Swaragini 11th April 2016 –

Swaragini 11th April 2016 –

Swaragini 11th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on writtenepisodes.com

The Episode starts with Maheshwari family seeing Surekha coming there. Sujata and Annapurna get happy seeing her. Sujata hugs her and says I would have forget you. Annapurna asks her to come and says I will introduce you to everyone. Surekha says I am Parineeta’s mum. Parineeta hugs her. Ragini and Swara greet her. Surekha asks them to give heir to Annapurna as her daughter Parineeta couldn’t become a mother. Everyone is shocked. Annapurna tells Surekha that they don’t have any objection with this, and asks her not to hurt her daughter. Surekha asks her to just chill. Sujata asks them to come. Swara and Ragini start dancing with the ladies on a song. Annapurna asks Parineeta to bring chair for a lady. Parineeta nods ok and goes. Laksh and Sanskar look at their respective wife. Annapurna explains to everyone about Ghangaur puja. Adarsh tries to cheer up Parineeta. Sujata says we should do the visarjan. Everyone keep the pot on their heads. They go out to do the visarjan and come back home.

Annapurna says Parvati ji goes to her mayka for 15 days and then she returns after 15 days. Swara pretends to be upset with him. Sanskar says Parvati ji had to return at last. Dadi says Shiv ji went with Parvati ji and changed his avatar. Laksh says this is true love. Adarsh says we have a surprise for our wives. Surekha asks Annapurna to make her bahus dance on the song. Sujata praises Ragini and Swara’s dancing and singing abilities. Surekha says what about my daughter. Annapurna says my Parineeta is also talented. Ragini, Swara and Parineeta start dancing on the song Dholna………..Their respective husbands get happy. All the elders look happy. Just then Parineeta falls while trying to keep her pallu on her head.

Swara and Ragini hold her. Everyone start laughing on Parineeta including Dadi. Dadi tells that her grand daughters are very qualified, but not Parineeta. Adarsh says Parineeta have danced really well. Everyone claps for her. Surekha says no daughter in our house can do work without falling down. She asks Laksh, Sanskar and Adarsh to give their gifts to their wife and also to speak two lines for their wife. Parineeta tells her mum that she is not clumsy and says she fell while trying to keep her pallu on head. Laksh gives a gift to Ragini and says it is for my beautiful wife. Ragini looks at the earrings. Laksh tells poetry in her honor, and says he will be with her always. Ragini smiles.

Sujata calls Swara next. Sanskar comes near Swara holding a rose. Sujata thinks Sanskar earns much, but have brought just a flower for Swara. He gives flowers in her hand. Sujata is surprised to see bangles with the roses. Saiyya song plays………..He makes her wear it. He tells poetry. Swara tries to go, but he holds her hand and says I want to agree you, convince you and want to smile for your every smile. You made me complete, I was like a broken stone, you made me Kohinoor. Surekha calls Parineeta next. He says I thought a lot and finally got it which is as sweet as you. She opens the box and finds sweets. She asks why did you bring sweets, if you don’t want to bring any gift. Everyone is shocked. Utara talks to someone on phone and says she is coming and have kept fast for him. She collides with Swara.

Surekha shares her worries with Annapurna about Parineeta. Annapurna asks her not to worry. Parineeta thinks she will not lose her position and will take care of it.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

Swaragini 11th April 2016 –


Swaragini 11th April 2016 –

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