Tere Liye (Part 1)

Thank u so much guys 4 ur support. The story will be in Tani’s POV. Here is the 1st part.

I came home all tired n sat watching all the news channel in Hindi & English. After a while mom called me for dinner n i went directly to the dining table. Mom said, ‘At least go n freshen up then eat’. Bt i was not in the mood of walking n answered, ‘U know mom i m lazy enough 2 go now. Don’t worry will do it after dinner’. While eating dad inquired,
Dad: How was the day at your chamber? U r looking too tired.
Me: Everything is fine dad. Just a little tension about the land dispute. You know lawyer’s job is not that easy as it seems to be. It makes my mind go round n round. I hope i will pass civil service exam in 1st time n will resigned from this job.
Mom: I told u to become a doctor n u said u don’t want to. Now suffer.
Me: Mom please no discussion about it. At least let me eat my dinner smoothly. Btw it’s delicious. I loved it.

Mom: Ok ok listen tomorrow a guy is coming 2 see u.
Me: Mom again. Dad please tell her something i don’t wanna marry now.
Dad: sorry beta but now i am with your mom. U have already rejected 8 proposals n we don’t know why. So at least see this boy.
Me: Ok i have finished my food. So i m going n Good night.
Mom: They will come tomorrow at 10 am so wake up soon my dear please.
Me: Ok mom will try my best. But please u know tomorrow is sunday n i won’t wake up b4 8. So don’t disturb me till then. After waking up i’ll do everything.
Mom: Ok fine.
I was not in the mood of arguing with my parents so i went to my room n freshened up. Lying in the bed i thought of my bff Neha n was going to call her when her phone rang. I immediately answered the call since i knew who it was.

Me: After a long time. Forgot me after getting Shakti.
Neha: No dear. Was little busy in my work. And u know i luv u more than anyone.
Me: Just stop flattering me as i m not going 2 come in ur words. Btw How is ur bank job going on? Have u applied for manager post?
Neha: All good. Next week i will fill the form. And when is ur result going 2 be declared?
Me: Probably next month. I am just hoping 4 the best. U know what another guy is gonna come tomorrow 2 see me. It’s just ridiculous.
Neha: Again. Oh God! Are u going 2 reject him by asking those stupid questions?
Me: Of course my dear. Those are really necessary.

Neha: Stop it yaar. If u cont. like this no one will marry u 4 sure. No one could go 2 the 3rd question. U really have guts 2 ask such question.
Me: U know i…
Neha: U r lawyer by profession n it’s ur duty 2 ask question. Bt 2 the one who came 4 marriage. It doesn’t make any sense. If u would have fallen in love this problem would not have been arrised.
Me: Now stop talking like my mom. I wanted 2 sleep peacefully 2 get up tomorrow early at 8 am. So bye. Good night. Sweet dreams n say hello 2 Shakti.

Neha: Hey wait. Just do 1 thing 4 me. Tmrw record ur conversation n send it 2 me. I just wanna know how every guy face ur question.

Me: Okay will do it. No need 2 worry abt the guys. Bye.
Neha: Ok bye.
So our conversation ended n i slept peacefully.

Tere Liye (Part 1)


Tere Liye (Part 1)


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