KUCH ISS TARAH (Episode 44) ( SwaSan pov)

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♥♥kuch iss tarah♥♥


Recap : swara recovers


After 3 days everyone in dream villa was utter happy… as swara is coming back to home…. everyone was bzy in decorating the villa as a bride…

Here sanskar was completing formalities for taking his lyf back to home….

San: are yr abhay itti sari formalities… oh god is it for discharge or for visa…
Abh:relax dude… u hv to wait … i cant do anything… ?

Soon formalities got completed n sanskar ask swara to go.. abhay brings a wheelchair for swara bt sanskar refused for it”no need for this abhay… m here na”

Swra was confused so she asked”are then how will i come… i cant walk properly”
Abhay got sanskar’s intensions n starts to tease them “swara he wants to take u in his arms… then y will he allow for wheelchair”
San: stop it yr… we r getting late…(covers)
Abhay’s statement makes swara red…
N sanskar picks her up in his arms n head towards car…. abhay opens the door for them n he put his princess carefully in car…


Swara sleeps as she is still week n was under influence of medecines…. n sanskar look at her face.. she was sleeping peacefully…

~sanskar’s pov~
I was out of the world when i come to kno abt her pregnency… i had no words to express what i was feeling… i fall short of words… it was the best feeling anyone can get… i hv choosen even name for my baby… i was exited n then that Accident… when anahita’s bullet hurt swara my heart stopped beating n when she fall of the bridge i lost my senses too… i just dive into water to save her… each sec was killing me… i wasnt scared of anything i was only scared of loosing my lyf.. my swara… thousands of thoughts were running through my mind… i was assuring her that i will save her… then that rock she bumped into that rock n something breaks in me… my heart sinked… i putted my whole power to go closer to her n yeah i suceeded her hand was in mine she was smiling… but her smile faded… n her hand slipped off my hand… then smthng happens to me.. may be i was afraid of my nightmare n that give me strenght ironically… n i got hold of her… she was unconcious…
When ever doctor says she is fine bt till when they dont kno… i started cursing myself for not being able to save her… itz been hours n still my swara was lyng lyfless on bed… then at night that horrifyng “beep” sound.. for me that beep was equal to that of shooing sound of bullet… each beep go through my heart… then another big shock..when abhay says to abort the child… hw colud i kill my child.. hw could i even think abt this.. that night was really dark… n dawn too doesnt gives any hope to me but u gave me hope… what no one can does that u does… u filled me with determination… i was sure that nthng will happen to u or to our child… i make myself presentable as u hv orded me …then agin ur condition Detoriate n again i start to loose hope bt no i hv composed myself n after 40long hours u gain ur senses… not only u open ur eyes bt also gives me relief… aahhh at last my fear reduces… i am not gonna loose you… i hv kept my promise i hv saved u n my child…. agian i can feel happiness … i hv tears in my eyes bt this tym itz of happiness. …

~~sanskar’s pov end ~~

He stopped the car …releases swara’s seat belt… n slowly opens the door n again take his princess in his arms… everyone was eagerly waiting for swara to come back.. but there exitement faded seeing swara in his arms sleeping peacefully…. n a feeling of proudness takes its place… they r proud of their son to be a supportive hubby…

Ap: beta swara?
San: bdi ma she slept in car … so i didnt wake her up..
Dp: achha kia.. now take her to room… n ya u too take rest u both hv suffered alot in these two days…


He puts swara down on bed n covers her with comferter…n sat besides her on bed…. he saw swara shiviring so he slowers the AC … he keeps on caring her head with lots of affection n sleeps….


swara gets up she was thrusty… she saw a glass on side table with water bottle near it… she smhow manage to sit with lots of difficulties as she doesnt want to disturb sanskr for a small thing lyk water… she opens the bottle with her left hand…. n was tryng to pour water in glass bt she was week n bottle falls resulting in sanskar’s awake..

San: (worried) what hapend

Swea: nthng.. i.. i just want water
San:(angry with concern) then u could hv asked me na..
He gets up n go downstairs to bring another bottle n fetch water for her n makes her drink with his hands…

Swra: if u care me lyk this then aadat bigad jyegi meri…
San:(smiles) m ready to do this life long.. bt never scare me lyk that…
Swra:(holds his hand) i will never ….
San: now take rest
Swra: i dont want to rest m tired (pouts)
San:achha then let me call all u will feel good…
Swra: cant u take me down (with puppy face)
San: ummm… NO
Swra: hawww how mean…

Eyerone talks with swara in her room as she is restricted in moving by ‘the sanskar maheshwari’

sanskar atlast slept peacefully … n swara was just gazing his face n was recalling all the incidents

****Swara’s pov****
When u tell me that we r gonna be parents… i was on cloud nine… that feeling when a new lyf is breathing inside u cant be explained in words… u made me complete.. n now our baby will complete our family… but at the same tym i was worried for uttra… as i didnt kno that u n anniruddh are together…. then at bridge i thought everything is fyn now but.. no not so soon….
When i saw anahita pointing gun towards u.. i got scared… u r my lyf hw could i let anyone harm u… so i pushed u… n fall off the bridge… when i fall off i was thinking about you n our child… i was satisfied that u were safe but then u dive into water n take my breath away… i could only think u idiot… whts the need of diving in… what if smthng happns to u… how could i survive without u…. u were assuring me that u will save me n i too had a full confidence on u… bt i cant trust myself… my body starts giving up in that electric chilled water… the pain in my belly starts to increase.. bt i didnt show that to u as i kno u will be worried n then that rock… actully that Rock gives relief to me… the pain which has become nearly unbearable.. starts to reduce or u can say that i was unable to feel that more… u then held my hand that was the best feeling but then again everything turns black… my hand was slipering off ur hand n i can feel that… then what happened i dont remember i hardly rember ur cries n ur tears which were falling on my hand i couldnt do anything… i was tryng to open my eyes but i couldnt… i was helpless… but ur luv gave me power to fight… power to come back.. i luv u sanskar… i kno m safe with u

***swara’s pov end***

She slowly fall asleep in sanskar’s warm embrace with a bright smile on her face..

To be continued….

Precap : pampering… pampering n pambering….

KUCH ISS TARAH (Episode 44) ( SwaSan pov)


KUCH ISS TARAH (Episode 44) ( SwaSan pov)


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