pkyek abhiya forever Episode 28

Recap:engagement done and dance


Its marriage day
Piya is dressed in red and golden lehnga and abhay in white sherwani
Misha is dressed in blue and golden lehnga and kabir in maroon sherwani
Brides descend down leaving the grooms mesmerized

Mish and kabir take wedding vows and get married
Now abhiya’s turn
They stand up for Pheras
Piya:what happened?
Abhay:do u remember u said that u want to make each and every moment of our marriage a special one?
Abhay picks piya in his arms ans she wide opens her mouth and other people giggle

Piya:abhay put me down
Abhay:no not at all
Abhay:sshh or else I will kiss u in front of everybody to quiet u
Piya is stunned and says at once:time is running out now take pheras
He laughs and circles around fire.

Then its garland exchanging time
While piya tries to put garland in abhay’s neck he is picked up by angad and jai and piya by kabir and arnab

Piya acts to fall and abhay immediately bows to help her and piya instantly puts garland around his neck
All clap and piya laughs
She pulls abhay’s cheeks and kisses a cheek when he expresses fake anger

Madhu coughs
Panchi:piya there is time in ur suhagrat
All laugh
Haseena:don’t tease my bahu…abhay fill her hairline
Abhay fills her hairline with vermillion and dorns mangalsutra around her neck and both get married
They take elders blessings and brides bid a sad farewell to their family

Arnab:plz take care of my daughter
Kabir:dnt worry uncle
Chand:and piya is our daughter now…like u gave us panchi we got piya too…both will remain happy
All leave

Misha and kabir enter their house and perform all rituals and consummate their marriage

Abhiya too enter house

Panchi puts plate in front of them for finding ring
Jai:come on abhay u will have to win
Panchi:no way…piya I won this game now u too will have to win…afterall u r my sis..,
They put their hands in plate and search for the ring…

Abhay holds piya’s hand and she tries to pull back but his grip is strong.she pleads through her eyes
Chand gets the situation
Chand:abhay…u r getting late for enjoyment of ur room…u r fulfilling ur desires here only
Abhay is embarrassed and piya giggles…
Piya finds the ring and all clap

Piya:yes yes…now I will rule over u mr.abhay
Abhay:u already rule over me piya
Haseena and panchi:awww….
They laugh
Jai whistles

Abhay stands up and says excuse us plz
He picks piya in his arms and carries her to room
He locks the door and comes close to her
Abhay:what happened?
Piya:u didn’t compliment me today
Abhay:u r always beautiful
Piya:I know
Abhay:sorry madam
Piya:its ok sweetheart
Abhay is surprised

Abhay:wow…u left me easily…no punishment ?
Piya becomes emotional
Piya:after so many difficulties we r together now I dnt want any problem to come in our way and I dnt want fights…plz abhay…
She hugs him

Ilove u abhay…i live u so much

Abhay hugs her back and they share a tight hug

Dil Ibadat kar rah hai plays in bg…

Abhay takes off her dupatta.he takes off her bindi and kisses her forehead
He removes her earrings and kisses her earlobes
He removes her nisepin and kisses her nose
He removes her necklace and kisses her nape
He then opens the bun of her hair and whispers
“U look pretty in open hair”
She smiles

They sit on bed and hear a crack sound
Abhay:what was that?
They hear a loud laugh and open door to find abhay and jai laughing
Abhay:clean it right now
Panchi removes bed sheet and piya is stunned to see crackers spread all over the bed
Jai and Panchi leave them alone
Abhay:shit…whole romance got disturbed
He sits on bed
Piya chuckles
Piya:may be not today
She stands up and abhay pulls her back.
She falls on him and their lips touch each other

They immediately part away as it was an accident
They have an eyelock.
Abhay holds her tight from waist and kisses her lips
She caresses his hair
The kiss becomes hard and passionate.they tighten their grip and abhay opens the dori of her lehnga
He caresses her bare back and makes her lie down
He romances her face and neck and she grips his shirt

Piya then clutches at bed sheet and abhay keeps his hand on her hand and lights off…they took consummate their marriage and stars shine bright on newly wed couples

5years pass.abhay has become a human as he wanted to get old with piya
Jai and Panchi have a daughter of 4 years
Kabir and mish have a daughter of 1 year
Abhay and piya have a son of 2 years

Tracker shouts
Tracker:I again collided with that stupid T
Jai:what is she doing now a days?
Angad:what will she do?she took divorce from her 2nd husband also as he got a loss in business
Panchi:when the hell will she understand love?
Piya:when will she know how beautiful the feeling of love is
Abhay:how much peace u get when u r with ur beloved ones
Piya:how beautiful history is declared of love birds
Abhay:who at the end become one despite all the calamities and problems
Piya:like we did

Piya:so how did u like our
Abhiya:pyar Ki yeh aik kahani….

Thnk u guys it was fun writing this ff…my special thnx to nisha,papa’s pari,princess,kriya, vishali and silent readers also…
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Nish do u have an fb??if yes then u may join is swara ragini maheshwaris or on Insta as my id is angelicgirl431 or swaraginiiii_

I will miss u guys….love u a loooooot ????

ANGEL (AILA) signing off….

pkyek abhiya forever Episode 28


pkyek abhiya forever Episode 28


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