Yeh Adhuri Si zindagi Humari-23

Recap: panipuri competition between manik nd nandu

abhi nd nandu reached home ,nandu gets a msg frm manik.*Monster: reached home safely.! by monster. she smile seeing that msg nd replies him back with a *yes and smiley.! she goes inside the house nd sits on the couch amms comes over there abhi was abt to go frm there but amms stopped him

Amms: u still angry with me

Abhi: no i’m just going to change my dress it was hectic day.!

Amms: ok u change and come down i’ll make coffee for u both

Abhi: ok

saying that abhi went up
At malhortra mansion

manik,vivek and aki are sitting in the living area manik nd vivek were talking abt business stuff nd aki was getting hell bored so she decided to leave frm there,but manik stopped her from going
Manik: aki sit here like
Aki: bhai i’m getting bored u ppl are talking abt business stuff nd at least u knw that i hate this kind of talk

Manik: ok we won’t talk abt that but sit here

Aki: fine

Vivek: then what shuld we talk abt aki,gossips like other girls do

Aki: dad i din’t say that

Vivek: then what aki u shuld also knw this as ur the co-owner of malhotra empire

Aki: i’m nt interested in it

Vivek: yea yea why will u be interested in it after all u are nyo… he was abt to complete his sentece but stopped in the middle as he thought that she might knw it

Aki; c’mon dad tell it that i’m nyoanika’s daughter u think i don’t knw i knw bhai told me evrything nw i get to knw y u hate me to the core that i’m her daughter great i never expected this frm me yea i felt lonely but now.!

she went away frm crying but stopped and turned towards manik nd said “bhai u also feel the same then tell me i will leave this house nd go” saying this she went away
Manik:( shouted on top of his voice)dad y u did this
Vivek: manik i did this hw arrogant she is

Manik: u did this dad she was asked me y u stay away frm her but i gae some excuse ‘coz i thought u will come near here one day but knw u think just treat her as my sis that’s it she is not like that women she different

Vivek: who knws manik she is her blood

Manik: stop it dad i don’t want anything against my sister.!
Vivek: u knw i think she did that incident intentionally so no one could doubt her

Manik: dad stop not a word against her nd stop blaming her for that incident if u don’t treat her as ur daughter then don’t but she is my sister nd my life i won’t spare anyonw who will say aganist i sparing u because u r my dad otherwise

Vivek: otherwise what manik
Manik: dad don’t test my patience
his phne started to ring it was nandu.! he picked it up nd went to his room

On phne

Nandu: hello manik
Manik: what nandu again any problem this i won’t help. what u think of urself haan go nd ask ur best frnd aryaman he will help u

Nandu: u r done with ur talks i called u because aki wasn’t picking up phne nd if she is with u could give her ur phne nd i don’t call when i am in trouble nd one i din’t come nd ask to solve my problem it’s u who came and solved my problem mr.malhotra
Manik: choti is not with she is in her if she comes then i will tell her to call u back

Nandu: no need she will check her phne if she gets i don’t want ur help nd thanks for today’s help nd i don’t need ur help frm now onwards.bye

she hanged up the call.! on the other side manik was still holding his phne near his ear nd dont move frm that position he came back to normal when he heard a knock sound on the door he went nd opened the door aki was standing there at the door step.!

Aki: can i come inside mr.manik malhotra

Manik: y are u asking me that it is ur room also nd y r u calling me with my name choti

Aki: it’s akansha nd yea this is nt my room
Manik: choti plz don’t say like that

Aki: dad i mean mr.malhotra nd u would have discussed how to get rid of me so tell me how will u send me out of this house

Manik: choti it’s not lyk that y will u go out of this house.

Aki:no manik tell me how will u send me frm this house so that i can pack my bags nd go don’t worry abt my wareabouts my frnds are there u will be there for me just like fab 5 oops sry

Manik: (tears formed in eyes) choti plz i love u more than my life don’t say like that

Aki: but manik sir dad oops sry i mean mr.malhotra says na that i’m her blood u think i din’t hear anything i heard all ur convo what kind of a dad i have who blamed me for things i din’t do he hates because of that women ‘coz i’m her daughter,c’mon manik sir answer to my question u don’t have u always gave excuses na today also give some excuse manik sir

Manik: choti what are u telling u knw na how much i love u y are u saying like that

Aki: yes manik but i doubt what if it is fake

Manik: choti it’s not fake

Aki: manik can i ask u something

Manik: choti y r u calling with my name.nd u can ask me anything u no need permission for that

Aki: ok bhai if one day u had to choose between me nd dad i mean mr.malhotra whom will u choose

manik had blank expression he did not react

AKi: i knw bhai u don’t have an answer i will give u tym till tmrw mrng.!

she was abt to whe she heard manik’s voice

Manik: i’ll choose u aki ‘coz u r more important than dad.!

aki had tears for her rude behaviour she turned around to say sry but when she turned around manik was in his kness and caught his ears and said sorry which made cry she hugged me and “bhai i’m sry i din’t mean any of the word i told i was just angry bhai plz forgive me”.manik broke the hug and said i’m sry too aki fo hurting u i knw how it feels leave let’s go nd have dinner i’m hungry”

Aki: bhai i’m not hungry

Manik: no aki u r eaing ur food nd that’s it

Aki: but bhai

Manik: no but and ifs

they both went to dinig area where vivek was already there,manik wished him but aki din’t they both started to have their dinner when aki checked he phne and saw many missed calls frm nandu she dialed her number

On phne

Aki: nandu i’m sry i din’t check my phne i was a bit upset sry

Nandu: ayyio aki y sry nd yea normally i called is evrything alright na

Aki: yes nandu evrything is lright i’m fyn

Nandu: ok then i’ll meet u tmrw

Aki: nandu

Nandu: haan aki

Aki: can u come and pick me up tmrw

nandu: but y i’ll come to ur huse only

Aki: it’s that i don’t want to be here let’s go to navya’s house i din’t see her house also

Nandu: what abt ur bhai

Aki: don’t worry i’ll manage

nandu: ok then i’ll pick u up tmrw at 8:00 be ready

Aki: yea ok bye

aki hanged up the call.manik was starring her but she din’t bother nd started to eat

Vivek: u have ur car na

Aki: do u have a problem if i go with my frnd

Vivek: yes i have

Aki: gud ‘coz i don’t care

Vivek: i din’t like that girl what’s her name

Manik: nandini

Vivek: yes nandini i din’t like her the way she is.!

Manik:(he frowned) but y dad

Vivek: i don’t knw. i can’t belive that she mr.murthy’s sister oh god they both have a a lot of difference

Aki: excuse me don’t u say a word against her. u knw what u just like ur business nd ur son that’s it no others for u others are like aliens am i right

Manik: aki

Aki: no bhai he is telling aganist my frnd nd yea i’m going i have completed my dinner nd for today i’ll sleep in ur room plz

she left frm there nd went to manik’s room nd slept.manik also went to aki’s room nd was trying to sleep but couldn’t sleep ‘coz when he is closing his eyes he can only see nandini nd moments spend with her. he thought to say sorry for his behavior but denied it later he tossed the bed nd soon drifted into a peaceful slumber.!

it was morning tym.! nandini got up nd got ready nd went wished everyone good morning took her morning coffee after completing her morning she was abt to leave when amms stopped her

Amms: kanna where r u going

Nandu: amms to manik’s house

Amms: y

nandu: actually she called me

Amms: she who
Abhi: aki manik’s younger sister nd nandu’s new frnd

Amms: ok come home soon

Nandu: bye amms nd bhai

saying that she took her scooty nd left to malhotra mansion

Outside malhotra mansion

nandu was standing outside and was thinking to go or call her to come outside as after yesterday’s meet with manik’s dad she started to feel uncomfortabal with him.! after standing there for 5 mins she decided to go in.! she went in nd directly to aki’s room the movement she entered aki’s room she stood still nd mouth open as she was shocked to see manik on aki’s bed,nd top of that he was sleeping shirtless
Nandu’s POV

damn man he is so hot how can anyone be so hot.nandu what r u thinking he is best frnd’s brother
so what if he is my best frnd’s brother he is single whole clg is crazy abt him y can’t i think abt him like but what his he doing in aki’s room i shuld go frm here.!


nandu is under manik nd duvet is covered between them.! vivek came into manik/aki’s room to wake up manik.

ok someone asked my name ryt my name is sweety it is my nickname.. :) ? nd guys today’s part was bit clampsy sry but had to write it according to sindhu..!

#happy reading

Credit to: sindhu varma

Yeh Adhuri Si zindagi Humari-23


Yeh Adhuri Si zindagi Humari-23


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