Guys i wanna know if you feel that i am not giving equal importance to swaragini , please tell because i have a doubt , i won’t reveal what doubt now because i wanna know it through you if it is happening so guys feel free to say if i am giving less importance to one and more to other , so pleaseeeeeeeeeeee do answer……..
Lest begin with the episode :
The episode starts with swasan stanind behind a bush near the parking of rajmahal and eyeing harshagini standing near the car , harsh-ragini then sit in the car while sanskar suddenly says : now what to do???
Swara hits him on his back and says : lets follow them idiot….
Sanskar bites his toungue and says : you know the shona , brain doesn’t work in love….
Swara eyes him with a hopeless look and says : nice excuse , now lets move…
They both too sit in another car and drive behind harshangini..

In harshagini car :
Ragini smiling : harsh , where are you taking me???
Harsh smiles while still driving and says : i told na , something special so will tell you there only….
Ragini eyes him with a cute childish look and says : oh harsh , i can’t digest surprises , please tell na…..
Harsh says : just 10minutes yaar….
Ragini sadly : ok….
She then opens her phone and starts seeing something , harsh eyes her while driving only and says : what are you seeing ??
Ragini smiling : why should i show you..???
Harsh angrily : ragini….
Ragini smiles and harsh stops the car with a jerk.
Ragini tensed : what happened harsh???
Harsh comes close to her and says in her ears : we reached…
Ragini who was too uncomfortable was left shocked for a second at their closeness and then when she gets to her conscious , she eyes her taking away the phone from her hands smoothly.
Ragini angrily : harsh…
Harsh laughs and says : oh….now i’ll see..
He eyes he phone and the images of a card.
“What is it” harsh asks curiously.
Ragini suddenly eyes the images and a smile appears on her face, it is a beautiful card with a lot of different images set like a collage and in middle it is written “ mujse phir dosti karogi?? “(will you be my friend again)
Ragini still smiling : it is sanskar’s card , he gave me a few days ago , see how much hard work he did…
Her images are cut really beautiful and with greatest concentration and with every image there’s a message written on it.
An image of sanskar fallen down while he’s smiling and so is ragini laughing..(childhood)
“ for your smile , i’ll fall as many times as possible”
The image where ragini is throwing the pillow given by sanskar .(the song scene)
“ you broke my heart but i know with that you broke your heart too because our hearts are connected , we have a dil ki dor”
The image where sanskar is caressing a wound of ragini and he has tears in his eyes .(childhood)
“ if you are hurt , tears come from my eyes , isn’t it friendship”
The image where ragini is sleeping peacefully and sansakr is caressing her hair .(childhood)
“ your happiness means the world to me”
The image where ragini is dancing with sanskar eyeing the pillow.(the dance sequence )
“ i wish i am always the reason for your smile “
Harsh smiles and says : sanskar loves you a lot na…??
Ragini eyes him confused while he laughs and says : just joking…..
Ragini remembering sanskar’s sadness filled eyes : very bad joke……..
Harsh smiles and says : ok sorry baba , now you go with her (a lady is standing near their car ) and i am coming….
Ragini nods and goes with the lady to an enclosed place.
Harsh smiles and gets out of his car , he opens the backside door of the car and eyes a card , it is also handmade.
He smiles and says to himself : sanskar ‘s card is much better than this…
He keeps the card back and goes behind ragini..

In swasan car:
Swara : what he just did??
Sanskar : don’t know , he took something out and then kept it back , he’s totally strange…
Swara : true….
They both then come out of the car and follow harsh .

Harsh enters the place behind ragini.
It is an enclosed area from top but its sides are open and there are many plants , bushes , shrubs and all there making the place look beautiful. (god is actually with sanskar )
The lights are switched off so the place can’t be seen but only the outside area can be seen.
Swasan somehow reach the area and hide in trees and see the dark place.
Swara hopelessly : sanskar , he’s way too romantic…
Sanskar angrily keeps a hand on her mouth and says by lipsing : they’ll hear us madam…
Swara bites her tongue and says through lipsing : sorry….
The lights suddenly get on and we see the place fully decorated with lights , flowers , candles (even in the day , not lightened ) and in the middle there’s a table and chair for two people, a perfect place to do lunch and to feel atmosphere too.
All the three of them are surprised to see the beautiful place while ragini turns to harsh and shows him a huge smile showing him that she loved the surprise.
Swasan are too shocked when suddenly someone keeps a hand on swara’s shoulder(not sanskar.
The episode ends at shocked face of swara while ragini is smiling and sanskar is is anger(jealousy)

Precap : who is the person ?? any guesses..??

Note: not proofread.
its me :
ok sorry , just a joke…
i am sorry , way too busy , this update is for priya and sinzo , got some time so uploaded this small one , please ignore my gramatic errors , could not read………please do answer the above question………be happy…





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