Just the beginning of new love – Twinj (Episode 47)

SO SORRY GUYS, keeping u guys awaiting is the last thing i want bt srsly bzy days..so get vry lss tym to write..i hope u guys undrstnd that..bt criticism is also vry much welcm..i hope u guys like this one too..thnks for cmmntng so much..
Love u all :)


The atmosphere got heavy agn as amaya continues..
a-i love yuvraj so much tht evn i cnt explain ..i usd to desire for him each day frm that first day i saw him..v had nohtng in cmmon just that v were neighbours..then onc bhai came bck frm the US n they both bcame frnds..gradually i bcame his frnd too..only a frnd..bhai..she now has tears in her eyes..
kunj shows him his open arms .

.twinkle smiles at this..both hugs each ohter..kunj kisses her forehad ..n consoles her..
k-iwll find the best guy for u..more thn the perfct yuvraj taneja..amaya moves bck a lill..
a-no bhai..its not possibl for me to me lv sm1 else now..
k-oh amaya..it was just a teenage crush..that u noe u r obsessing now,stop being chldish n mve ahead..after all uts a stroy u lvd frm 8 th std i hope u gettng u were too young to fall in lv that time….twinkle eyes gets widened..amaya pushes him away,,n shouts,,
kunj gets surprised..he thnks where did i go wrong.amaya gets up n runs out of der room..angrily..
k-still surprised-did i say smthng wrng..?
twinkle nods in a yes..
t-very wrong..offcrse kunj..girls r sensitiv if they lv a guy they lv the guy fully..n if sm1 says that u r obsessing abt it ,it srsly hurts..
k-bt u noe twinkle she cnt hv him..
t-ik ..v know..she knows that too.
k- ..u ..u mean i sad wrong..
t-no baba .i mean atleast not in frnt of her..she is hvng this delicate time heart broke..now do smthng n make up to her..
k-by brning uv to her..
t-damn it..u r thnking this as funny ha?r u srsly mad kunj? He makes apuppy face..

t- n btw..wat was wid this shanaya..kunj surprised..
k-where did tht cm frm..
t-she was always here ..in ur heart smwhere..
k-noo offcrse not..not anymore..its only n only u,. evrywhere.
t-bt wen v met them at the beach in frnds reunion..she has her eyes only on u..
k-wat? On me..i ..i..dont,.hv any..idea..no that’s that’s not true v r frnds…she is married i m married its ovr..
t-bt der was smthng..
k-i mean to b honest..yes i really liked her..i declared her to b my..i mean..my wife..once
t-OMG..n u r tellng me dis now,,wow
k-i mean wat now..its ovr,,i m married to u n i only lv u ..she was my past..she married him..i movd on..bcoz she nvr liked me..for me also it was just infatuation..just that..bt i only lv u..u noe dat.

Twinkle nods slowly..kunj cms closer t her lips bt she was looking smwhere else..he suddenly holds her by her arms n falls on her ..
t-woo..araam se..kunj was just looking in her eyes..twinkle was so much dying for this moment..
k-i only lv u..n i will only lv u till my last breath..twinkle smiles a lill…she moves her hnd frm his chest to his nck…she strts caressing his hair smoothly..both looking in each other’s eyes..waiting for that very momnt..twinkle has her arms arnd his neck..she slowly pushes his neck towrds herslf..basically pulling him towrds herslf..he smiles n closes his eyes..smelling her..twinkle parts her lips..n their lips meet..both breaths each other’s in..it was a love kiss..slow..n passsioante..feeling evry bit of each other’s touch..twinkle breaks the kiss n
pushes him a lill up ..
t-i love u too..
k-i amost died evryday seeing u like that..he caresses her hiar..
t- i m still not fully fine yet..
k- u will b soon…both smiles..kunj kisses on her forehead…suddenly sm1 coughs.. kunj immediately get up ..both compose themslvs..
a-looking here n der..-..wrong tymng ..i shud ..leave sorry
t- amaya its okay cm..

a-i m sorry bhai watevr i said..i shudnt hv said like that..
k-cm here..its oksy ya..evn i m sorry ..he goes to the couch n bring the packet of derss that twinkle told him to..twinkle smiles at him as he does that…
k-for u ..amaya still not ready to take the dress..
k-frm ur brother..amaya gets a smile on her face n she hugs him tightly ..he picks her up like old days..both smiles ..brother sister momnt..
t-hey i m feeling lonely here..both laughs at hr puppy face n runs towrds her n hugs ..all 3 ..3sm hug..
t-amaya wud u like to sleep with us..kunj gets shock..like srsly wat was the need..
t-yaa.will talk n will sleep..
a-umm..i guess…bhai will hv a problm with that..twinkle hides her smile..
t-do u hv any problm kunj if she sleeps wth us.?naugty smile..
k-me..aa..ya..i mean ..no y wud i hv a prblm in that..offcrse not..amaya n twinkle winks at ech othr..
t-okay lets do 1 thng..ryt now till v talk..kunj cn lie on bed with us..in btvn ..me on one side,,n amaya on the other..
k-(less audbily)shukar h ..kuch tohh dimaag dia h bhagwan aapne ne meri biiwi ko..
t-kunj u said smthng?
k-me..no ..nothg..nice idea…
both giggles n all 3 sat on bed…

t-so amaya ..tell me y u turned so evil agnst me
a-umm bhabhi..i ..didnt do.it..ah ..by my own..it was one mor prsn with me..
k-speak out his name ..n i promise i will show him..his.death..
a-vi..vi..viann..khurana..both gets utter shock..
k-wat?vivian khurana..
twinkle starts breathng faster..
k–i will him this tym..amaya how the hell u hlped him..i mean ..oh god..twinkle calm down..m hu na..
t-he is bck.,he is bck..oh no..
k-twinkle clam down..shh..i m here..’n u amaya tell me the whole thng b4 i seriosuly throw out of my room dis tym..
a-bhai ..plz listen to..i i.. srsly had no idea..that he is bahabhi’s past,..i mean..
k-tell me clearly..twinkle was sobbing a lill
a-so i met him..at our collg fest..he came der looking vry hndsm..i got carried away with his talks..n den i told hm abt my past..he manupulated me soo well in his talks that i widout doubting a scnd i said yes to evry thng wat he said..
t-he was good at this..vry good..manupulating..readng minds..huh..
k- r u a school gng gl.?amaaya…that u got carried away..

a- Bhai i was so much depressd those days..just aftr uvi got married my lyf ended..i started doing drugs..smoke..alcohol..bhai.i m so sory ..my lyf ryt nw,,is srsly f**ked up..
k-oh god i srslt didnt excptd dis frm u..
t-kunj i guess ryt now ,hlping her through out dis willb much bttr ..
k-oh i shudnt scold her den,,u mean dis?r u both insane?
Twinkle gvs a frowinng loook.
A-he told me to take rvnge frm chinki n i did dat..den smhow he got me in his wrds n turned me agnst twinkle bhabhi too..
k-this is shit.. i wiill not leave dis guy for turning my own sister agnst my own wife..
t-den wat hpnd amaya.
a-den he came to our house n he ex..ceut..ed the pla..n to h..urt u….
k-n thruigh all this u were hlping him out…not for a scnd evn t u think abt twinkle or ur brother..no bco u r so selfish..u only care abt u no1 else..

t-srsly amaya he turned a fool out of u,n u let him..u got so blind in ur own love mess.that u started creatng others life hell too..n i hope u hv realise wat pain i feel lying on bed here reckless..like a miniac.kunj looks at twinkle who has tears in her eyes..
k-dis tym i will not leave prsn alive..
a-ik.. i m also at fault plz gv me also a punishmnt..
t-i guess ur best punishmnt will only b that u wont get uvi in ur lyf..nvr evr..live wid dis..she says like a stone..kunj feels nostalgic ..he feel bad for amaaya bt at the same time wat she did is also not a thng to b forgiven.

k-n now leave ..i want to spnd sm tym with my wife..twinkle n amaya looks shockingly at him..those wrds were too harsh to say..
a-no its.its..alryt..i desrv dis only..n she leaves..
t-kunj why did u say like that..kunj was lying n looking at the fan ony..
t-kunj i m askng u smthng..
k-okay so wat else shud i say haa..nahi nahi koi ni amaya..tere sarrr pr dubara bhoot chade toh aajaio meri patni ko maarne wo toh h he pgl..ye kehta..angrily..
twinkle rolls her eyes n looks dircty in his eyes..kunj gets up n both sits on bed..kunnj takes her hnd..
k-okay sorry..zada bol gya m..bt i dont care..wen it cms to u..i cnt see u in pain..i cnt see u like this..i so cnt see u like this twinkle..isliye..if any1 will cm n hurt u ovr n ovr agn..i will not leave him/her..
twinkle looks in his eye n smiles..
t-bt amaaya ko humei smjhane h n humei iss vivian ka kuch krna hoga..
k- m saale ko zinda ni chodna ab..
t-calm down dear husband..kunj smiles looking at her face..twinkle slowly moves her hnd to his collar n grabs it sensually..kunj wraps his arms arnd her..she pullls him towrds herslf n both lies slwoly on bed ..
k-u dont hv to worry,,i will tc abt vivi..she cuts him by her touch of her lips..n they kiss
t-forgt abt that cheap..n thnk abt me..kunj smiles.
k-i alaways thnk abt u..evn in offc u r the only thng that is in my head..
t-umm..there u shud wrk.
k-work kse kru jb meri wife itni sundr h toh..
k-i hv all ryts..kitni baar btayu..
twinkle laughs..n kunj moves to her neck n starts kissing it…she moves her hnd on his bck…she pulls him twrds hrlsf n bites his ears..kunj moves his hnd on her bare parts…twinkle feels senstaion rolling in herslf..she breaths heavily at his evry touch ..she moves her hnd on his chest n unbuttons his shirt..kunj kissing her on her fc n neck…n she takes out his shirt..she looks at his bare chest..kunj smiles..naughtingly kunj asks hows it? Twinkle blushes n looks in his eyes rather..
t-i hv a plan for vivian..
k-u srsly hv to discuss it ryt now..
t- (smiles)-i dont mind..
k- bt i do..tinkle smiles n kunj kisses her forehead..n they sleep i n a hugging posture..
nxt day –
kunj leaves for his offc..twinkle lying on her bed reading magazines…her nurse cms..
nurse- mam ,its ur sleeping ty..u should take sm rest..
twinkle—ya i was thnkng to sleep only..my eeys r gettng heavy..
n-ya.. n after smtym twinkle sleeps..n nurse leaves as her half day..
twinkle was peacefully lyind on bed n dreaming abt her prince charming ..hugging her..caressening her hair..kissing her..she was in hr own peace world.
Bt with peace their cms evil too..sm1 cms climbing frm her balcony..a dashing figure with dimples..eyes cvring hs pasrt best of his face..wearng a loose track n trac k t.he cms in her bedroom..n sits beside her on the floor…he slowly removes his shades..
Sm1-less audibly- ur jaan is back..vivian khuraana..i so lv myslf twinkle bby bt less thn how much i lv u..u noe how bad feel looking at u lying like this..HELPLESS..YES U R HELPLESS..NOW LAST TIME WAT I WASNT ABL TO DO .I WILL DO IT THIS TYM ..n he laughs loudly which awakes twinkle..
She gets hell surprise to see vivian in hhouse..in her room..now so much close to her..eyes wide..
t- how..dare..u..cm here..in my..room..u r slimiest persn i hv evr met..u did this to me..ha..u bastard..

v- aww..cursing sounds too good frm ur mouth..
t- stay away..n get lost ..else i will shout..
v-aww ..abhi b wsi ki wsi sherni n bulland awaaz h mje lga..atleast aise ho kr toh thodi chup ho jaayegi ..bt chalo koi..ni..m puraa intezaam kr k aaya hu..
t-kya mtlb h tera..immediately forcefully vivian pulls her dupatta n puff it in her mouth n ties it so that she doesnt shouts n no 1 cms..bt twinkle still tries to make sm sound bt wasnt abl to..n picks her in his arms while he does that the table lamp near hr bed she tries to hold it bt it falls on the floor that makesA LOUD noise..
v-tere haath kbse chlne lagei..
n he gets scard if any1 hears it he will b graved here only..so he hurries to leave n goes to the balcony..
on hearing the voice amaya cms rushing to her oom..
A-bhabhi?twinkle bhabhi ..suddenly vivian turns to see who it was..

a-vivian..she runs to him n holds him by his arms..n tires to save htwinkle..she pulls him ..
twinkel also tries to get rid of him by pulling his hair n ears bt he was holding her very tightly n his angr was incresning..he pushes amaya forcefully n she gets hit by the balcony door on her forehead n she feels blurry n faints der only..twinkle tries to move bt being her legs still paralysd she wasnt much of use ryt now..she feels reckless..vivian helpers hlps him to get hr down..suddenly usha cms to the room ..n sees amaya lying injured n twinkle no where..she runs to see a car rushing out of their house..she starts panic.. n makes awaya awake.
Amaya gets up ..feeling pain on her forehad n imeedaitey shouts to call KUNJ..
She calls him..n tells him that vivian has kidnapped twinkle..
k-wat?he gets teary eyes on this news n……..

****47th episode ends here****

Keep cmmntng.. maintain the peace..
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Just the beginning of new love – Twinj (Episode 47)


Just the beginning of new love – Twinj (Episode 47)


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