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Scene 1
Sid hears a voice. It says simar could save roli but she let her die. He sees a woman. She says do you remember what patali said? roli died instead of simar.
Simar says I hope sid doesn’t do anything wrong. Mataji sees sid with luggage. Mataji says what is all this?Where are you going? Sid says I can’t live under same roof with roli’s murderer. I ma leaving this house. Everyone is shocked. he says I lost my roli because of her. I will have to see her face everyday and remind that I live with roli’s murderer. Karuna says enough sid. Sid says I knew you will all support her. And thats right. Her sin is so horrible. Rajhinder says don’t do this. Mata ji says this is not right sid. He leaves. Simar says stop. If someone has to to leave this house it will be me. Mata ji says what are you two saying. Simar says if sid leaves this house I will never be able to forgive myself, I promised roli to take care of her sid. Rajhinder says sid this family will be broken. Now simar is asking too. Rajhinder says then let her go. At least there wont be any more harm to this house. If I stay here no one will even say her name. Whoever lives here has to break relation with her. Prem says I will leave this house too with simar. He takes her hand and goes upstairs.
Mata ji cries and says what is wrong with my family.

Prem and simar pack up. Simar says why don’t you understand. To make sid I need to go away from him and you have to be with him. I promised roli. I am not going forever. Our love will strengthen in distance.
Pari says everything is ruined. Simar and prem come downstairs. Simar says to sid I know your pain and I wont increase it I am going from here. I hope this eases your pain. Sid says this pain will never go. I will never let it go. You took me something most important to me. I will always hate you for it. And yes don’t shed these crocodile tears. They don’t matter to me.Don’t ever come back here again. He goes in his room.
Khushi says don’t go. his anger will fade away.Simar says he lost the one he loved. Its not easy.Its better for everyone that I leave. I hope that day comes soon when sid brings me back here.
Karuna says you will go alone?Mata ji comes with her luggage and says I have decided to go with simar. Simar says you can’t do this. You can’t leave this house. Mataji says that is why I have decided this.Prem and rest of the family is here for sid. I know you have strength but you are human too. There should be someone to be with you. Simar says but..Mata ji says we will live in devika’s house. simar’s friend says I will come with you simar. I am your friend what will I do here without you?
Simar says this is difficult time for all of us. You were saying sid is not normal.You are a doctor you can understand his condition and help everyone. Please stay for some day.
Khushi says don’t worry. We will be family to you. Simar says family is my everything. Please take care of them in my absence. Prerna says I wont disappoint you. Simar hugs her.
Simar and mata ji leave.
Simar recalls her old moments in the house.

Sid sees them going and says am I doing something wrong in anger? Was it right to throw her out? He sees that woman and she says you did that right.

Precap-Prerna knocks and says sid open the door. She says what is this light? Simar says to prerna I need to know what this is. Sid stabs simar.

Update Credit to: Atiba

Sasural Simar Ka 12th April 2016 –


Sasural Simar Ka 12th April 2016 –


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