Beinteha (prologue)

Hii guyzz it z me supriya….I had a idea about this ff long back but I wanted to post Jaanemaan first….hope you guyzz give same love to this one too

We often say that we don’t believe in love and commitment but one day we come across such a person who makes us believe in love but some love stories have love but lack commitment because life does not allow them to end on a happy I wanna narrate you one such story which will surely make you sad in the end but you won’t consider my story’s end wrong.This z the story of two people who can’t stay without eachother but they are meant to be together.They will try their best to fight the fate to be together let’s see if they succeed or not.

Arjun Mehra:He z a playboy who changes girls like clothes.He does not believe in love until comes across a different girl who z neither interested in his looks nor in his wealth like other girls.The only person he trust the most in this world z Sam,his best friend.Although he z a playboy but he has a heart of gold surrounded by walls which will break when that girl will capture his heart.
Radhika Mishra:Beautiful, cute ,adorable but mysterious. She has a past which haunts her every night.She is lively,bubbly but she does not has any place for love and commitment in life.The reason for this z her past.

Samira Khanna:beautiful, stylish but also one gem of a person.she loves arjun but never confessed her feelings because she know he does not believe in commitment. She never gets jealous seeing arjun with other girls because she knows he z never serious about any of them.She z one important part of arjun’s life.
Neil Malhotra: He z a happy go lucky guy who z in love with the idea of falling in love.he z extremely positive and a very good human being.he will never know the words pain and suffering until his life plays cruel game vith him.

Let’s see where life take this four people nd how they overcome the hurdles in their path.
So guyzz this z it plz tell me should I continue or not….plz do comment

Beinteha (prologue)


Beinteha (prologue)


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