enemies frm childhood (part-4)

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Location : Mishra’s mansion
The Sun’s rays peeped through the open windows of the room to find a peacefully sleeping Rads. With her shiny black tresses which had fallen over her forehead and the cute smile which crept over her face, she looked like a Barbie doll who was hugging her teddy bear lovingly close to her.
Soon our princess woke from her deep slumber murmuring: “Why the Sun’s rays are falling all over me????? “
Sun: “I’m sorry my princess but you have to meet your prince “.
Suddenly Rads sat up enthusiastically and said “How could I have forgotten!!!!!!!! Today they are coming right????? “. Saying this she jumps from down from her beds and and closing her eyes she climbed down the stairs to see the idol of Lord Ganesh. After saying her prayers she turned to see Rohit smiling down at her.
Rohit: “ Don’t you want to see them????????????????? “
Radhika: “ Yes…..I’m very eager to meet them….will they make me a friend of theirs bhai???????? “
Rohit: “ Why would’nt they???????? After all who could not be friends with my malooty ….”……………saying this he took her hand and led her to the living room……..
Rohit walked her to a boy of his own age. He had jet black hair which fell over his forehead just like Radhika’s did…………He had dimpled cheeks and his face was lively and was filled with naughtiness…………Yes its our Arjun…….
Beside Arjun was standing Niel…On seeing Rads with Rohit he ran to her.
Niel: “ Good Morning my princess……………”….
Then he turned to Arjun and introduced Rads to him.
Niel: “ Arjun this is our princess………”
Arjun smirked down at her and pulling her cheeks told in a way making fun of her : “ Oh so this is your CHOTI princess…….” and pulling her cheeks asked: “ Vavede perenta?????????????? (what is your name baby?????) ”

Rads who felt irked at being called baby controlled her anger and asked him to bend down to her height and cupping her mouth she shouted into his ears : “ Prayan manasilla ( I dont feel like saying it) ”
Hearing her reply Ne-Ro ( Niel and Rohit) ans Sam broke into fits of laughter…….
Controlling her laughter Sam kneeled down in front of her and asked: “What is ur sweet name princess???????? ”
Rads: “ my name is Radhika . What about yours di??????? “
Sam: “ I am Samaira. You can call me Sam. Shall I call you Chashni????“
Rads: “ why not” and they shared a hug……………..
Just then a lady enters the living room and says:” seems like all of you made aquaintances………” and turning to rads told: “ nammal parichayapettilallo ( we did not make aquaintance did we???? ”

Precap : who is this lady????????

I’m sorry for boring you guys…..I am not satisfied with this epi……are u??????? did you all like it?????? Do tell me your sincere opinion of this update……..

enemies frm childhood (part-4)


enemies frm childhood (part-4)


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