A journey from tashan e dosti to tashan e ishq episode 47

A journey from tashan e dosti to tashan e ishq episode 47

Hiiii guys….Thanx for all the luv and support ull hav given me… all I can say is I luv u all….plzzz keep supporting me and my ff the same way…..and guys as my 50th Epi is approaching… plzzz let me know if there is something special that ull want from me in the 50th Epi.
So here is the episode 47.

Scene 1(Chesvi’s room)
It’s morning.
Cherry got ready and was reading newspaper.
Just then manny comes out of the washroom in a bath robe….she starts drying her hair with the dryer…and water droplets fall on cherry’s face.
He gets engrossed in eyeing her.
He is not in his senses…he gets up and goes to manny and moves her wet hair on one side by romantically touching her.
Manny gets shocked….she moves back and out of anger hits him hard with the dryer on his head.
Cherry shouts in pain and comes back to his senses.
Manny: What wer u doing han ???….how dare u touch me….don’t u dare forget it’s just a contract marriage.
Cherry: Vo….vo mai…mai vo actually…
Manny(shouts): Just shut up u idiot !!!!
She angrily takes her clothes and goes to change in the washroom.
Cherry: Ohhh babaji….yaar kaha fasa diya ye mummy ji ne.
He goes out of the room.

Scene 2(Twinj’s room)
Twinkle got ready and kunj was still sleeping.
She wears her earnings.
Twinkle: Kunj….kunjjj get up…see me…Twinkle taneja…the so called kumbh karan ki nanai….I too hav got habituated to getting up early…. kunj come on get up….all are waiting down for breakfast.
She goes and shakes him…but he doesn’t move….she shakes him again and again…that too vigorously but he doesn’t get up….twinkle gets tensed now.
Twinkle: Kunj doesn’t ever sleep like this in such a deep sleep….and wenever i call him once he atleast responds saying 5 mins or something…. ohhh babaji I hope he is fine.
She sits besides him…cups his face and shakes his face….but kunj doesn’t respond.
Twinkle now is hell scared….a tear rolls down her eyes.
But b4 the tear cud fall off her face…kunj gets up and takes the tear drop on the tip of his finger.
Kunj: Ohhh mrs Siyappa Queen…they are very precious…. plzzz don’t waste them.
Twinkle hugs him tight…. he hugs her back.
Later twinkle realizes that he was just acting all that while.
She breaks the hug and starts hitting him with the pillows.
Twinkle: So u were acting han….how dare u….u know how scared I was…I almost got a heart attack thinking if anything happened to u….
She continues hitting him.
He holds her hand….keeps the pillow aside…..and pullse her close.
Twinkle: Aaj tumhey nahi chodungi mai…how dare u…u didn’t even think once ki….
She was stoped by the sudden kiss on her lips….kunj started kissing her lips…at first she moved back….but kunj pulled her close again and stared kissing…. she to stared responding as she was enjoying it too….they hav a deep intense kiss…sajnave plays….later they separate to breathe.
Kunj: Kitna bolti hai yaar tu….ab to maaf keregi ya fir issey zada bhi kuch kerun….
Twinkle blushes and quickly says “NOO”
She gets up to leave….but kunj holds her hand and pulls her back.
She falls on him with her hands on his chest.. he places his hand around her waist.
Kunj: I am very sry twinkle…I was just playing a prank…I didn’t know u will get so tensed….itna pyaar kerti hai tu mujhse ???.
Twinkle: Khud se zyada…sab se zyada pyaar kerti hun tumsey kunj…..plzzzz don’t ever repeat this again… if anything happens to u I will Di…
B4 she cud complete the sentence kunj placed hand on her lips and signed her not to say so.
They hugged each other tightly.
Twinj together: I love u twinkle/kunj.
They break the hug…but kunj doesn’t leave twinkle.
Twinkle: Kunj plzzzz let me go…all will be waiting for me in the kitchen.
Kunj: What yaar twinkle…. jab dekho kaam kaam….giv sum importance to ur husband also yaar.
Twinkle moves close to him as if she is going to kiss him…kunj smiles and closes his eyes….but twinkle goes to his ears and says…”Aaj k liye itna kaafi hai”
She quickly gets up and leaves.
Kunj smiles and moves hand in his hair.
Kunj: Ughhh… wowww what a blissful morning….
He smiles and goes to get ready.

Scene 3(Dining area)
All are sitting to hav breakfast.
Twinkle comes there with glasses of juice…she gives it to every1 except anita and Chesvi.
Anita: Twinkle wer is my juice ???
Twinkle: Ohhhh aunty u too wanted the juice… actually yesterday u said that u too hav ur bahu now…so i thought she would make it for u….no worries there is more juice in the kitchen… I’ll go and get it.
Anita gets irked and all others smile.
Twinkle was going to the kitchen…. but manny stops her.
Manny: No need twinkle bhabhi…I will go and get it for my hubby and mummy ji.
Twinkle fakes a smile and signs her to plzzz go.
Manny brings the juice and gives it to anita and cherry and takes for herself.
All wer having the Breakfast….suddenly maya gets a call.
Maya excuses her self and talks on the phone.
She comes back a looks tensed.
Usha: Maya puttar….what happened…y r u looking tensed.
Bebe: Han han puttar bol na…kiska phone tha ???
Maya: Vo bebe…chachi ji…mummy ji…it was Raghav’s(Maya’s husband) call…actually he is not keeping well so he has called me back.
Anita: So u shud go….waise bhi kitney din…apne maikey mai padi rahegi.
Bebe: Anitaaaa !!! is this the way to talk to ur daughter.
Anita: What wrong did I say bebe.
Bebe: Just shut up !!! Maya puttar ur husband and his health is ur first priority and responsibility… so plzz go…but come back soon and that time bring jamai raja also along with u.
Maya hugs bebe and smiles.

Scene 4(Anita’s room)
Anita is talking to her friend on phone…. suddenly her voice goes off.
She tries to speak but she can’t.
She tries again and again and gets frustrated… she cuts the Phone in anger.

Scene 5(Chesvi’s room)
Cherry and manny to had lost their voice and wer struggling to get it back…the tried clearing their neck so that they cud get their voice back but of no use.
Both of them felt helpless and headed towards anita’s room…
On the other hand Anita too headed towards chesvi’s room.
They met in the hall and were shocked to know that all three of them had lost their voice.
Anita tries screaming and calling every1 but of no use…it looked as if it was a movie without volume.
Suddenly yuhi come there as they wer going out for some shopping.
They get shocked to see Anita and Chesvi in that state.
Mahi: Ohhh god…how did this happen ??
Anita signs yuvi to shout and call every1.
Yuvi: Maaa….bebeee…Papaaa..
….twinkleeee… .kunjjjjjj come down fast.

Twinj were in their room they hear the noise and say together.
Twinj: Kaaam hooo gayaaa !!!!
They give each other a high5 and smile naughtily.
The screen freezes on their smiling faces.

PRECAP- Twinj’s MBA results are out…they plan to do some business together.

Heyyyy guys….I really hope ull liked the Epi….keep thinking how did twinj do that…and plzzzz share ur views via ur comments….. luv u all…..stay blessed

A journey from tashan e dosti to tashan e ishq episode 47


A journey from tashan e dosti to tashan e ishq episode 47

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