Love Withstands All (Episode 3)

Hi guys! This episode is going to be special for the Tanishi fans! But don’t worry Ishveer fans because ishveer will have romantic moments too! I hope you guys like it!
P.S. All the people who don’t know Ishani’s name, like Ranveer and Rishi, will refer to her as the pretty girl
The episode starts with Ishani and Shikar chatting.
Ishani: Wait, jeh tum meri schedule leheny gay thay, toh phir woh Tanu ki bachi kahan hai? (Wait, if you went to get my schedule, then where is Tanu?)
Tanu walks up and closes Ishani’s eyes.
Tanu: Main yahan hoon meri jaan! (I am right here my love..)
Ishani: Oh! Ab aayi hamari bhooth! (Oh! Now comes our ghost)
Tanu: Yeh stupid nickname kyun kaha tumne!? Tumko paatha hai naa ki mujhko nahin pasand ata hai jab tum mujhe bhooth kati ho.. (Why did you say that stupid nickname! You know I hate it when you guys call me a ghost..)
Shikar: Arey jab tum humse achanak gayab ho jati ho aur phir achanak wapis aa jati ho, toh hum tumhe bhooth hi bolen gay, hai nah Sunny? (Hey, if you suddenly disappear and then a little bit later reappear, then we will obviously call you a ghost, right Sunny?)
Ishani: Mujhe Sunny mat bolo! Meine sirf bachpan mein kya ek baar tum dono ki beating ki aur tub se mein sunny deol! (Don’t call me Sunny! I beat you guys up one time when we were kids, and now I have to bear being called Sunny Deol!)
Tanu: Par hum tumko pyar se Sunny botai hai.. (But we lovingly call you Sunny..)
Ishani: Haan! Ajj bade pyar se tum dono mujhe sunny deol bolte teh.. I hate you both.. (Yeah! All day I have been seeing how you both have been “lovingly” calling me Sunny.. I hate you both!)
Tanu: Jhooth mat bol.. You love us both.. And all jokes aside, you know that we love you Ishani! (Don’t lie! You love us both)
Shikar: Ugh! Our romantic is back..
Tanu: Shut up Shikar..
Ishani: I know that you love me Tanu, but not as much as your childhood best friend rishi, right?
Tanu blushes.
*Actually guys, in my ff, Rishi and his family went to the US but had to transfer back to India for business. And Tanu’s family moved so they lost all contact. That is why Tanu thinks Rishi is in the US*
Shikar: Jab woh wapis aayega US se, phir hamari Tanu humko akala chod degi.. (When he comes back from the US, then our Tanu will leave us alone and only hang out with him..)
Ishani fake cries in Shikar’s arms.
Ishani: Aur hum hamari bhooth ko miss karenge!! (And we will miss our ghost!)
Ranveer walks by and sees ishani crying in shikars arms. He gets worried about Ishani.
Ranveer (in his head): Why is the pretty girl crying?
Ranveer sees Shikar holding Ishani and gets angry.
Ranveer (in his head): Did he say something to the pretty girl, causing her to cry?! His face looks guilty, I bet he said something. He was making fun of her a lot this morning..
Ranveer pauses.
Should I go up there? No! I should go because if Rishi sees him watching the girl, Rishi will ask stupid questions..
Ranveer walks away.
Tanu: Arre bas kar drama queen! Mein tumko kabhi nahin chodungi..(Oh please stop drama queen! I will never leave you guys..)
Shikar and Ishani smile and the three share a hug..
Tanu: Aur kya pata, je Rishi wapis aayega bhi ya nahin.. (And who knows.. What if Rishi never comes back?)
The bell rings and Shikar says bye to the girls and wishes Ishani good luck on her first day.
The girls wave bye and walk to their first class.
Unused section of Campus
Ranveer is pacing in an empty classroom, angry.
Ranveer: What is with that Shikar guy? All he does is hug the pretty girl and make fun of her.. Why would she want to hang out with that type of guy?!
Ranveer stops pacing and sits down.
Ranveer: Why am I getting so hyper? Mein toh usko janta bhi nahi.. Par jab mein usko dekhta hoon, toh mera dil faster dhadakna shuru karta hai.. Is Rishi right? Do I love her? No that isn’t possible i just met her and don’t even know her name.. (Why am I getting so hyper? I don’t even know her… But everytime I see her, my heart starts beating faster.. Is Rishi right? Do I love her? No that isn’t possible i just met her and don’t even know her name..)
Ranveer puts a hand on his head and closes his eyes. But all he can see is Ishani..
Unused Classroom
Tanu was packing up her things and about to walk out of the room, when all of a sudden, Rishi bumps into Tanu and she drops all her papers. Tanu was about to fall when Rishi catches her. The papers are flying in the air, while Tanishi share an eyelock ( Hasi Ban Gayi plays in the bg).
Rishi wakes up and helps Tanu up. They both start to pick up the papers until their hands touch. They feel a little shock and both take back their hands.
Rishi gives Tanu all the papers and says sorry.
Tanu: It’s okay.. You didn’t bump into me on purpose.
Tanu smiles and walks out of the classroom.
Rishi: Why did my hand shock when I touched her hand?
Tanu (in her head): Why did I feel a shock? And why do I feel like I know him?
Tanu touches her necklace.
Rishi moves toward the classroom door.
Rishi: I don’t know about the shock, but she is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen.. I have to meet her again! (The Kasam Title Song plays in the background)
Unused Part of Campus
(It is starting of 2nd Period and both Ranveer and Ishani have free periods)
Ishani is walking all alone in the unused section.
Ishani (to herself): Yeh meri ek period hai jo mein tanu ki saath nahin hoon.. Aur mein 5 minutes mein lost bhi ho gayi.. Ab mein kya karu? (This is my only period without Tanu..And I already got lost in 5 minutes.. What should I do now?)
All of a sudden, some seniors walk up behind Ishani.
Guy #1: You are the new girl right?
Ishani: Yeah. Why?
Guy #3: Beautiful girls shouldn’t walk alone in unused sections.. They could get attacked by goons.
Ishani: Oh! You mean like you people..
Ishani tries to walk away, but Guy #1 grabs onto her elbow.
Ishani: What are you doing!? Chod mujhe!
Guy #2: How dare you call us goons! Hum toh bas nice people banre teh aur tumko help karne ki sochi, par ab tum dekhogi hum kya kar sakte hai.. (We were just being nice people and thought of helping you, but you will now see what we can do..)
Ishani gets out of his grasp and starts to run in the other direction.
Ranveer’s heart starts to beat faster..
Ranveer: I feel like something bad is going to happen..
Ranveer wakes up and hears Ishani’s screams. He comes out of the classroom.
Guy #4: Koi nahi sun sakta hai tumko! Nobody comes to the back of the college.. Aur voh bhi akeli.(No one will hear you! Nobody comes to the back of the college.. That too alone..)
Guy #2 catches up to Ishani and pins her to the wall.
Ranveer looks around until he sees the some guys surrounding Ishani and getting close to her.
Ranveer: Wait.. It’s that pretty girl! I have to help her!
Ranveer runs toward the crowd.
Guy #1: Tum bohot baag li, ab dekh tera kya hoga..(You have ran a lot, now see what will happen to you)
Ishani: Tum mera kuch nahi kar sakte.. Tum toh meri shoes ko saaf karne ki bhi nahi layak nahi ho. (You can’t do anything to me.. You aren’t even worth cleaning my shoes!)
Guy #2: Really? Hamari princess ka mouth bahut bada hai.. (Really? Our princess has a big mouth, but let us see what she can do.)
Guy #2 comes closer to Ishani and grabs her face.
Guy #1: We can do whatever we want to you, and YOU are the one that can’t do anything about it.
Ishani: Oh Really..
Ishani kicks two of the guys and punches the other two. She starts to run again, but Guy #3 catches her.
Guy #3 is about to hit Ishani. All of a sudden, Ranveer comes in between them and grabs the guy’s arm. Ranveer is in an angry mood.
Guy #1: Ranveer.. Go away.. Otherwise there will be trouble..
Ranveer: Isko chod tho..(Let her go.)
Guy #3: Kyu? Sirf tum iske saath reh sakte ho? Yeh kya hai tumari? (Why? Are you the only one who is allowed to be with her? What is she to you?)
Ranveer: Pata ni.. Par tum isko jane tho.. Ni tho.. (I don’t know, but you better let her go. Otherwise..)
Guy #2: Ni tho kya? (Otherwise what?)
Ranveer: Aaja dekh le..
Guy #4 comes up and tries to punch Ranveer, but ends up getting beat up by Ranveer. Ishani runs to the side and watches Ranveer beat the goons. The goons end up running away. Ishani comes to Ranveer.
Ishani: Thank you soo much Ranveer! Je tum nahi hota toh…
Ishani stops talking and sees Ranveer’s hand bleeding.
Ishani: Koon!!
Ranveer: Kya?
Ishani drags Ranveer to a sink in one of the classrooms.
She rinses Ranveer’s hand and dries his wound. Ishani opens one of the drawers, gets a first aid box, and starts wrapping Ranveer’s hand. He winces in pain and Ishani starts crying.
Ishani: I am so sorry Ranveer
Ranveer: Why are you sorry? It isn’t your fault that those guys were coming after you! And why are you crying?
Ishani: Because you got hurt because of me..
They share an eyelock (Mere Humsafar plays in the bg). Ranveer comes to his senses.
Ranveer: I had to help.. But why are you still crying? I am okay.. I am just a little hurt and you are dressing my wound, so it doesn’t hurt that much..
Ishani: I don’t know..
Ishani finishes wrapping Ranveer’s hand.
Ranveer: What is your name? You never got to tell me because your friend came..
Ishani: You are right! I am Ishani..
Ranveer: That is such a beautiful name.. And you are also very beautiful
Ishani blushes and says thanks.
Ishani: Ranveer, earlier the guy asked you what I am to you, and you said you don’t know… But, I do.
Ranveer: What am I to you?
Ishani: You are the first person who was super nice here and didn’t try to be my friend because I am beautiful. You cared about me and saved me from those goons.. Will you be my friend?
Ranveer: Of course Ishani.
Ishani: Good!
Ranveer: Okay! Let’s go back to the main campus and we can talk there. We can start to get to know each other..
Ishani: No!
Ranveer looks at her with a puzzled look.
Ranveer: What?
Ishani: Arey if we go out there, people will surround me again and then we won’t get to talk..
Ranveer: Idea! Since we both have a free period, we can go to this one samosa and tea stand! It is very good and there won’t be many people there!
Ishani: Samosas!
Ranveer: Yes.. They are my favorite!
Ishani: Same here!
They both laugh..
Ranveer: Okay, let’s go..
Ranveer and Ishani both walk out of the classroom.
Precap: Ranveer asks Shikar, “Do you like Ishani?”
Thanks to everyone who is commenting and please comment below telling me what you thought about the ff! And by the way, I am going to start writing only in english besides for some things because it is hard for me to translate what I am trying to say! Love you all!!

Love Withstands All (Episode 3)


Love Withstands All (Episode 3)


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