Scene 1:
Location: Ishaan’s hotel room and sushma’s residence
Ishaan laments as to how samrat has stooped so low, that he cant differentiate between the right and wrong, and that he cant mend himself even if he wants to. Samrat reprimands and accuses ishaan that this is what he wanted all along, even since his marriage with urmi. Ishaan stops going defensive, and asks how come he took so many years to find this out, and sarcastically reprimands him, that he is an idiot to find out so late. samrat asks him to get lost and never be seen in Bhopal again. ishaan asks him to stay in his limits, as he is just boasting of his home town, whereas he has come back after conquering the school. Ishaan asks him to keep his male ego to himself. Ishaan challenges him to enter into enemity with him, as he wont him live in Jhansi, as he has only seen his friendship and not his enemy. Samrat says that he cant believe that his own best friend, has teamed up against him, and is threatening him. ishaan asks him to shut up, as this wont affect him, and that he is the most sought after lawyers in New york, and reminds him again, that he has come to jhansi only for urmi, and that he would do whatever it takes, and if he thinks its wrong, he doesnt give a damn. A knock on the door, provokes ishaan to ask the butler to come in, and when he comes with food, he asks samrat to excuse him as its his dinner time now. He sits down, completely ignoring him. Samrat leaves in a huff.
Ishaan calls up and tells urmi, to be cautious, and tells her about samrat and his fit, and the temper he is in, by insinuating about their illicit relation. urmi says that he has done this to her before. Ishaan erxpresses that he too reprimanded him back, and now he would do anything in his rage, brash and irresponsible. She asks him to stop behaving like her guardian, as she has faced samrat and also composed herself, in worse situations. He says that he doesnt know what happened to her when he wasnt there, but he wont let anything wrong happen to her now. He says that he is just a well wisher, bnot a guardian, and he doesnt need a certificate from her. she thanks him resignedly, and then cancells the call. He is tensed.
The next morning, as shaurya gets ready for school, Tiwari Ji keeps teasing shaurya that he would send him back to his father if he misbehaves, while he tells him that he wont misbehave, and only study in school. just then the postman delivers a notice from the court and gets tensed. urmi receives it. She is shocked to see that its a notice from the court, regarding the hearing of the divorce date, after ten days, through Samrat’s lawyer. they ask her to get the lawyer to prepare, and that she should also send a notice through their lawyer. When they hear about Niranjan being the opposition lawyer, they are tensed that he is the top advocate here. Urmi remembers about her absconding lawyer, and is tensed.
Later, in urmi’s absence, ishaan drops by and sushma and her husband discuss urmi’s case, and he pleads them to convince urmi that he should take this case. Sushma says that the lawyer has already been hired. Ishaan asks why do they need anyone when she has him. She says that urmi doesnt believe him, and that she is an independant girl. ishaan tries to show them the implications, as to what lengths samrat can go to win this case. they are convinced. Sushma and her husband are asked to find out the lawyer’s name from urmi, so that he can find out about his calibre. they agree. she is relieved that there’s someone who understands urmi, and shall stand by her, at any cost.
Doli Armaanon Ki 19th November 2014 Written Update
Scene 2:
Location: Samrat’s residence
As kanchan is instigated by shashi, rudra tries to shut her up. Aditi too comes and says that she cant believe that urmi said this. shashi continues to instigate everyone against urmi, while aditi comes in urmi’s defense, saying that urmi is just trying to cover up with samrat’s torments and troubles. samrat comes home dejectedly, when shashi excitedly tells him that she has to tell him something, that would require him to be patient and calm. She tells him that she met urmi in the market and what urmi did with her, adding in with her extra remarks, and instigates samrat, saying that she would get lots of men, after divorce and says that she feels urmi has an affair. samrat is again drawn to ishaan and urmi. All reprimand shashi for doing this, while samrat vehemently supports shashi, and that he also knows the bastard behind it, and all are shocked when he names ishaan. shashi instigates him, that he took ishaan to the honeymoon too, and they must have enjoyed there too. Rudra tries to shut her, but she continues to instigate samrat, saying that he was too innocent to understand all this, and samrat is influenced by her instigation. shashi even goes to the extent of saying that maybe shaurya isnt his son after all, and is ishaan’s child. All are shocked. Samrat in a rage, comes to grab her throat, while she is scared, and he asks her to shut up, and never utter it again, as he would kill her. He leaves in a huff. All are shocked at shashi’s callous statements.
At the dining table, next day, samrat is still lost in yesterday’s thoughts of urmi and ishaan, when his attention is drawn by shashi towards his ringing phone. He receives niranjan’s call, who tells him that urmi must have received the notice. samrat again reminds that he wants the game over in one hearing, as he doesnt want to create a scene of himself in jhansi. Niranjan again goes on a self boast rant, and tells him that the hearing is on 28th november. samrat agrees resignedly and then his attention is drawn as aditi’s would be in-laws come in visible angry. He is surprised. samrat gets to attending to them with much buttering and pleasings. As aditi, on her elders’ command, tries to touch their feet, he stops them saying that there’s no relation and they neednt do this drama. He starts insulting them that they wont manage a relation with them, even in their worst days. Shashi asks what happened. He tells shashi that they wont take any relation, and shows her the fake bangles, and all are shocked. The prospective in-laws’ insult samrat and his family completely, while shashi tries to tell them the importance of these heirloom bangles. samrat tries to clear the misunderstanding, as they wont do this with anyone. But they say that the misunderstanding is now clear, as they neednt have been betrayed like this. Rudra tries to calm him down, but they are beyond salvation, and say that they are calling off the relationship. samrat tries to insist them to be given one chance, and shashi too joins in, saying that they can sort it out. But they are adamant that the relation has been called off now, and they wont even look back, now that they are once disappointed. samrat is frustrated, and shows shashi what bangles are these. shashi tries to talk, while samrat is angry. rudra asks them to get it checked. samrat asks them to hurry, and get to the bottom of it rightaway. aditi is tensed and boggled. Samrat is frustrated as to whats happening.
Scene 3:
Location: In the multiplex
Urmi talks to the cafe owner, and then having finalised the deal, she remembers to pick shaurya and also stuff for the pasteries. she gets in the elevator, which stops midway. Urmi gets tensed, and also finds that the alarm button isnt working. they start screaming for help. urmi is oblivious that on the ground, samrat too is waiting for the same lift to get to a meeting. Samrat too is oblivious of urmi’s presence. Urmi being claustrophobic starts suffocating inside. Co-passengers start noticing and asks whats wrong, and she says that she is pregnant. samrat downstairs start getting impatient, with no regard of the pregnant lady in the stuck lift. the people comment as to how samrat is just involved in his meeting, instead of the plight of the pregnant lady. The people inside the lift, keep screaming for urmi. Samrat callously wards off everyone’s inhumae accusations at him. A lady tells him to take the stairs, if he is so impatient. He leaves, attending to another call. As the lift door finally opens, all the people rush to urmi’s care, as she is nearly unconscious. they make her sit down and relax while samrat is at a distance on the phone call. After cancelling the call, he finds urmi, being attended to. Samrat is shocked to find urmi, and wonders whats she doing here. the lady starts telling urmi to take care of herself, in such a delicate condition, and asks her to keep a bottle of water with her all the time. Samrat is shocked to hear this. the screen freezes on his enraged face.
Precap: Urmi comes to the same hospital, for her appointment with the gynaecologist, and the nurse says that the doctor is waiting for her. she proceeds to the chamber. samrat comes rushedly and then asks the nurse about the details of urmi. The nurse asks who is he, and he hastily says that he is the husband and has the damn right to know about her. the nurse says that they have the lady’s records, and she would check on that. she asks him his name, and he responds. But the nurse shocks him by telling that her husband’s name is in fact registered as ishaan sinha, and not samrat singh rathoire. He is shocked. He eyes urmi venomously, as she takes her medical reports and steps out of the chamber. Later, Samrat confronts urmi and reprimands her, that she branded him as character less, and where was her character, when she was sleeping and spending the night, with ishaan. She is shocked at what he is insinuating. He says that he wont let ishaan’s child develop in his wife’s womb and that the child would have to die. He points a pistol at her belly, and she is dazed and shocked. The sound of the gun shoot, reverberates everyone, while urmi stands speechless.
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Doli Armaanon Ki
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