Fixing Broken Souls : A Swasan Fanfic (Chapter 3)

Fixing Broken Souls : A Swasan Fanfic (Chapter 3)

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Chapter : 3

~~Convinced ♥♥ ~~

Sanksar’s pov~~

Sometimes you are forced to do something you wouldn’t even want to do in your worst nightmare. Here, I was forced to do one such thing; and it was to see the girl I loved, getting married to someone else.

I sat on one of those little chairs in the airport lounge. My bags were packed and I had made my mind to go. But yet, I doubted my decision as I fiddled with the ticket in my hand. It was a hard day, running away from my fans. They still loved me, and I was still their knight in the shining armour. This made me amused, but still I was relieved. I had decided, that after dealing with all the shit in my life, I would get back to my first love – music.

But for now, this was my one and only chance to see Swara. It may or may not have been the last time. But I wanted to know, if she was actually happy with whatever was going on between us.

I never got any response to those letters, and that left me more confused. Was she still holding a grudge? Had she forgotten and forgiven? And if yes, then was it so easy for her to move on?

Maybe the urge to get an answer to these questions was what pushed me to go and meet her before it got too late.

The flight was announced. I brushed off my thoughts and got up to board. I was nervous. I was unhappy. And most importantly, I was broken…


Swara’s pov~~

That was it. I was here, in Udaipur, surrounded by all those people who were going to be present for my big day. I tried to console myself by saying that there was still a lot of time for the wedding, but that only gave me more and more jitters.

I stood at the hallway, as Shaurya’s four chirpy sisters took my bags upto my room. I saw many familiar and unfamiliar faces. All of them, looking at me as if I was from Pluto.

I was startled as I felt a hand being placed on my shoulder. I turned around to see my father, wearing a huge smile on his face.

“So, how is it? I hope you’re liking everything.” He said. I smiled, and clung on to him like a baby. His presence made me realize that soon I was going to move on into a completely different house. A place, where I won’t see him everyday.

“It’s perfect, papa. Though I wonder why everyone’s looking at me like that.” I said.

He laughed, as his deep heavy voice echoed in the hallway.”That’s because you are the bride, my dear. Be prepared for this special attention, because you deserve it. Trust me, you’re going to be the most beautiful bride ever.” He said, rubbing my arm.

Soon, a voice interrupted the father-daughter talk. It was my mom. She walked towards us ticking off her heels on the marble floor.

“I’m sure about that.” She smiled.

I looked at my parents. They looked proud of whatever I had become. That too, after facing a massive heartbreak in life. They were happy with my choice. I had never seen them so satisfied in life. After seeing them like that, comforted my heart. Though there was one thing I had been hiding from them.

They were completely oblivious to the fact that I had invited Sanskar to the wedding as well. Certainly, I didn’t want my dad bursting out at the wrong time, and hence, I decided to break the news to him.

“Mom, dad. There’s something I have to tell you. And also, something I want from you both.” I said.

“Anything you want dear.” Mom said and dad listened on, as they had absolutely no clue about the bomb which I was going to blast.

“I don’t want you guys to take it the wrong way, but I’ve invited Sanskar too.” I said.

Just as I had expected, their faces fell. Their expressions changed from happy to pale. My dad looked upset, of course. And my mom, well, she was clueless.

“Why?” Dad asked, sternly. His voice so stern and thick, always scared the crap out of me. But I knew it well, that it was always for my own good.

“Because I want to end this, dad. Once, and for all. I want him to know, that I’m happy without him. And for that, he needs to be here.” I said.

I closely watched the both of their faces, as mom spoke up,

“Swara, three years, you stayed away from him. That night when you came home crying, you had vowed never to see his face again. So why are you doing this now?” She asked, unhappy with whatever I had just said.

“Mom, it’s not what you think. He’s just gonna come as a guest, and once he’ll know that I’ve moved on, he’ll stop bothering me for ever.” I stated.

On one hand, dad was pretty calm, and I wondered how. While on the other hand, mom was exasperated.

“Swara you don’t understand!” She whispered as low as possible. We didn’t want the guests to start a gossip.

“I don’t want any kind of obstacles in this marriage because of him. The Goenka’s are our family friends. And not just that, they are your dad’s business partners too. So you’ve to understand, if this marriage breaks, it will be a huge loss for us.” She said.

I sighed and looked at dad to explain myself. “You guys have to trust me this time. I won’t let you both down. But please, for my sake, don’t say anything to him when he comes. Be as normal as you can. It’s a request…” I said.

Mom was about to pipe in again, but dad spoke up this time. His calm and composed tone was a surprise to me as well as my mom.

“I trust you, Swara. And I think it will be better if this matter ends as soon as possible. I won’t interfere in you two, but just remember, you’ve let me down once. I can’t take it again.” He said.

Relief washed over me. I smiled at him and sighed heavily. One big task was done. Dad returned a small smile, even though his face said he was tensed. But he didn’t let it show.

He and mom gave me a quick hug and proceeded inside to where there was much chaos. I sighed and was escorted upto the room, I was staying in, by one of Shaurya’s cousin.


It had been a long, long day so far. And I hoped, that everything went just as I had planned ahead. . .


Next chapter : Confrontation.


So Swara has convinced her parents and Sanky has convinced himself to attend this wedding.

How do you all think Swasan will react after seeing each other, after three long three years. The next chapter is about how they confront each other. Swara’s pov or Sanskar’s pov, you want?

Their journey would be tough as Swara’s parents are also against Sanskar. Poor Sanky x x

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Fixing Broken Souls : A Swasan Fanfic (Chapter 3)


Fixing Broken Souls : A Swasan Fanfic (Chapter 3)

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