Hatred to Love a Bful Journey episode 4

Hatred to Love a Bful Journey episode 4

Scene 1-In Arnosh F.H,
Kushi reach office in time but Asr had already arrived. She goes into his cabin. She was quiet nervous. In Asr’s cabin,
Asr:Miss u are late….and its ur first day.
Kushi:Sir its only 9:10.Office time is 9:30-5:30 right?
Asr:So….it means u should be here at 8:45 sharp
Kushi; But sir…ofc timing
Asr:I cant repeat anything.

Kushi nods.
Asr:And by the way I hav a meeting today. So be ready for going out.
Asr:I cant repeat anything
Kushi (not audible to Arnav) :Just now u repeated a sentence.
Arnav:What are u murmuring
Kushi:Nothing sir

Arnav:ok….gud for u.
Asr moves out.Kushi frowns.
Arshi go to meet a person. They get inside the building. They enter boss cabin.Kushi is surprised to see tht person.
Kushi:Mihir….. (Guest appearance)
Mihir:Kushi…my pagli

Kushi runs and hugs him.Asr looks on.Kushi and Mihir talk a lot.After some time,
Asr:Hi Mihir.I am Arnav.
Kushi; Singh.Raizada
Mihir:Yaar u are too lucky to get a PA like this
Kushi blush.
Arnav:Oh u know her so well?
Mihir:She is my bff frm college.
Kushi:And sir……I hav made his love life…..
Asr:Where u running any agency for this at tht time?
Mihir laughs …..
Kushi:Very funny.
Kushi to herself:He is very cool actually. Handsome hai.Family hai.Not bad Kushi…..god! Wth am I thinking? He is my boss nothing much.
Asr; Miss bak bak.We hav signed the contract lets go.
Mihir:Byee dude.We should meet up
Arshi leave from there.

Scene 2, In Raman. F.H,
Raman to Payal:Payal! hws Kushi’s new job ?
Raman:Shagun had tld me abt that.
Payal:oh….Sir u have meeting with a Doctor today….

Payal:Shagun askd me to book tht time slot 3-4pm
Raman:Shagu?? Whatever I will call Shagun.
Raman calls Shagun,
Shagun:Hi bhai!….actually bye I am busy now
Raman:Pagal! Y hav u askd Payal to freeze time for doctor?
Shagun:For ur teeth I cant see u in pain na….Dr.Ishita is the best one you will get.
Raman:Haan haan teek hai.I will come to pick u up
Shagun:No need to pick me up she is working in my hospital
Raman; Ok then….
Raman hangs up
Shagun to herself:Bhai doesn’t even remember her name??
Raman to himself:Kahi kal wali museebath toh nahin? (Is it the same trouble whom I met yesterday? ).I am dead.

Its evening,

Kushi:Not u .Akash sir
Akash laughs. Arnav hits on Akash head with hand.
Akash:Yes tell me Kushi
Kushi:Where is Manoj sir?
Akash:He is in…. (Arnav interrupts)
Arnav:After knowing abt Manoj only u can work
Kushi:Yes….Now can I know?
Arnav:Stay in ur limits Miss Kushi Kumari Gupta
Kushi:I am in my limits dont teach me my limits
Akash is shocked.Arnav is boiling in anger
Arnav:What the….
Kushi:What the…..I also know to say

Kushi screams. …..Akash asks her to calm down.
Arnav to himself:Kaha pas gaya mein (Where am I trapped? )
Kushi calms down.
Akash:Manoj is in London looking after other branch there with uncle.Sometimes I go ndstay there looking after business.
Kushi:This Kadoos didn’t even allow u to say tht.
Arnav:What the…..come on Akash lets leave
Later,Akash calls Manoj and explains all these.Manoj laughs hard,
Akash:Its the 1st time ever bhai is not saying anything to a girl for saying this much
Manoj (laughing):Ya….u are right. …
Akash:Byee bro..will meet nxt week
Manoj:Yah…u didn’t tell nani na?

Akash:Nope ..bhai also doesn’t know
Manoj:Bye then…..
Akash:Missing u comefast byee.
Manoj hangs up

Scene 3,
peon comes in Ishita’s cabin and tells abt appointment.
Ishita:Ask thm to get in
Shagun gets in first. Raman was on phn with a contracter.
Ishu:Hi Shagun…..teeth problem?
Shagun:No no….bhai has teeth problem
Raman gets in.Ishu is shocked.Raman to himself:Baap re margaya (I am dead)
Ishu:Shagun sorry I cant treat ur bro
Raman:Who is dying to get treated by u?
Ishu:I didn’t ask anybody to die.
Raman:Its better to die than getting treated by u.

Ishu: You……..
Raman imitating Ishu:You….what will u do?
Shagun:Stop it guys…..
Ishu:Ok ask him to stop first
Raman:Did I strt?
Shagun:Statue…(Ishra stand still)…..ok now u ppl listen to me.Bhai 1st u.Get treated by Ishu she can help you get rid of pain.And Ishu its ur duty to treat ur patients.And he is ur friends bro….so plz…say something know (Ishu lifts her eyebrows)…Opps sorry. …freeze.
Ishu:Uff….okay just for u
Raman:Yah just for u
Shagun:Thnq so much guys

Ishu treat Raman. Give him medicineHe thnks her and they leave.

Precap:Raman breaks Ishu’s alliance. Did Raman fall for Ishu? Is it Shagun’s nxt plan? Why is Asr patient with Kushi? Stay tuned for my next update. ……

*Thnq Varsha, Kushi, Arshi, Ammu, Ayesha for ur encouraging comments…..And Ayesha dr u can call me nick I dont mind.But my nick name is Vero…..

Hatred to Love a Bful Journey episode 4


Hatred to Love a Bful Journey episode 4

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