Abhigya’s destiny episode 60

Guyz sorry, Yesterday i became so frustrated of kkb after reading It’s episode And so didn’t uploaded my episode …well it’s early morning here and i m updating it Sorry…. I think now reshma and surbhi won’t leave me as again and again I m saying Sorry! ?

Let’s get back to story…

episode starts
Abhi says stop your acting pragya. pragya is shocked to see him, so is dadi after listening abhi’s words. all members of mm get together in hall after that scream of abhi.Pragya says look i m not doing acting. Abhi smiles in anger, and says kunal. Kunal enters mm. Pragya says kunal! Kunal is all red, his face is like some one has beaten him much. Kunal goes to pragya and says yes all is my mistake. i did it intentionally , Sorry SISTER. Pragya is shocked to listen SISTER word from his mouth who used to say I LOVE YOU to pragya. Dadi says some body will please tell me what is happening. Abhi says yes dadi why not, listen to your granddaughter’s exploits. FB starts: pragya was shattered listeing to raman’s word that only 2 months are left in her life, raman and kunal had conversation which was overheard by Ronnie(Pragya’s bestfriend) . He told this all to abhi. Abhi went to raman and threatened him to tell truth or else he will get arrested. Raman told everything to Abhi. Abhi was now pretty sure what step would pragya take. He thought to tell this to pargya but then he stopped and went to kunal next day. kunal wasn’t accepting anything and as abhi couldn’t hold his anger for much time and ……… beated kunal much……… Fb ends….. pragya gets broken and sits on floor , Dadi says pragya! u could have told this to us but what You did, u hid this? Pragya gets up and is about to say sorr….. just then abhi cuts her off in anger and says why pragya why. U could have told this to any of us but u didn’t ! Are u given responsibility TO sacrifice. Pragya is about to say sorry again but abhi says no need why are u saying sorry! Dadi i think i didn’t loved her much that’s why she didn’t told it to anyone, I think my love was not enough for her. Pragya nods no and tears are continuously flowing off from her eyes.. Abhi continues . (I ran to the moon. And knelt to the ground. Out of breath,I gasped. I cried. And cried and cried. You told me that just like you shined in the night, my hope should shine in my sky. I listened to you. So I loved. And my heart was broken. I trusted. And my trust was betrayed. I gave. And I was punished for giving. I dreamt. And the night fell into my dreams. So tell me. Do I swear off love? Do I keep my lips sealed and burry my secrets in silence? Do I look the treasures in my heart and build walls around them? And do I dream dreams out of my soul? Tell me. Do I hate whom I loved? And betray their trust as they did mine? Do I start taking more then I give? Or do I tell my dreams to stop signing me to sleep? Tell me.) Abhi goes to pragya , he is much angry, upset , he holded pragya And said I put my heart to sleep inside yours. When i opened my eyes to the sun in yours.I saw only the sun.Not You. You left and stripped the heart out of me. I m still in the forest lost without a map. You said you knew the way. Remember… (GUYZ ABHI IS JUST SAYING HIS FEELINGS IN OTHER WORDS I HOPE YOU UNDERSTOOD)……..
Not abhigya but all are in tears after listening to soulful words of abhi. Pragya says I didn’t knew that…… Abhi says yes the problem is you are always ready to sacrifice without knowing the truth. Abhi goes to Dadi and says she doesn’t know how beautiful she is i ‘ m not talking about outside bcoz it is deeper than that. Her heart. Her mind.Her soul.
If she could see her self through my eyes. she would see the admiration and trust i’d never leave.
If she could see herself through my mind she would see that she is always on it and will never be able to escape.

If she could see herself through my heart. she would see that she is center of it and it would be impossible for her to leave.

If she could see herself through my soul, she would see that she is destiny that can be never changed.

If she could see herself through me eyes, she would know where i stand……. But no dadi She couldn’t she couldn’t see herself the way i see her bcoz all she believes is TO sacrifice!

I accept what she did was not possible for anyone! She did a great thing ,It pained her alot, but Dadi can’t she see pain in my eyes.. Bulbul goes to pragya , Pragya was about to touch her but bulbul said di not everytime, okay being selfish is a wrong thing but, everythime you have yo sacrifice where it is written di tell me! Abhi says bulbul leave her na , Purab says Di what if this thing was true so you were gonna face it alone, just tell me one thing after two months if you would have left us then what you think we were not going to miss you only bcoz your weird behaviour made us hate you, Abhi says yes pragya purab is right! U even believed Raman’s words now tell me everybody Raman just suggested her wrong medicines that could have endangered her life ,if i didn’t knew about truth she was going to harm herself , Pragya is almost shattered listening to everyones words, she is silent…. Abhi continues Pragya you know Elephant can die of a broken heart if mate dies. They refuse to eat and will lay down shedding tears until they starve to death! Even animals can’t live without their loved ones so how u thought that i would spend my life without you I would rather like to die.. Huhhhh who am i to her? She was just doing acting that she loves me right! Pragya says it’s not like that! Abhi says i know! I know you love me than why you hid this? Answer me why? Well i should not ask this question even i know it’s answer i m asking it uselessly… Abhi without saying further leaves for his room, and all members of mm also left for their room! Pragya sits on couch, she didn’t knew if they all were right or she was wrong ,She thought Am i selfish bcoz i was thinking for them, ? She didn’t knew who was right! Just then she felt presence of someone ,she got up from couch and turned it was bunty, bunty hugged pragya and said i knew my chachi can never scold me, my chachi is best, you know i was affraid after your behaviour only bcoz i was affraid about loosing you ,i wasn’t affraid of your behaviour , pragya went on knees and kissed him, Mitali came and said Pragya, Pragya got up and was about to say sorry, but Mitali said I understand how much it was difficult for you , As a wife, as a mother, As a daughter, as a sister, As a sister in law, I understand your pain and i hope everyone would understand and believe me No one is upset with you ,they are just feard of loosing you , but once they will calm down they will again start talking with you and I m 100% sure about this bcoz it also happened with me.. Pragya hugs Mitali and said thank you bhabhi.. Mitali smiles and leaves the place… Pragya thought to go to room to abhi… She went, she opened door and saw abhi looking at temple, she went and hugged him from behind, abhi broke hug and waa about to go pragya holded his hand! Abhi says no not again, pragya why don’t you understand , See i m not saying what you did was wrong, it was right! But see me, i lost my loved ones at very young age, my parents, I loved them the most but they left me in middle of my life path! Then i lost my sister Nia, when she was just 5 bcoz she was kidney failure, then i was about to loose dadi, bcoz she had minor heart attack ,then you know about Aliya ,she left me for 5 years, and i can’t imagine of loosing you, i can’t! If something could have happened to you i was going to die rather living this miserable life! And now i don’t want to love any one so much that their absence could hurt me bcoz i can’t handle it more! Abhi left and slept on bed, pragya didn’t knew exactly what abhi said! No don’t tell her that abhi just said he don’t want pragya in his life no way abhi didn’t meant it, just then pragya saw abhi turning his side while sleeping, so she quickly went and took knife which was placed on bed! It could have hurt Abhi! She kept it over side table and left for kitchen, it was time for lunch so she thought if she would prepare everyone’s favourite lunch then they might get cheered up! She went and started to cook! Time passed! Except abhi all came to dining table, Indu said mitali fast, (jaldi kar) we are hungry , Dadi said yes! Just then pragya came out of kitchen with the food and started serving everyone made their face like they are still angry on pragya, Indu said didi i’m not hungry i m going, dadi says me too, bulbul said me too, purab said mee too ,everyone said mee too, but bunty said leave them chachi serve me i m much hungry , mitali said i m too much hungry, pragya go and bring that special thing you have made for today, pragya was in tears and all lost in thoughts she went to kitchen ,she was all lost and didn’t knew what she was doing, she was not in sense, she just holded hot vessel with both her hands, she just screamd and droped it and her hot gor burned, Thank God when she dropped it, it was tightly covered with lid or she would have gor burned much! After her scream everyone came rushingly to kitchen, abhi wasn’t there sohe didn’t came, dadi says are you mad, dadi makes her wash her hands with water, Bulbul’s eyes fill up with tears and says wait i will bring ointment, she went, Purab said let me call doctor ,Raj said yes quickly, Akash says purab i will call doctor, akash is about to call, pragya says i m fine, Indu says fine ki bachi what if something would have happened to you.. Pragya gets sad , Bulbul comes rushingly and applies ointment on both her hands while doing so she blew air, she was continiosly saying pragya di what is this again you burnt yourself, where were you lost, see how much it is burnt, see is it paining? Pragya says i m fine bulbul … Bulbul is about to leave ,pragya says plz won’t you all forgive me ,plzz everyone saw the so guilty face of pragya , Raj said leave them pragya i forgave you! You are my lil sister so as elder brother i forgave you ,pragya smiles..dadi says oh elder brother i m here the elder one so firstly i will forgive pragya, pragya smiles and hugs dadi, purab says how can i be angry with my pragya di, pragya hugs him, indu says how can i be angry with my daughter, pragya hugs her and smiles! Akash says i m youngest one so how can i be angry! Pragya smiles! Pragya says bulbul? Bulbul looks at her and gives expression let me think, pragya hugs her tightly….. Screen freezed!

Pre recap : Abhi saw pragya jumping off from cliff….

Okay fingers crossed! I don’t know what i will get those rotten eggs and tomatoes or lovely comments !

Thanks…. For those lovely comments over my last episode,

Okay now to be honest The reasons for what i started this track were…. I wanted to show you the actuall love of abhi and pragya! But end of this track has something else in it hope you understood and next reason is…………….. Okay i will tell you this just after 2 or 3 days till then bye……

Abhigya’s destiny episode 60


Abhigya’s destiny episode 60


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