Qubool Hai 19th November 2014 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Ahil’s residence
As ahil comes across sanam getting reazdy, he starts complimenting her romantically, while caressing her face, as she gets awkward and is relieved when tanveer and azhar’s parents drop in. She comes and says that she is very happy, that the situations that they got married in, noone would have thought, that they could survive it, but today they proved that the relation by god’s grace is unbreakable, and that she is very happy for both of them. Seher thinks how did tanveer turn over a new leaf overnight, and tanveer says that she knows what she is thinking, and how come she accepted so easily, and then says that in front of love, destiny too bows, and she is just a mother, and that her son’s happiness matters to her the most, and wants to start afresh with her. Seher smiles but doesnt believe. tanveer tells sanam that she always wanted ahil’s wife to wear a dupatta chosen by her, and after presenting it to her, she requests that she should wear it tonight, in the party. Seher fumbles, but ahil speaks for her in agreement, while seher is tensed. She starts feeling the dupatta and tanveer takes ahil aside, to talk, and leaves. Azhar’s mother starts ogling at the lavish spread of makeup and accesories at sanam’s table. She starts trying a few, excitedly but stops when seher comes in taunting her. She compliments seher on her choice of makeup range, and then requests her to teach makeup. Seher makes fun of her, but then gets an evil idea, and agrees to do it today itself, and azhar’s mother gets excited in glee. azhar’s father is shocked to think that they are getting along so well.
Meanwhile, Razia tells seher that she doesnt understand whats going on, but asks her not to bother. Seher says that this isnt a game, but she is risking her life at every step, every single second, by doing this for her, and that she doesnt realise whats she going through and that tanveer and azhar’s parents are definitely upto something. she says that she doesnt want to die, and asks razia to find out what happening. razia assures her that nothing can go wrong, and even if it does, then all the waiters are her men who would save the scene. razia tells seher that they shouldnt doubt that she doubts them, or else they would try a different trap. dilshad, hearing all this, wonders whats all this, and that before anything else happens to her daughters, she would have to tell seher that sanam is her sister. she prays to the lord to give her strength to be able to save her daughters from this evil.
In her room, Tanveer tells azhar’s paremnts in the meanwhile, that today sanam shall wear her own death and not the dupatta, at the party, as she tells them that she has laced the entire lining of the dupatta with explosives. They are shocked. She tells them that sanam is a mobile human bomb. tanveer smirks that she too feels sad but such a death is unique. Azhar’s parents say that they would have played to her tunes, if they had known. Tanveer is frustrated with their rant, and tells them that sanam must be feeling that they are upto something, and thats where they come in to comfort her, so that she is assured that nothing is wrong, and they have genuinely accepted her. they are amused.
Qubool hai 19th November 2014 Written Update
Later, gazalla, azhar’ mother is super excited at the chance of using sanam’s makeup, while seher is frustrated. She asks sanam to do such a makeup, that all are stunned and her husband remembers her young days. seher amusedly assures her that she has done a wonderful makeup on herself, and would do the same to her too, and that everyone’s eyes shall be on her only. Seher turns her away from the mirror, saying that she should see only when the beautification process is over. She finally finishes, turning gazalla, into a cartoon. She turns around to see, but seher stops her, saying that her husband should first cast eyes on her instead of she herself even. She excitedly asks gazalla, if she doubts her or her talent. She tells gazalla, that her husband shall be mad for her, just like ahil is for her, due to this makeup. she sends gazalla, super pumped. She goes to meet azhar’s father, who is shocked and stunned, while gazalla is oblivious of whats going on. Latif comes and is shocked too. gazalla doesnt realise whats wrong, even when razia starts joking in o her. They all starts laughing and this gets gazalla tensed. Finally, they show her the mirror, and she lets out a huge scream. as ahil comes asking whats the scream, he is shocked to find her like this too. Gazalla complains to him about sanam, while he says that this isnt the time for them to compete with sanam, for beauty as hers is natural and internal. He asks her to get ready soon. while all are amused, gazalla is distraught. After having cleared up, gazalla is in a rage, saying that she would kill sanam, but her husband assures that it wont be needed, as sanam as it is would die tonight in an explosion. They all guffaw at this, while dilshad is shocked, as she hears from a distance. gazalla says that she cant bear this insult, and resolves to create a scene for her, at the party. tanveer comes and asks her to be calm, saying that she would help her. Tanveer gives them a pill, saying that they need to mix it in sanam’s drink. dilshad is tensed to hear this. Tanveer says that when the medicine starts working, their plan would initiate too. The screen freezes on dilshad’s apalled face.
Precap: Ahil tells everyone at the party, as he chats about sanam, lovingly and romantically, and seher descends, with the explosive laced dupatta draped around her, which amuses tanveer and azhar’s parents. On the road, haya, in her shor western dress, is teased by some holligans who leeringly try to get physical with her, while faiz is nowhere to be seen and she runs for her life, with them in tow.
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