KUCH ISS TARAH (Episode 46) (Last Hurdle)

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♥♥kuch iss tarah♥♥


Recap : sanskar pampering swara… n swara gets scared of caller…


Sanskar makes her lye on bed… she was taking support of his shoulder … sanskar can feel that the grip on his shoulder is tightening.. he look at swara with worried face…”swraaa”
She was sweating badly n cries” aaahhhh!!! Sanskaarrr!!”

San:(worried) swara… relax m… m calling abhay…

He makes her lye on bed n call abhay… he calls ragini too…
*no one is at home except swaragsan*
Ragini came n panics seeing swara in pain” swra what happened…”
San:(hold swara’s hand) relax swara abhay is coming…. u will be fyn…
Swra: aahhh!! Sanskar its paining…aahh!!!
San: princess hold on… m with u .

Abhay comes with alia(swara’s gyno) sanskar called abhay as alia’s phn was off … so abhay takes alia with him…

They came out after examing her…

Alia: mr maheshwari aaj kuch hua tha kya?(serious)
Abhay: anything serious… actully itz cz of stress…
San: (rembers when he enters the room n saw tensed swara… ) umm noo..
Alia: mr maheshwari plz take care of her there are lots of complications already n if she keeps on taking stress then m sry bt u may loose ur child…u r lucky that she didnt suffer misscarriage last tym..
Sanskar was hell shocked to listen this…abhay n alia left n ragini too went downstairs..
Sanskar hit his fist on wall in anger”damn… when ever i thought everything is fine now again smthng happens. no no no.. i cant let anything happen To her…”

He goes in n sat besides unconcious swara… he keeps on talking with her then he notise that balcony’s door is open ” who opend this … ?”

He goes there n found a cd there … he picks that cd up n plays that… he was shocked to see that cd.. his eyes poped out as if they will come out of socket… n thinks n then call someone n ask to meet…

Here swara slowly gains senses…
San: swra hwz u feeling now..
Swra: better
San: shona if u r tensed for smthng then tell me na..
Swra:(cover) m nt at all tensed…sanskR… vo m thrusty can u plz fetch water for me…
San: ya just a min..
He went n swara recalls what happened..
when sanskar was bzy in scolding swra… she saw someone in balcony… she gets scared seeing that person… due to stress she strted feeling pain

she again gets a call frm unknown number…

Swra:(gatherd courage) h-helo
Prsn: so do u lyk my gift swaraa…
Swra:(cries) plz go away frm my lyf… plz…
Prsn: no way swara…. just get ready u both… now lets see who will save u both… oops u three… u r expecting na …
Swra:(pleads) look u hv enimity with me na then y u r dragging my unborn in this
Prsn: ahh !! U cry so much na… a cry cry baby (laughs evily)
Swra: plzz … i.. i hvnt told anyone about u… then y u hv came back… u got what u want na..
Prsn: swraa … dont forget i still dont get what i want.. n ya ur baby will be a free gift for me.. lets see who will die this tym last tym it Was aditya.. now who ? Sanskar ? Laksh? You? Ragini?or someone else? (Again laughs n cuts the call)

She started cryng badly sanskar came n saw her cryng… he immediately took her in his warm embrace… she burried her face in his chest n starts sobbing hardly
“Sanskar .. he/she has came back… he/she will take us… i .. i dont want to go anywhere… ”
San:(hugs her tightly) shhh no one is taking u… stop cryng n tell me who has came…
Swra: vo..(stops in btwn n realises)”nthng”(in mind) if i told u then he/she will kill u too lyk bhai… no i .. i cant risk any other lyf now…
San: where you lost shona… tell me..
Swra: sanskar m feeling sleepy… wake me for dinner….

Sanskar understand that something is definately fishy n that’s related to the cd which he got..


A person slaps another person
P1: how could u lost that cd.?
P2: sir i dont kno… m sry
P1: sry my foot do u hv any idea if swara gets that cd she will not leave us..
P3: lets hope vo cd kisi ko b mile bas swara ko na mile..


Sanskar met that prsn whom he called
San: thnx for cmng…
Prsn: cm on yr… tu formal q ho ra h
San: i kno today is manvi’s bday still u hv came..thnx aniruddh
Ani: ahh leve that.. tell me y were u tensed..
San: first tell me do u kno aditya gadodia?
Ani: who doesnt kno him.. bt when he died in accident it was a shock.. such a talented businessman
San: he was swara’s brother n ya he doesnt die in accident he was murdered..
Ani:(shocked) swara !! His sister!! Bt kno one knows Abt his family
San: ya only Board of directors of SR ltd knows abt swara .. ah leave n look at this
Opens the cd aniruddh too got shocked
Ani: sanskR itz
San: ya … u r thinking ryt..
Ani: kahi aditya ko isi reason se to…
San: i too hv a same doubt.. i need ur help in finding more abt this… cz itz affecting swara’s health
Ani: dont worry m with you.. u go n take care of swra..



Sanskar entered n saw swara playing with aayan(pari’s son) he just get lost in her beauty… he sat besides her n goes closer to her ear”u r looking beautiful while plyng”

He started running her fingers on her back… n his actions makes numb…
Swra:(shouts) mom… badi maa… where are u come here look what ur son is doing…
San:(panicks) aree swra shh keep quite what hv i done ? Sshh!!
Swra:(shouts more loudly) maa… daadi.. u too come n see the real face of ur son in law..
San:(keeps his hand on her mouth) shhh!! Stop it swara atleast tell me what i hv done.. meri ma chup ho ja… shhh!

Ap sujata shomi dadi ragini n pari comes out..
Ap: what happend swra?
Swra:(stands n give aryan to pari n hugs ap) badi ma look at ur son’s real face..
San:(confused) are atlest tell me what i hv done..
Ap:swara beta tell me i will punish him..
Swra: (still cryng) badi ma look his wife is pregnent n ill so he shld be with her na..
Suj: ha ha beta..
Swra: ha to he left his wife n baby n eat cake..that too alone (cries loudly)
Sanskar rembers
ani: achha hv this cake manvi has sent this for u n swara sply
San: thnx bt i will eat it on swara’s behalf..vo she is still restricred frm eating cake n all…
Ani:(laughs) ha ha itz ok..
While eating a piece falls n makes his shirt dirty n he wipes that with hankey… bt his shirt got stained..
Sanskar was shocked” are swara vo today is manvi’s bday na so”
Swra interepts”hawww u hv gone to a party without me..look mom”
Sanskar was trapped n everyone was laughing..
San:(holds her hand) swra come with me i will explain u..
But swara resists…
San:can u all please close ur eyes..
Rag: esa kya kroge sanskar ?
San:(stares angryly) ragss… please
Everyone left instead of closing eyes..
Then sanskar picks swara in his arms n take her to room..
He puts her on bed n closes the door.. here swara complaints him without even taking breath.. he looses his control n brushed his lips with hers… she was shocked with this sudden kiss..

San: do u want more “cake” or itz enough..
Swra:(blushes) vo.. mai.. vo..

He sat besides her nstrts running his fingers on her neck romantically … n she starts getting goosebumps with his touch..
Swra:stop it na.
San: y ?
Swra: what our baby will think that his papa is so beshram..
San: o hello mrs maheshwari.. this baby is result of that besharmi ..only n ya itz my baby girl.
Swra: r u limitless beshram..
San: do u hv any doubt…
Swra: nopes…
San: achha now sleep itz 10 already…
Swra: ok.. sir(lughs)
San: hmm…good girl…

Swra soon doze off in his arms… unaware of coming complexity of problems…

To be continued…

Wht that caller wants..?? He said who will save u three… itz obvious two are swra n her unborn..bt who is the third prsn ???… what was in that cd ??? Will sanskar be able to save swara this tym… or loose her forever…

Precap: 2 months leap n swara’s mood swings n sanskar tourcherd by swara ?

Guyz suggest me the ways through which swara tourcher sanskar ?

Guyz m nt going college today so i will try to post another part today..

KUCH ISS TARAH (Episode 46) (Last Hurdle)


KUCH ISS TARAH (Episode 46) (Last Hurdle)


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