Strangers (Part 64)


“Divi! open the door!!!”
It was Rohit!, but how did he come?.I looked at the clock ,it was 1:30a.m that means I slept all the way from evening till now. Rohit shouted again, ”divi! please open the door!!!”
I didn’t want anyone to wakeup.So I went near the door still not unlocking I said in a low voice, ”Rohit! Please leave from here now,I don’t want you to create any scene here please just go!”
He replied ”divi, please just once open the door ,I promise I won’t create a scene ,I need to talk to you ,please!”
I still loved him I agree but I knew this was the end of it,I knew I needed to be storng and let go of him and everything we had ,with tears in my eyes gathering all the courage I said ,” I can’t open the door Rohit, I’m sorry”
Rohit banged the door and said ,”open the door Divi,or I’ll keep banging the door till you open it”
I din’t know what to do ,I stood ther e still and said, ”wait, I’ll open the door”
I opened the door I just kept looking at the ground ,I din’t wanna see rohit’s fae,I din’t want to look him in the eyes cos I was scared I will fall weak, I just dint wanna look at him!

H e entered my room, so I closed the door again and kiran ,sonu and arohi all woke up.
Before any! Could say anything Rohit fell on his knees and started weeping like a small kid, everyone was shocked at weeping but I dint know what to say.
It just felt like I wish this was all just a bad dream If we’d be back at Rohit’s terrace in that rain dancing when I open my eyes but this wasn’t any dream,I needed to be strong so I stood still and dint speak a word.
Rohit said,”divi,I know whatever I did was so so wrong,I agree ,I was as asshole all the time,I tried to control you, got over possessive doubted you all the time,dint give you ur space ,I realize it all now,I was insecure all the time only cos I loved you and dint want to lose you at any cost, but if all that only makes you go away, from me I realized that is not love ,I shouldn’t have behaved like that I’m really really sorry divi please forgive me one last time,I can’t live without you,please I love you Divi”

He was weeping thw whole time he talked, seeing him weep lik that I started crying remembering every single moment of us together the first time we met,the first time we started talkingmour first hug,our first kiss,our first fight everything just flashed in my head but not a single word came out.
Kiran then interrupted Rohit ,”Rohit,this is not the right time or place for any of this , if uncle and aunty wake up it will be such a big mess,so just go now”

Rohit was like ,”Kiran , please let me talk to divi, I’m not here to create any scene,I’m here to rectify my mistake and apologise for all the wrong I’ve done to divi”.
I said”let him talk kiran”
Rohit kept pleading me but only tears came outta me and nothing else.
Then suddenly Rohit hugged me tight and said”I love you divi,I really do,don’t u believe me?,I’m you’re Rohit ,you know I love you Don’t you?” If he hugged me even tighter at that moment I couldn’t control myself anymore ,I burst out into tears and was about to hug him back and just then my phone rang –it was Vish.

Looking at his name on my phone I remembered everything he said to me.I needed to let go of this relationship ,needed to be strong,I pushed rohit away and said,”without creating a scene here just leave or I’l forget you ever meant anything to me ,please just go”
Rohit was about to say something again when I interrupted ,”u’ve already said all that you wanted I’ve heard all that so now leave”.
Rohit went away and the moment he went outta my sight I just fell on the ground and started crying like mad.
Arohi came to me and said,”divi ,I’m so proud of u! u’re strong I know that,just let it all go and end this chapter in your life,its all for ur good,it’s better that it happened now than later”

I silently nodded my head in silence and the 3 of them stayed awake till Ifell asleep.
I woke upwhen I heard a loud voice,it was kiran’s ,I opened my eyes and looked at him,his face looked so horrified and his tone seemed very different from the usual and all I could hear him talking was :Is he ok! Which hospital??,I’l be right there !I’l be there’!!!

Strangers (Part 64)


Strangers (Part 64)


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