The episode starts with Abhi asking Pragya to save herself rather than saving him. She finds some ball bearings and thinks was it placed here intentionally. Aaliya comes asking what is she hiding. Pragya says evidence. Aaliya says what evidence is she talking about. Bulbul comes crying to meet Purab. Ishq kahe so…. Plays in background. Bulbul thanks him and hugs him. She says thanks for saving Pragya risking his life. She says you always protected us like family, I will not forget this. She moves back and says sorry. He says I helped you but I will do as you want. He says we will be away for sake of Pragya. She says I have to go. He asks how do you know I was there and is Pragya fine. She says yes, I know. He says I will support Pragya and stop Abhi and Pragya’s relation from breaking. He promises her and she leaves crying. Pragya notices Bunty talking about ball bearing if skates and thinks she got the same on stairs. She asks them not to fight as she will get new one for them. She thinks who can do this? Mitali Bhabhi but why will she do this?
Abhi takes care of Daadi and Pragya reminds nurse to change glucose bottle. She touches Daadi’s feet and prays to get her blessings to prove herself innocent. She says I know you trust me and it will become my courage. Mitali talks to her dad and he tells that a corporator said he can’t give money or help for Raj’s bail. She says how can he say this. He says even a builder refused to help. She gets angry. Pragya confronts her and Mitali asks her not to give lecture. Pragya shows the ball bearing. Praya says you made the MMS to trap me. Mitali asks what nonsense. Pragya says its from Bunty’s skates. Mitali denies everything. She says Abhi gave 24 hours to prove yourself innocent and not to blame others. She says she will make MMS and show Abhi to kick her out. She meets corporator Neil and asks how can he not help her in freeing her husband. Neil says you got sign to get floor in the building. They argue on the road and Pragya hears them. Mitali asks him to help. Neil asks why, Pragya ruined my plan and I have to take revenge. Mitali says why should I bear it, take revenge from Abhi, as I have taken solid revenge from Pragya. She will find herself on road.
Kumkum Bhagya 19th November 2014 Written Update
Pragya understands that Mitali took revenge from her thinking she has sent him to jail, but she has taken his sign by lying to him. Neil asks Mitali not to call him again. Mitali says she will not leave Neil. Pragya goes and stops her. Mitali asks is she following her. Pragya asks is she going to meet Raj and slaps her. Pragya says I don’t slap elders, but if elders do wrong I have to slap. She says I know this slap won’t affect you and confronts her that Raj went to jail because of her. She says she has heard her talking to corporator and calls her shameless to lose peace, husband and his trust when he knows his respect is lost because of her.
She says did you think about your children, can you meet their eyes, you can’t be call human, I was asking you for help. She says you called Suresh and made me fall on stairs by Bunty and Babli’s skates, how can you fall so low. Mitali starts crying. Pragya says I don’t know how Lord will punish you and leaves. Purab comes to temple thinking why did Bulbul call me here. He recalls his marriage and he should not think this again. Bulbul comes and says sorry for coming late. He asks why did she call him. She shows the number by which MMS came and maybe this will help Pragya. He thinks if Pragya and Abhi did not come that day, our relation would have been different. He says he is thinking who can take us out. He names Sandeep, his friend and he will find all details. He goes. Bulbul prays to Lord. Ishq kare so wo hi jaane……plays in BG. She recalls her marriage stopping by Abhi and Pragya and thinks our relation would have been different. Pragya meets Suresh.
He asks her to think about herself as she has to prove herself innocent, not Raj. She says we will be proved innocent but there is no one to help Raj, he is honest and became target of his wife’s greed. Suresh says Abhi can help him. Pragya says Abhi will create more trouble and he has to be with Daadi. Suresh says if anyone see us together, they will think wrong. Pragya says I m also responsible for Raj being in jail and I can’t see him in trouble. He agrees to help her and takes her on bike. Tanu and Abhi are in car and Tanu shows him to see Pragya and Suresh. She says she has few hours and can’t prove anything.
Mitali tells Abhi that Pragya is innocent and someone framed her in MMS.
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Kumkum Bhagya

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