Manmarziyan- Destiny…Passion …Obsession (Chapter 14)

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Chapter 14

Every relationship on the planet is said to be predefined by almighty before our birth…but there is one which we chose after coming to this earth and that is friend… a good friend serves many that of sibling…partner in crime…sometimes your shield and sometimes your biggest critic…but come what may true friend stands by you…so .cherish all your friends….Pity some people don’t understand and judge these bonds
Arjun made Radhika so busy that she couldn’t attend or make calls…and to keep Neil away he would himself call Neil to make him busy…Radhika had already impressed Arjun and his senior manager James, he felt Radhika had immense potential…he asked her to chalk a tagline for their upcoming advertising campaign…and based on that he will put is feedback for her live project….but Susan hated her…Arjun had interacted with many females but his body language was very different…he was too protective about her…he cared for her and that was visible to everyone…Radhika was busy in her work…thinking on the tagline it was time for them to leave and she just had one week to submit her project…Arjun watched Radhika…scratching her head with pen…and the other pen was supporting the bun she had made of her long dark hair…James called Arjun..he asked Radhika to pack her stuff as they will leave in 15 min…she nodded. Susan saw Arjun leaving for meeting she came to Radhika’s place and sat in Arjun’s chair…Radhika greeted her with a smile, Susan asked ; ‘’How is it going’’

Radhika; ‘’Good…I am learning new things through this project’’

Susan; ‘’I am talking about Arjun…how is it going with him’’

Radhika kept her pen down ,turned to Susan crossed her legs and replied with a broad smile; ‘’He is a very good …and I enjoy his company’’ Susan fisted her fingers…Radhika noticed that

Susan; ‘’So what’s your schedule with him…and how many times a week’’

Radhika knew where it hinted; ‘’4 hrs 5 days a week…Í leave him free on weekends’’

Susan was now burning… She sarcastically asked…’’why not on weekends’’

Radhika looked into her eyes and spoke; ‘’I have other preferences’’

Susan; ‘’If I were you…I wouldn’t have left him in the weekends also’’

Radhika smiled; ‘’If you want…you can have him 7 days a week…anyways I am already done with him’’ Susan face brightened thinking Radhika was not serious about Arjun. Arjun came out of James cabin and Saw Susan chatting with Radhika…he was worried then got surprised…because the fox like Susan would never smile at her competition…but she was giggling with Radhika and then she hugged Radhika. Arjun POV; ‘What is with this girl…even worst of enemies want to hug her…’

Arjun came to his cubicle looked at Radhika and spoke; ‘’Time to leave’’ Radhika quickly packed her things and walked to the exit…Susan greeted Arjun huskily and now Arjun was worried about the discussion between the two. Once on the road he asked; ‘’Bunny what was Susan talking about’’ Radhika did not look at him…she kept looking outside because it was difficult for her to control her laughter…she made a serious face and replied; ‘’She wanted to know how is it going between us…and how many times’’ Arjun quickly moved out of the main road and applied breaks he blinked…his brain was completely out; ‘’What did you say’’

Radhika; ‘’4hrs a day 5 times in a week…and you are free on weekends…Also that I am bored of you and if she wants….after a week she can have you 7 days of the week…n no. of times in a day’’ Arjun went in shock he knew what Susan meant and also the meaning of what Radhika replied…he was amazed she was not just hard working but amazingly intelligent…she answered Susan only about her work..yet the fox thought she got everything she required…he smiled; ‘’If Susan gets the freedom of 7 days with me…I will die on her bed…you are… I don’t know what to say’’ Arjun looked at Radhika and after a sec both bursts into a laughter. Arjun spoke after controlling his laughter; ‘’Bunny you sacrificed me to be good in front of Susan…bad girl’’

Radhika; ‘’I know you will rescue yourself…But I thought I did you a favour…she is hot, beautiful and interested in you’’

Arjun lost his smile; ‘’She is the mother of 2 kids…and wife of a wonderful man…I don’t destroy families’’ Arjun started the engine and came back on the road…

Radhika after hearing his reply watched him for some time she felt good…she smiled and said; ‘’you gained a point Mr. Hades’’

Arjun just smiled at her; ‘’Will you have dinner with me today….if you are fine with it’’

Radhika thought and then responded; ‘’After my classes and working hours at the library’’

Arjun; ‘’Fine I will pick you from the campus…wait for me’’

Radhika; ‘’And Indian food…my tongue is itching for spices’’

Arjun affectionately looked at Radhika; ‘’Your wish is my command Bunny…anything for you…’’ Radhika rolled her eyes


Neil and Sam had planned a movie evening…they had planned a horror movie ….Neil selected Grudge….he closed all the curtains switched the lights off…and started the movie once it was complete dark…Sam sat on the sofa next to Neil with big bucket of popcorn…she was confident she won’t be scared…but once the ghost started appearing on the screen with a screeching sound…Sam got goose bump all over body…she shifted towards Neil…as the movie progressed Sam caught hold of Neil’s arm and held it very tightly…all her nails dug deep into Neil’s skin…and at the final scene she jumped closed her eyes tightly and landed on Neil’s lap…he finally switched on the lights…Sam was shivering like a mouse…Neil looked at her and started laughing….Sam opened her eyes and looked at laughing Neil…she frowned stomped her foot and cursed; ‘’Neil…you are a jerk you on purpose chose this movie to scare me’’

Neil replied between his giggles; ‘’You always show off being all macho…now what and what about these marks on my hand…what will I tell my classmates about these nail marks’’

Sam went red; ‘’I am fearless ….but this was far beyond my limit….I miss Radhika…she would have taught you a good lesson’’

Neil; ‘’So that means I failed as a friend…you are not happy with me’’

Sam went alert; ‘’No Neil …I didn’t mean that…you are an amazing friend and support…I just spoke out of the blue…because you were teasing me’’

Neil made a serious face and stood in front of Sam…she looked all guilty for hurting him…Neil stood for 2 minutes and started giggling again; ‘’Sammy…you are so stupid…you don’t even understand a joke’’ Sam had had enough…she picked up a cushion and threw at Neil…; ‘’You are so dead today…I will kill..then you will be a the ghost like the lady in the movie …. And will be screeching like an old door…’’ Sam was about to hit Neil when he bend down pretending to be hiding ….but he made a weird sound from his throat to scare Sam…Sam jumped and landed on Neil…pushing him to floor completely…she sat on his back spanking him nicely…Neil abruptly turned and pushed Sam on floor and held her hands…both were laughing and slowly their laughter turned into a beautiful eye lock…Sam moved her hand to cup Neil’s cheek…but he moved….Neil had made up his mind to be only Sam’s friend and nothing more…he got up and extended his hand for Sam’s help…she took it but she felt bad about the space Neil had suddenly created…Neil smiled and said; ‘’Dinner’’ Sam nodded they finished their dinner and retired for the night…but sleep had already left them long back…Sam was smiling thinking about last few moments with Neil.

Neil situation was also not good…he was twisting and turning trying to sleep…but whenever he closed his eyes he would only remember Sam’s face with different expression…it bought a sweet smile on his ….face he felt thirsty and saw that his bottle was empty…he got up…but as he opened the door he screamed and fell back on the floor…Sam was standing at his room door covered in her blanket from head to toe… only her eyes were visible…Neil got up rubbing his back & looked at her;

‘’Sammy…what are you doing here’’

Sam; ‘’Neil there is someone in my room…may be the ghosts from that movie…I was about to knock but you suddenly opened the door’’

Neil banged his head; ‘’Let me check…..’’ Neil entered Sam’s room…she stood at the door peeping inside. Neil asked ; ‘’ Sammy…there is nothing’’….

Sam came in jumping like a sack race participant…’’Neil my book fell off the bed on its own…I woke up because of that sound…’’

Neil rubbed his eyes and said; ‘’Sammy…you have a habit of kicking in your sleep you might have kicked the book too’’ Sam blinked at the realization

Sam; ‘’Can I sleep in you room…will make a pillow wall…won’t kick you…’’ Neil agreed…Sam slept in Neil’s room after 2 hrs when Neil realized Sam was in a deep sleep…he got up took his pillow and slept on the couch in the hall…Sam opened her eyes…she felt hurt without making any sound her lips whispered in pain; ‘’Why Neil?’’ Sam buried her face in the pillow to hide her tears…Neil was lying on the couch with his eyes open; ‘’I am not going to build any hope now…it hurts’’


Arjun was waiting for Radhika…she came out…she was still wearing the same trousers and shirt…but she had left her hair lose…Arjun watched her taking every step…he was happy that she agreed…Arjun out of the blue extended his hand out…Radhika looked at his hand smiled and said; ‘’there is still time for this…I accepted to dine with you not be your girlfriend’’ She went and sat in his car…

Arjun smiled took the wheel and drove off with her. Arjun took Radhika to one of the best Indian restaurant…he had booked table in advance…he directed her to the table…waiter came to take their order…Radhika ordered 3-4 her favourite dishes …Arjun was staring at her…she looked at him; ‘’What…won’t you order’’

Arjun; ‘’Is it required…will you eat that all alone’’

Radhika; ‘’Yup’’

Arjun; ‘’I didn’t knew that you are a baby dinosaur’’ Radhika laughed as this was the general reaction of anybody eating with her for the first time…she smiled; ‘’I don’t diet…I am a foodie…and I am lucky that I don’t gain weight easily’’

As they started having dinner…and Arjun kept on watching her with love …she was not like those artificial plastic girls she was real…and beautiful to the core…Arjun was lost in Radhika when his phone beeped it was a call from Sam…he was in two minds whether to answer the call or not …but then he thought….let me answer who knows I may get some way to keep Neil away from my Bunny…he excused himself and came out; ‘’Hi Sam…how are you’’

Sam; ‘’I am good Arjun…you seemed to have forgotten me…no calls since I came here’’

Arjun; “nothing like that…was busy with projects…’’ Arjun watched Radhika through the glass wall happily enjoying her food…he wanted to end the call and join her…but didn’t wanted to be rude to Sam just for Neil.

Arjun; ‘’How are your studies going…and how is Neil’’

Sam; ‘’He is good…but Neil has changed…seems he is in love’’

Arjun chuckled on Sam’s stupidity; ‘’Love… with whom’’

Sam with a depressed voice; ‘’ I am not sure … first I felt…its his classmate Hanna…but now I feel its Radhika my childhood friend…and even now he is talking to her…that to privately… they are very similar…Neil and Radhika trust each other blindly…you can’t imagine the depth of their relationship’’ Arjun felt a throbbing pain in the nerves of his forehead…he turned and found Radhika on the call talking happily …Sam was still talking….but he couldn’t hear anything…

Destiny played her game…inside the restaurant Radhika was happily talking to Neil; ‘’So handsome…missing me’’

Neil; ‘’yes my little one…you are the only one who knows my heart so how is everything…hope you are keeping yourself out of trouble’’

Radhika ; ‘’ OH God! not again….Buddy why do you think I invite trouble’’

Neil; ‘’Not you…but your happy go lucky attitude does…’’

Radhika; ‘’ Leave me how is it going with Sam’’

Neil; ‘’She thinks I am in love with you or my classmate Hanna’’

Radhika laughed; ‘’Neil let her think that…I will make her so jealous that she will come running into your arms…what say..brilliant idea…so from today…we will call each other my baby…my kuchikoo’’

Neil shuts his eyes; ‘’Stop it…Radhika don’t flirt with me ….not in a joke as well…I don’t like it … this is why you invite trouble’’ Radhika watched Arjun coming back she decided to end the call now…

Radhika; ‘’Calm down buddy…ok now I need to rush will call you once I am home’’ Radhika and Neil ended their call with a promise to reconnect over the Skype call in an hour.

Arjun took his seat opposite to Radhika; ‘’You look happy’’

Radhika; ‘’Yup was talking to my buddy Neil’’ Arjun burned…right now he just wanted to throw her over his shoulder and carry her off to some unknown place where no one could find her…but he cannot….he initiated a friendly conversation…to get more on the depth of RNeil bond

Radhika was still busy eating…she looked at ARjun he was in a deep thought…; ‘Mr. Hades…finish your dinner we cannot sit here for whole night’’ Arjun smiled and started eating…Radhika ordered dessert for herself and Arjun….;’’I love Gulaab jamoons…what about you’’

Arjun; ‘’ I don’t like sweets…. Its high on calories…even you should avoid them’’

Radhika; ‘’Not in million years…if you don’t want to have…I will happily finish both the plates’’ Arjun smiled she was impossible

Arjun; ‘’You trust Neil a lot…right’’

Radhika; ‘’We know each other for 10yrs…he has always been there when I needed him so yes I trust him the most….and he is my darling’’

Arjun; ‘’Can I be your friend as good as Neil’’

Radhika; ‘’No one can be Neil for me…’’

Arjun fisted his fingers; ‘’Why?’’

Radhika smiled; ‘’Because he never limits or judges me…every time I speak of Neil you are on fire…your face turns red in anger…you claim to like me then how can you hate the most important people of my life…Arjun you need learn to set people free…I know you are trying to find out the kind of relationship I share with Neil…I am not a fool’’

Arjun smiled; ‘’What about Sam…how deep is your bond with her’’

Radhika; ‘’She is my sister…I can do anything for her…I can sacrifice myself to keep her happy…In short…I can kill for Neil and Sam…now let’s move…my tummy is full and I am sleepy’’ Once they got the bill, Radhika tried to check it but Arjun snatched; ‘’My treat’’

Radhika; ‘’for what joy….nothing doing we are sharing it’’ Arjun kept his card in the folder and gave back….he turned to Radhika and replied; ‘’I am not doing a favor…once you complete your live project…. I am sure you will get a good feedback from James…treat me then…I won’t stop you’’

Radhika; ‘’Ok then we will have high calorie food’’

Arjun smiled; ‘’only if you cook’’ Radhika looked at Arjun all wide eyed Arjun chuckled…he took his card tipped the waiter and walked off with Radhika behind him…she dozed off in his car with her legs tucked to her chest…when he pulled his car outside her building she was still sleeping..half of her face covered with her hair…He kept watching his sleeping angle…Arjun removed her hair away from her face…his heart raced…’’Radhika…you introduced me to my heart….and now I cannot live without it…you have to be mine and very soon this distance is making me mad’’ He gently woke her up…she picked her shoes waved him and went inside…today’s evening was the best evening of Arjun’s life…he was happy that she was very sleepy…and will not speak to Neil but little did he knew the queen of his heart never backed out once she decides something.

When you love someone you love everything related to them…their good bad and the people they love…Arjun wants her away from everyone…will he succeed? Neil is no
mood to convince Sam anymore …he had decided to be her friend…Sam loves Radhika…but is not able to understand RNEIL bond….this pure friendship…will bring all the feelings on the edge…and will teach few lessons too

Precap Arjun gains bonus points in Radhika’s eyes…tornado hits NeSam in Hanna’s party

Manmarziyan- Destiny…Passion …Obsession (Chapter 14)


Manmarziyan- Destiny…Passion …Obsession (Chapter 14)


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