Love is beautiful emotion (Episode 21)

sanskar’s room is shown.a person is walking toward him angrily.
person:sanskar wake up……sanskar.
sanskar looks at him with sleepy eyes but his eyes opens with a jerk.
sanskar in disbelief:dad…..
DP:don’t call me dad.u are not my son.
sanskar:why are u saying this? i am your son.
DP angrily:no u are not my sanskar was not like u.he never disrespect me.
sanskar:what have i done???why are u saying this?
DP:u don’t know what am i saying.sanskar shook his head in NO.

DP: u…u broke my promise?how can u broke it which was done at my death time.i am ashamed that u are my son and jerks his hand.a tear falls from sanskar’s eye.
sanskar dishearted:plz dad don’t say like this.i love her.she is innocent she will not be able to bear this.
DP angrily looks at him and said:your mother was also innocent.that man didn’t bother for her.why are u bothering for his daughter.ohhh sory why am i saying this.that girl is more then your mother who is in coma from 2 years.and more then your father promise right.
sanskar:dad….nothing is like that.u are taking it wrong.
DP sarcastically:now my son is thinking that i am wrong.

sanskar looks down and closes his fist and said:dad i am sorry i became emotional.sory.
DP hold sanskar from his shoulders and said:sanskar don’t forget she is shekhar gaddodia’s daughter who is responsible for your mother condition.sanskar nodded his head and said:i will not break my promise.
DP happily:i am proude of u.i knew it my son is not like that and kiss on his forehead.sanskar closes his eyes and tear flows down his cheek.
sanskar wakes up from his dream.he was sweating hard.he looks around to collect his senses and remembers his dream.he closes his fist and get up from bed with a jerk.he quickly grabs his car keys and runs outside.sanskar comes to swara room and looks at her innocent face and comes close to her and sit beside her and touches her cheek.

swara in sleepy tone:dida let me sleep.go wake up dad first.and puts pillow on her face.sanskar smiles and said:swara i am not dida.swara wakes up with a jerk and looks toward sanskar and blinks several times.
swara in shock:sanskar what are u doing here?and why did u go from function without saying anything?and why are u sooo messed up?9 looking at him from top to bottom)
sanskar does not say anything.he was just looking at her.swara get up from bed and goes toward window and said:u again climbed pipe and looks at him and then down from window and again looks at him and start laughing holding her stomach.sanskar looks at swara’s laughing and it was time when his heart stop beating.she was wearing white and black shalwar kameez. he gets up from bed with jerk and goes toward swara and holds her tightly from wist and kiss her hard.swara eyes widened.she was expecting it.he was holding her so thigtly that she was sure.their will be deep finger prints.soon swara kissed him back.his kiss become more hard when she kissed him back.soon they parted away due to lack of oxygen.

swara breathing heavily:sanskar what……sanskar put finger on her lips and touches her cheeks slowly.swara closes her eyes due to his touch.he was touching her face as he was feeling it and want to capture it.
sanskar in deep tone:i am gonna miss u.swara looks at him and said confusingly:sanskar i am right here.i am not going anywhere.sanskar does not say anthing and holds her hands and kissed them and hugs her tightly and mumbles:i am sory and hugs her more tightly as he does not want to let her go.after long time sanskar break their hug.swara was tensed at his weired behaviour.first he come at her room so late.then he kissed her so hard and now MISS U? and SORRY?
she was not understanding anything.swara cups sanskar face and said in tensed voice:sanskar are u alright?and make him sit on bed.
swara:did i eat something from evening?sanskar noddeds in NO.swara hits her forehead and said:that’s why u are talking weired things.wait here i will bring food and gets up.sanskar holds her hand quickly and said:where are u going don’t leave me.

swara:sanskar i am coming in min wait here and frees her hand.after sometime swara comes with food.
swara:now eat.sanskar looks at her and said:did u eat something?swara fumbles:no…i…i..was not hungery.
sanskar shook his head and make her eat first.both eat food toghter.
swara:now teel me what are u doing here its tooooo late.
sanskar avoiding:u ask too many questions.can’t u just shut your mouth for sometime.
swara:ohhhh!! when i will shut my mouth na then u will come to know importence of me.sanskar feels his heart will stop breathing anytime.

sanskar in fake happy tone:i will be most happiest person when u will stop talking.her waqt chuper chuper karti rahti hu.
swara angry:uuuuuu…and start hitting him with pillow.sanskar laughes and holds her hand and pulls her close.and kiss her softly on lips.that was a short romantic and with full feelings.
swara blushing hard:u are an idiot.don’t u know anything except this and bites her lower lip.
sanskar looks at her with full love and whispers:thank u for compliment.
swara:sanskar u should go right now.i am will admit u mental hospital tomorrow.
sanskar confused:mental hospital??
swara:haan mental hospital.becayse aj tum bhaki bhaki baaten kar raha ho.and pushes him toward window.
sanskar in deep tone:u are very eager to push me from your life.swara stops for a mint and looks at him and said:sanskar i am pushing u from my room not from my go i will not talk to u for one day.

sanskar mumbles:ak he baat ha and goes from there.
swara hurriedly runs toward office and said in tension:oh i am late…i am very very very late.he will be very angry.muma plz save me.and runs inside.
and collides with a girl.
girl:ohhhh!!! easy easy.if there is some flood after u.
swara:sory i am late.and goes from there.
swara comes to resception and said:i am new PS os mr sanskar maheshwari where is his cabin??receptionist looks at him from top to bottom and said:so u are new PS.swara nodded vigoriously.
receptionist:u are late.sir is waiting for u in his cabin.and his cabin is on 3rd floor.go fast.
swara tensed:ohhhh!!! nd runs toward stairs.

receptionist looks at her and calls on phone:sir your PS is arrived.their was silence for sometime
receptionist:sir she is comming through stairs so she will come in 10 mins
receptionist:okay sir.
swara reaches 3rd floor and their was two rooms.swara looks at them and mumbles:which one…and put finger on her lips.after thinking sometime.
swara hits on her forehead and said:u idiot left one.where u give your interview and knocks on the door.

sanskar:come in.swara enters the room.sanskar was reading some files.he does not looks at her.
swara thinking:he is looking angry.not even looking at me.swara clears her throught and said:vo..actually sanskar i…
sanskar looks at her and laughes loudly.swara looks at him with confusion.
swara confused:why are u laughing??
sanskar between laugh:look at your face.swara touches her face everywhere and said:what.
sanskar controlls his laugh and get up from his seat and said:u are so scared from me.your face is so pale.

swara looks at him angrily and said: i am not scared
sanskar teasing:yes u are.forget it u need not get permission for coiming into my cabin.
sanskar:no arrguments and come i will show u your cabin and holds her from waist.swara looks at his hand on her waist with wide eyes and frees herself and said:sanskar this is office.
swara:u are my boss here and i am your employe.sanskar again holds her from waist and said:stut up and come.
swara;some one will see.
sanskar uncringly:swaraaaa… we talked about it more arguments.
sanskar shows swara her cabin it was just right to sanskar cabin and there was glass wall between their room through which they can see into their rooms easily.sanskar make her sit on sit and said:so this is your cabin.right behind my cabin.swara looks around and said:its tell me what is my work.
sanskar:first drink this water.

sanskar:tania told me that u take stairs.
swara:who is tania?
sanskar:receptionist.swara nodded and start drinking water.
sanskar: i am going to my cabin i have some work okay.swara nodded.sanskar goes to her cabin.swara was sitting on chair and her hands where under her chin.
swara:its too boringsuddenly door open with a jerk a girl comes inside.
swara stands up from her seat and said:you.
girl:u are sanskar sir’s new PS.swara nodded in yes.
girl:hy i am ishani.i am also work here.swara shake hand.tania give swara some fiels.
swara:oh its heavy.
ishani:computerize these fiels okay.swara give here tight smile and said:okay.tania goes from there.swara put fiels on table and bites her nails and mumbles:computerized??
swara opens one file and start reading it.sanskar was looking at her tensed face.
sanskar:sanskar u can’t even look at her tensed face and goes to her cabin.sanskar:swara??
swara jumpes from his seat and looks at him with scary eyes
sanskar:what happened

swara:u scared me and throw file on him.
sanskar laughes and said:who told u to read file by getting your head completely into it.
swara just looks at him angrily
sanskar:tell me why are u tensed
swara pouting:sanskar ishani told me to com[puterize these fiels.i don’t know anything how to do that.i just join this companey because i like decoarating things.and u aslo didn’t told me that i have to do these works also.
sanskar comes to her side and said:i will help u.its very simple.swara becomes happy.
sanskar start telling her how to do it.swara lears it quickly.
swara:thank u sanskar and kiss him on cheek.sanskar smiles and said:your welcome.
swara did whork whole.between that she also give coffe to sanskar.
ishani comes to swara cabin and said:swara come with me.
swara:what happned
ishani:just come with me.managing director is arrived we have to welcome her.and drags her.
they welcome managing director with flowers.
swara:ishani what is her name
ishani:kavitha she is very close friend of sanskar sir.
swara gets jealose and said:ohhh!!.
kavitha directly goes toward sanskar room.ishani was not letting swara go to her cabin.she was telling her different work.
at evening swara finally gets free

swara:ishaniii now can i go home plzzzz.
ishani with tight smile:sorry swara actually my partener did not come today therefore u have to do his work.swara smiles:its okay.
swara goes to sanskar room.
swara:should i knock or not??sanskar said i need not to knock and opens the door and said:sanskar i was……..
she was shocked to loook at……

Love is beautiful emotion (Episode 21)


Love is beautiful emotion (Episode 21)


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