??
Ragini nodded to which swara snorted.
Swara: daughter.
Ragini: fine
Ragini rolled her eyes. Swara thought it to be the perfect moment to ask the thing which is troubling her.
Swara: what about laksh?
Ragini became silent for fraction of second and again acted as if she didn’t listen. Swara sighed and made ragini to look her
Swara: what is wrong with you both?
Ragini: everything
Her voice choked.
Swara: what happened? You both love each other right?
Tears pricked in her eyes involuntarily. She lowered her eyes and bit her lip to swallow the sob but she failed
Swara: ragini! Speak something
Swara is worried seeing her sister because being a reserved girl, ragini never showed her emotions until they became extreme.
Ragini: I am his second wife.
Swara opened her mouth wide.

Sanskar: you divorced?
Laksh: yes. I really didn’t want to marry her bhai because I cannot spoil an innocent’s life.
Sanskar let out a heavy sigh and closed his eyes.
Sanskar: I never thought that you will hurt one girl by giving divorce and then another by marrying.
Laksh is visibly tensed and his eyes are clouded with guilt
Laksh: papa has ordered me to marry ragini and… And I didn’t hurt my ex wife.
Sanskar shook his head in disgust
Sanskar: I don’t believe with you about hurt laksh. Women are fragile. You might have done something which pained her.
Laksh: you don’t know the story
Sanskar: I am not interested in listening though
Sanskar’s jaw Clenched and he tried hard to not to shout at laksh.
Sanskar: what about ragini then?
Laksh: I don’t know. She is my wife now but I can’t..i can’t make her happy.
Sanskar: so you want to ruin her life even.
Laksh: it is no so easy to move on
Sanskar: it us neither difficult too.
Laksh: but my ex haunts me,in my every move, in my every tomorrow.
Sanskar sighed again
Sanskar: I want to know one more thing
Laksh: what!
Sanskar: tell me about your love story.
Laksh looked sanskar and their eyes locked.

Swara: you must be kidding. right?
Swara asked trying to convince herself that what she just heard is a dream.
Ragini: why would I joke didi.
Ragini’s tears barely knew barriers
Swara: why?
Tears came to her eyes even.
Ragini:(in low voice) papa. He wanted me to marry laksh because he owe a promise to papa ji.
Swara: what promise?
Ragini: I don’t know.
They both sat in silence for few minutes. Ragini sniffed occasionally wiping her tears. Swara really felt bad for ragini for the reason that she was not beside her in the time of need because she knew that she would never let this happen in her presence but what has happened has happened. She must become pillar to her.
Swara: I can’t say what you are feeling now but, ragini, you should move on.
Ragini raised her lashes and now they are red.
Ragini: do you atleast know how it feels to be someone’s second?
Swara closed her eyes and opened them again.
Swara: ragini..
Ragini: sorry to say like this didi but will you be able to give your child someone’s name if jiju dies.
Swara gasped and mixed emotions of fear, worry, pain are evident on her face. Ragini smiled sadly
Ragini: see, only the thought is killing you and I am living it. Every time u see him, I feel that he is touched by some other, he is loved by some other, he cared for some other than me. He has already shared everything which I wanted only to be mine. Is that wrong didi?
Ragini’s questions numbed her.
Ragini: every girl thinks and dreams so much about her marriage life, especially her husband. After marriage, he is the only one whom she considers to be her family at top but my man has already given this feel some other.
Swara: learn to live present ragini. It is his past and now he belongs to you
Ragini: no doubt didi. He belongs to me but not only me. His heart is still with her.
Swara: and how can you say that? Do you have any evidence.
Ragini: the way he is behaving
Swara: oh! So if he has behaved like a perfect husband then these words would definitely didn’t come out of your mouth instead you will complain that all men are same and he is a jerk.
Ragini inhaled at swara’s words. Of course, her sister is correct. She would have blamed him so badly if he touched her but he didn’t
Swara: you see, breaking up a marriage is really difficult period for both partners. Being a wife, you should be his support system.
Ragini: I can’t didi. I don’t why everyone concerns only about him but not me. Even I am human being. Everyone are expecting me to heal him but what about me?
Swara opened her mouth to say something but ragini stood up.
Ragini: I am feeling sleepy. Bye
With that she exited the room. Ragini met sanskar on her way to their room.
Sanskar smiled seeing ragini and his eyes are filled with concern.
Sanskar: I am sorry what has happened to you.
Ragini: that doesn’t change anything jiju.
Sanskar suddenly felt the urge to soothe her maybe because they both think alike.
Sanskar: I know that nothing will change my sorry ragini but don’t forget that you have a brother to share your emotions.
Ragini narrowed her eyes at him.
Sanskar: you can feel free with me. I promise you.
She didn’t know why but she felt like trusting him after seeing the truthfulness, genuineness in his eyes. She nodded in yes and smiled which is real, from heart.

Sanskar kept looking at her till she reached her room and then he walked to his.
Ragini sighed after bolting the door and involuntarily glanced at bed but didn’t find laksh there. Suddenly, her heart flinched by his absence but she brushed it immediately and went to couch. Laksh stared into dark rewinding hos story.
Sleep didn’t come to this couple that night as both of them had bleeding hearts with respective opinions and emotions.

RAGLAK- Second love (9)


RAGLAK- Second love (9)

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