SWARAGINI- A Modern Tale of Love (Episode 48)

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The truth of the whole mystery is in the last update that I updated at a later timing than my usual one: http://www.writtenepisodes.com/swaragini-modern-tale-love-episode-47/

“Do you want me to give more info of your past or will that suffice?” I heard Zain comment as I looked back at him in horror, that idiot decided to kidnap these 2 and then blame my dad? How dare he?

“Why don’t you understand the words ‘shut up’? Mind me engraving them into your head,” I spat at him in disgust as I sprinted towards him as I pushed his smirking face, throwing blood all over.

“Is that all you have got?” He added more fuel in me as I continued to beat the shit out of him.

“That does it,” I mumbled as I grabbed his collar, anger was circulating like blood in my body and my mind was chanting only one thing, destroy him.

“What the hell, stop it,” I heard Swara yell out at me from the top of her lungs in a horrified voice but I payed no heed to her.

As I pushed him against the wall, we heard a few whistles and clicks from a few feet away, I stopped to hit him and listened alertly to the sounds when Ragini pointed out briefly, “What is that noise?”

“Ahh…my guards are finally here. Didn’t expect me to come single handed without a loaded army did you?” Zain voiced out mischievously with a glint of evil covering his eyes.

“Loaded army, crap,” I said as I let him go and came back to Swara, Laksh and Ragini who were all panicking.

“Laksh, take Ragini and here is a gun for you,” I tossed him the spare gun I found hastily and looked out cautiously at the door for men to come out any minute.

“Bro?” He asked me with confusion and giving me a no-way-I-am-going-to-do-this look.

“I know you hate using it, but for safety, take is man,” I shoved it firmly into his hand and grabbed Swara’s hand.

I heard a few clicks on the door again and I screamed towards the frozen Swara as the bullets travelled past her way, “Swara, duck,”

“That was so close,” she mumbled as she shrank to her knees while Ragini and Laksh ran towards the other side of the hotel’s basement.

I caught her hand and ran towards the outer door yelling out, “Hey, you okay?”

“What do you think?” She bluntly said.

“I am sorry for all this, I didn’t know he would do anything like this,” I whispered to her with begging eyes as we both halted at the door to listen to sounds. There was a safe distance between us and barrels surrounding us on either sides.


“Why are you so silent?”

“I am standing here with a man who I thought I knew but I just realized that I didn’t know anything about him. Why do you think I am silent?” She snapped out hotly.

“Swara, look, there is nothing like that. I promise I won’t hurt you or anything like that, trust me,”

“Fine, then tell me your past,”

“Here? Now?” I asked her shocked.

“Yeah, I think I have the right to know,”

“It was right after school when I was hanging out with these friends whose dad was a policeman. He bought his gun with him to the park where we used to play soccer, and we played with it for fun. Everybody kept saying I was the best at it, which built up my ego and I started to slyly use guns and train with them. Zain was with me the whole time and after I was done with being a master in using it, he persuaded me to go and help him destroy the people who killed his hope. We made a full proof plan which was hidden from everyone, but somehow Laksh came to know about this. He confronted me the day before the move and persuaded me to give this threat up. I gladly did so after I realized that this gun was not worth my time, but clearly that made Zain furious against me. He became a little mad with his ideas and even psycho, we took him to a rehab just for counselling but he ran away. I didn’t know it was him all along, Swara, I didn’t,”

“Did you know that the person he was going to take revenge from is us? Is that why you guys were interested in us?”

I shook my head in a negative instantly and begged her, “Hell no, for both. I affirm that I didn’t know anything about that being you guys, although now I get how my dad got trapped in this whole web and how we did too,”

“Turning smart eh?” We heard a voice from the front with the gun pointed at Swara than me. I saw her freeze at her spot and turn pale as well as lifeless as she stared at the gun.

“Zain, no,” I screamed at him as I pushed Swara behind my back to avoid her trembling figure.

“I am not listening to you again bro,” Zain remarked with annoyance.

“You never did the first time either,” I stated matter of factly which made him groan.

“Oh I did. I did believe that you are going to help me and made all the arrangements to know that you backed off,”

“SO you went and told my dad didn’t you?”

“Absolutely, not like I had much choice left,”

“You did, you could have forgotten everything and lived with us happily, but no you wanted to go through his graveyard,”

“Well, too sad, you are going to pay for it either way,” he threatened me and added slyly, “Her or your dad, think wisely, partner.

I felt Swara’s muscles stiffen behind my back and a gasp escape from her lips while I looked at Zain with bored eyes. That was such a lame threat.

I glanced at Ragini’s eyes which were filled with awe as I finished explaining her Sanskaar’s past. We were on the other side of the basement, hiding in the other side of the stairwell.

“He always wanted revenge, didn’t he?” She asked me with shock.

“I guess so, but now that he got all of us together, I don’t know what is running through his mind,” I told her dubiously as I watched out for the guards with the gun safely tucked away in my pockets. I hate that weapon, it makes me feel dangerous to myself.

“Please keep that ‘thing’ away,” Ragini pleaded like she read my mind.

“Don’t be afraid, I am not going to hurt you, it is just for protection as people who are hunting us have armed weapons,”

“Still, I don’t trust it,”

“But you do trust me right?” I asked her with hope she would say her, but instead she remained calm which lit a burning fire in me.

“Ragini, do you trust me?” I asked her again as I lifted her chin to face her glittering eyes as she nodded her head finally in agreement.

“Then relax, I learned a few tricks from Sanskaar without killing anyone,” I snickered humorously.

“How can you keep joking even at this time? Aren’t you scared?” She asked me with frustration as she playfully hit my muscular and hot arm. Is that even possible? Hot arm? Oh well, I am hot, so anything will work.

“I hate to admit it, but my brother is extremely good with guns. He will defeat Zain in no time at all,” I assured as I squeezed her hand.

“I am scared about Swara then, she has this extreme hatred for guns ever since Zain’s kidnap,” she told me with concerned eyes.

“Let’s go find her,”

“Is it safe if we do that?”

“We don’t have a choice and besides she probably needs us to steady her,”

A faint smile appeared on her lips and I mocked with pride, “I know, I know, I am the best,”

“Who said that?” She asked me innocently, throwing me off guard while I groaned at her.

She was clever than I was….well, she was my Ragini after all.

“Let’s just go,” I hissed at her as we both walked cautiously through the dimmed basement.For a big hotel like Thehe, this was sure a pretty small basement area.

“Wow, this object gives me so much power,” I mumbled to myself with sarcasm as I lifted the gun of my pocket and pointed it to my hand.

“Laksh,” Ragini whispered or more like snapped at me to concentrate.

“Just kidding, just kidding, relax,” I assured her as I kept walking with her right on my heels.

“Let’s just go,” Ragini hissed out again.

At the exact moment, I heard a familiar whistle strike me which made me instantly grin, “That’s Sanskaar’s signal for job well done,”

“Huh?” She asked me all confused and not sure what to do.

“The whistle, that shows that he has done it. We are safe now, let’s go,” I threw all the info at her quickly and grabbed her hand and rushed to the place where I heard it coming from.

“Uhh..okay,” she said hesitantly with extreme confusion as to what I was saying.

Relief washed over me as I saw Swara all safe near Sanskaar who tied up with blood all over and thankfully no shots anywhere.

“Should I call the police?” Sanskaar enquired as he looked back at the figure of Zain in guilt.

“Or how about we leave him here to die?” I suggested with an evil smirk and mock.

“Laksh,” all the 3 of them yelled at the poor me.

I rolled my eyes as them and sarcastically stated, “Geez, I will call the police,”

“They should be here in a few minutes,” I told them as I hung up on the phone. Finally, this stupid mystery was finally solved.

I watched with a pale, expressionless and extremely tired face as Zain was taken away by the police. My limbs were something I could hardly feel and my brain was trying to solve everything together. I gulped down hard as Sanskaar’s angry face and his intense fights flashed before me.

“Swara, do you need something to drink?” Laksh asked me as we walked into a hotel room.

Ragini immediately shut herself in the washroom to take a shower, she was a clean freak when it came to her body. Laksh collapsed on the couch while I leaned against the door and asked, “Where is Sanskaar?”

“He needs some time alone, so he is sitting on the bench outside,” he said casually as he eyed the window which lead to the beach and a few benches for the view.

“I need to go talk to him, tell Ragini,” I told him as I turned around to open the door.

“Swara, but he really needs to get himself under control, this is not the time,” Laksh warned me with concern while I frowned at him.

“I need to apologize and tell him something important, please,” I begged him with innocent eyes.

“Swara, look, the point is,” he started to explain while I cut him off.

“Don’t be a party popper, let me go,”

“Fine, 5 minutes,” he ordered strictly.

“Okay, dad,” I mocked as I stack my tongue out at him. It was not even 2 minutes that we went through all this, and we both were back in our childish behaviour. No wonder we both get along so well.

“Your welcome grandma,” he yelled back at me as I left the hotel room.

“Shut up,” I scowled behind my back and left the place.

I rushed over to the benches with my heart leaping with joy and eagerness filling inside me, as I walked over to the bench with Sanskaar sitting with his hands in his face, “Hey,”

“Hi,” he replied with a strained voice as I sat down next to him and admired the sun set before me.

Not the time Swara! Concentrate.

“Are you okay?” I hesitantly asked him as he made no effort to look up at me.

“Yeah, I am sorry for all this, this is so entirely my fault,” he blamed himself with dismay.

‘I am sorry too, I should have not blamed your dad without any proof and also showed this much hatred towards you. I am so sorry,” I apologized in a gentle voice, which I didn’t do to anyone, ever before.

“Don’t be,”

“Honestly, you okay? I mean wanna talk about it?” I asked him, hoping to help him in any way possible.

“Oh I am alright. I think. I..I am just scared I am going to go back into the whole thing and play with my life again,” he whispered to me with his hands still covering his face, making me frown.

“Why do you think that?”

“I have already flown in this addiction and craziness once and it won’t take me long to go back into that direction. I don’t know what to do. I can’t afford to lose myself again, I have way more important things to do like take care of my family, business, Uttara and Laksh,”

“But?” I asked him as he finally looked up. His hair was in a messy look, his eyes were battling a storm, his look was tired and furious while his gaze held intense emotions….for me.

“But I like this rough object scraping my hand, I like the power I feel with it, I like the authority I get with this, I like the way it fits into my hand just like it is made to be in there,” he finally admitted with guilt running through his eyes as he averted them quickly before he placed the gun back on the bench.

I gulped as I took I slowly placed my hand into his and commented honestly, “This fits perfectly into your hand too, just like it is made for you,”

OMG! I said it, I said it!! Butterflies of joy, happiness and thousands other emotion were going through me, making my face lit up, my mouth grin and eyes sparkle.

He looked at me with shock and dismay and then at our interlocked hands and blurted out with disbelief. “Swara, are you crazy? I just told you my entire backstory and this is when you say that you want to spend the rest of your life with me?”

“I guess so,” I hesitantly said as I lowered my gaze as he took back his hand and frowned.

“Swara, I think this whole incident really messed your brain up. Go take rest and we will talk about this later,” he ordered me with his usual concerned and demanding voice.

“Sanskaar, take my hand and I promise to get you out of this misery. Take my hand and you will get back the power of love, take my hand and you will get the authority to rule over your business back, take my hand and you will get back your successful future, “ I said to him, making his mouth drop and what I said next, amazed me even more for me courage, “ Let that gun go Sanskaar, take my hand and you will get me.”

Before I could take my words back and understand what just happened, he crashed his lips to mine, sending tingles throughout my body.


…..just kidding, there is more to go! ?
How was that?? Loved it? Hated it??

What do you think about Sanskaar’s past? How was Swara’s confession? There were many RagLak scenes in the past, so this was mainly for SwaSan.

I have one good and bad news for you. First bad :( , the story is going to end in a few days, mostly in a week or so, which is why I just wanted to give you a heads up.
Good news is, there are more romantic/fun and happy scenes coming up for the last few updates so keep reading!!

Give me any suggestions or anything else you would like to see in the story, Jiya, I remember your suggestion and I am working to add it somewhere at the end! So, if you guys have any more, do drop them in!!

SWARAGINI- A Modern Tale of Love (Episode 48)


SWARAGINI- A Modern Tale of Love (Episode 48)


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