Sanam re………(IKRS) episode 6

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Viplav says Dhaani I want to say something to you. I tried a lot but…….. I love you Dhaani….. Dhaani gets shocked hearing this. She thinks that we are just friends na? Then why you did this to me Viplav? Then she thinks about her papa’s and Anjali’s words. She steps back and starts running. Viplav calls Dhaani….you can’t go like this……..give me your answer……. She comes to her room and starts crying. Viplav is also crying standing there.
In morning.
Viplav comes to meet Dhaani but he didn’t find her. He starts searching her whole the house. Anjali’s mom said to him that she already leaves for Banglore at night itself. He thinks no Dhaani you can’t go anywhere from me whether you answer is yes or no. Because i know that you have also some feelings for me. And I can read that in your eyes.
Scene shifts to Banglore.

Dhaani comes home very upset. She is still thinking about Viplav. Everyone comes there and dev asks what your decision is? She says yes I am ready for the marriage. Everyone gets happy. Dev says get ready. We are leaving today itself. Dhyan notices Dhaani looking upset. He comes near her and asks any problem? She nods no and says I am very happy. Dhyan says look Dhaani I am your brother. Now tell me what happened? She tells everything to him. I thought him as my friend but he had some other in his mind. I don’t know why I am bothered about his words. Dhyan says because you also love him. Dhaani shockingly says no. Dhyan says you also love him but you are not accepting it. You are going to do wrong. Don’t waste your life for others happiness. Talk to him once. Dhaani says what nonsense are you talking and don’t talk about this matter again. She goes to her room. Dhyan thinks that you will soon realise it.

Viplav is in airport. Just then he receives a call from dadaji. Dadaji asks him to come home very fast. He says dadaji I have some work but I will soon come home. He cuts the call.
Viplav reaches Banglore. He receives a message from Anjali and it is Dhaani’s address. He says Dhaani I am coming.
He reaches there but he finds the house locked. He calls Dhaani…… A neighbour comes and tells that no one is there. Viplav asks where they went. The person replies that they all gone just an hour ago for Dhaani’s engagement. Viplav is shocked and asks where and when. That I don’t know. Viplav calls Anjali and asks about Dhaani’s engagement. Anjali replies that she told me but seriously i have no idea about that. Viplav asks for her number. Anjali gives it. Viplav cuts the call and calls Dhaani but her phone is switched off.
Dhaani and her family is travelling in a train. She reminisces about the first meeting with Viplav and all the happy moments. Then she thinks about his confession. She recalls Dhyan’s words. Dhaani starts crying silently.
Viplav is also shown crying vigorously. Agar tum saath ho plays………………..

PRECAP: Dadaji says I have a surprise for you…………. Viplav asks what?

Sanam re………(IKRS) episode 6


Sanam re………(IKRS) episode 6


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