Reporters season 2 episode 71

The episode starts with Richa getting a call from office and asking how was the day at office. Richa, jealous and upset ananya did well, says she wants to harm ananya and that unknown voice tells her to kill ananya.

Richa hesitates at that moment, and she starts sweating. She is confused over what just happened, and goes to the doctor regarding this. The doctor says she has a illness called hypotheripia which is basically, talking to oneself over phone thinking its another person.

Ananya is working on a lead and this is a very interesting one. Richa purposely spills coffee on ananya’s data as ananya is gone to the toilet. Kabir notices this and quickly photocopies all the data and called Richa into his cabin. Richa explains everything. Kabir is shocked to hear that.

Rajesh verma, a drug seller, puts drugs into Richa is handbag as she is heading home that day, and the CCTV camera captures it. To the amazement of richa, she is assigned this lead and she is able to do it. All her jealousy for ananya is gone and she even loses her illness.

Kabir ‘s moral gyaan : jealousy is all over the world. You need to be smart and attentive in life to fight over it.

Precap : ananya finds blood trails along the KKN corridor where she finds a body facing backwards. He is wearing a brown jacket and ananya starts to sorry because she thinks……

Reporters season 2 episode 71


Reporters season 2 episode 71


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