definitely maybe!!!!!! (Episode 31)

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The story begins….
Abhi-pragya,purab- bulbul live happily..
Ishani and ranveer love each other now and are planning to get married soon…
After three months…
Abhi submits his work to a publication..
They reject it but they take a copy of it..
The publisher publishes it under his banner .
Abhi gets shocked to find about…
Abhi gets angry and is about to leave..
But suddenly pragya faints…
Abhi: ranveer…ranveer
Ranveer: s Bhai
Abhi: pragya fainted..
Ranveer and abhi carry her to the bed.
Ranveer checks pragya.
Abhi: what happened…
Ranveer runs to Daadi and abhi follows him..
Ranveer: Daadi ….

Junior rockstar is on the way..
Hearing this abhi stops and run backs to his room..
Abhi goes and carres pragya’s hand…
Abhi kisses on her forehead..
Pragya gains conscious..
Abhi: pragya maa.
Pragya gets teary eyes hearing the word from abhi
Abhi: I’m really happy jaan.
And abhi hugs her
But pragya stops him and touches her abdomen..
Abhi: oh I forgot ..mera rock star…

Come soon to dad..
Abhi and pragya hold their hands.
Sanam re sanam re plays…
Enna solla edhu sollu plays…
Bulbul calls purab..
Purab: s bulbul..
Bulbul: u are going to be uncle purab..
Purab: what
Bulbul: u heard me right purab .. Pragya di is pregnant..
Purab:: great news…
Bulbul: where r u..
Purab: at office..
Bulbul: come home soon..
Purab: sure jaan..

At the same time,
Ranveer: ishu…
Ishani: s ranveer
Ranveer: come out na..
Ishani: kya..where r u..
Ranveer: In front of your home..
Ishani runs and finds ranveer..
Ishani: RV what are you doing her..
Ranveer:: im going to tell something..
Ishani: tell fast..
Ranveer: pragya di is pregnant.
Ishani: what and she hugs ranveer in happiness..
Tum hi ho plays..
Kadhale plays..
Ranveer: I hope this continues.
Ishani breaks the hug..
Ranveer smiles and ishani hits him..
And then…
Precap:: abhi: get the hell out of my life pragya..
Pragya cries and she leaves…

I’m Lakshmi studying engineering..
I’m a tamilian..
I love writing stories..
Any thing you want to know about me or the ff .post ur questions below

definitely maybe!!!!!! (Episode 31)


definitely maybe!!!!!! (Episode 31)


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