Destiny vs love. (Thapki pyaar ki) Maha/Special Episode 13

Destiny vs love. (Thapki pyaar ki) Maha/Special Episode 13

Destiny vs. love. (Thapki pyaar ki) Maha/Special Episode 13 (Part 2)
( FF about Thaahan+Tiran+Taharth ) (I love you all so much Aha)
Hiiiiiii guys its nusz back with your favorite story Destiny vs. love. Well thank you so much everyone for commenting and making me reach to 150!!! Comments!!! And we have reached thirteen episodes!!!!. I love you all so much. Also I am making this Ff at least 110-120 episodes now!!~nusz. I also want to mention thank you so much for enjoying my ff and already supporting me, please do like always ~nusz. By the way guys I will be adding some lyrics in the episode from every song I add, so you could understand the feelings through the ff. Just support me and always smile because you guys rock like a shining stars :>~Nusz). But guys if you do read my ff… Please do comment your ideas! ~Nusz aha.
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At the Siddharth Party (Around 9pm x)
Tia: I wanna dance!!!!!!!
Karan: Yea but first tell me, where is everyone??
Tia: Oh well you see (starts coughing for fake)
Karan: Tia are you okay??
Tia: What’s wrong with you Mr. Karan?
Karan: What did I do??
Tia: Do I look okay; I need a glass of water?
Karan: We should go home if you’re feeling sick
Tia: NO MR.KARAN (Jumping up and down)
Karan: I thought you were sick why are you jumping?
Tia: I am totally fine, I just need a glass of water that’s all (giving a big fake smile)
Karan: Alright I will go get a glass of water for you (concerned about her)

In Siddharth’s room
Bihaan: Sid do you have any idea what you just said??
Sid: Look we should go downstairs because everyone is calling us (trying to avoid the question)
Bihaan: Sid listen to me
Sid: Oh look I hear someone calling me, I will be right back
Bihaan: Ugh I am so confused… I haven’t felt anything for a girl like that and until Thapki came into my life… God help me…
At the party Hall
Tia: Now I am fine!!!
Karan: Okay now tell me where’s everyone?
Sid: I am back!!!
Tia: Oh finally you’re back (feeling relived)
Sid: Is there something wrong?
Karan: Yea but where is Thapki??
Sid: I have no idea
Tia: Oh look Bihaan is coming
Thapki: I am here… I just needed to call someone (looking at Bihaan)
Tanya: Well everyone is here like a family, so should we have some emotional talk??
Tia: No one invited you and I think you should leave
Tanya: Sid invited me to the party
Sid(in mind): If they start fighting again… my plan will be ruined
Sid: Guys let’s dance!!!!!!!!
Tia: Best idea ever Siddu
Karan: I am not in the mood to dance though
Tia: Come on Mr. Karan you look cute when you dance
Karan: Oh really (pulling her closer)
Sid: Cough cough, romancing already?
Tia: No not like that, I was just telling him I will help him with dancing
Karan: Yea right (winking at her)
Thapki: I don’t feel like dancing so I will sit out
Sid: Hey Thapki, no fair we’re all dancing
Tia: If you don’t dance I am not talking to you
Tanya: Well you see cowards don’t dance
Bihaan: Tanya control your mouth like honest to god
Tia: You shouldn’t be talking Tanya. Then why don’t you dance??
Tanya: I would love too and also I dance better then you
Tia: Then prove it
Sid: Okay guys no more fighting and let’s go dance!!!!
Tia: Yes Siddduuu
Sid: DJ put the best music on!!!!!!!!!
DJ: Yes sir, I got the best song on my playlist
Sid: Salaam Namaste!!!
The song starts playing!!

ek din ek pal ek janiya ek din ek pal ek janiya aaj hain kal phir udd jainiya udd janiya – 3) – 2 aa mil jaa phir gale, haste haste salaam namaste – 8 jhumte saare yeh nazare hain jaan lo inka matlab yeh ishaare hain kaam ke kitni yeh bahaare hain beetey pal do pal mein yeh sab deewane hain jara hath to uthana thoda bhangda pawaana dil dil se milana mere jaaniya (Sid and Tanya scene when they start romancing with amazing movements)
uthana thoda bhangda pawaana dil dil se milana mere jaaniya mera waqt suhana ban jaayea bahana kambaqt zamana mere janiya mere janiya – 3 aa mil jaa phir gale, haste haste salaam namaste – 8 raah mein chalte milta hain koi dekh ke teri khushiya khilta hain koi haske kar lena baat tu koi (Tia and Karan starts romancing and fighting… also he carries her)
dekh na teri kismat jaagi ya soyi jaaye jindgaani jo bhi kehni sunani keh de woh kahani mere janiya teri meri yeh jawani ek baar hain yeh aani phir khatam kahani mere jaaniya mere jaaniya – 3 aa mil jaa phir gale haste haste salaam namaste – 8 ( While Bihaan tries his best to dance with Thapki so no one could notice.. But Thapki feels uncomfortable while doing this because the way he treated her before )
Ending of the song everyone comes together and sings salaam Namaste salaam Namaste salaam Namaste salaam Namaste salaam Namaste salaam Namaste salaam Namaste salaam Namaste salaam Namaste salaam Namaste (Enjoying the night)
Tia: Oh my god Mr. Karan you’re such a horrible dancer
Karan: Well it’s a romantic song (coming closer)
Tia: No it’s not, this is serious!!!
Karan: Nothing is serious then you (laughing)
Tia: This is not funny Mr. Karan
Bihaan: I am sorry about before…
Thapki: No it’s okay… I need to go…
Bihaan: Thapki wait… I need to tell you something
Thapki: I don’t think there is anything left to say
Bihaan: Thapki what happened to your hand
Thapki: It doesn’t matter, just leave me alone
Bihaan (in mind): That was cause of me… I hurt her so badly…
Bihaan: Thapki look I am really sorry
Thapki: Look Mr. Bihaan Pandey, just because you hear things about me doesn’t mean I am that kind of girl
Bihaan: I didn’t mean to hurt you like that… I am really sorry
Thapki: Please leave me alone
Sid (in mind): Oh great, there fighting again
Thapki leaves

Sid: Bihaan, I can’t believe it you’re such a rude guy, did you see how badly you hurt her… Can’t you see the pain you give her every time…? (He leaves)
Bihaan (in mind): Man I hurt her so badly… (He leaves the party)
Tia: Siddu where’s Thapki??
Sid: I just saw her leave the party…
Tia: Without telling me, is she okay??
Sid: I have no idea…
Karan: Is everything okay Tia??
Tia: Mr. Karan, Thapki left the party without telling me
Karan: I think we should leave… It’s getting really late and we will get Thapki on the way
Tia: Yes you’re right… Let’s leave
Karan: Well Siddharth this was an awesome party… But let me tell you something
Sid: Yes go ahead
Karan: Don’t invite people like Tanya (giving her a dirty look)
Sid: Don’t worry, next time I won’t
Tia: Well I will call you later, bye Siddu
Sid: Bye Tia and Karan!!
They leave… While Tanya comes to Sid
Tanya: Well it seems like everyone one hates me and I don’t care at all
Sid: I think you should because getting so much hate sucks
Tanya: I think I felt that before….
Sid: What do you mean?
Tanya: That I can do anything I feel like…
Sid: Don’t worry Tanya, you’re not that smart
Tanya: Excuse I am way smarter then you
Sid: I don’t think so
Tanya: Well at least you’re not like that stupid Thapki
Sid: Tanya (coming closer to her)
Tanya: What are you doing??
Sid (whispering in her ears): Sometimes I feel like…I like you
Tanya: I think I should leave (feeling shy)
Sid: Anyways, I will see you later beautiful
Sid (In mind): Tomorrow is the day your whole truth comes out…
Outside Siddharth house
Tia: Thapki why are you sitting out here all alone? (Sitting on the benches)
Thapki: Oh it was really crowded inside and I was getting bored
Karan: Well were going home and we will drop you off
Tia: Come Thapki let’s go
Thapki: Thanks…
Tia: Hey Thapki is everything okay?
Thapki: Of course I am okay Tia
Tia: But it seems like you’re depressed
Thapki: No I am totally fine (giving a fake smile)
Tia: Alright my little sister, now let’s go home
Middle of the streets
Bihaan: Thapki??? Why Thapki??? Why do people think I like her??? Why do I feel so different around her??? Why does everyone think we’re made for each other?? I don’t know what I feel but all I think about is her… This is really confusing… I need to stop thinking about her…

Siddharth house
Dhruv: Dude sorry I missed your party
Sid: Where on earth were you??
Dhruv: I went back to that farmhouse and guess what I found??
Sid: What did you find?
Dhruv: This earring that belongs to Tanya
Sid: But how is this going to expose Tanya?
Dhruv: One earring is missing and she has one with her
Sid: So we have to show this earring to everyone about her being the kidnapper of Thapki??
Dhruv: Remember we have the goon who worked for Tanya too
Sid: Amazing Dhruv because I am really tired of this girl hurting others
Dhruv: Tomorrow come to my house at 7pm sharp
Sid: Don’t worry; I will be there before 7pm
Dhruv: Prefect and also I have to go
Sid: Alright and remember don’t lose that earring
Dhruv: I won’t and I will see you tomorrow
Sid (in mind): Game over Tanya, now you’re finally getting kicked out of Thapki and Bihaan’s lives.

Thapki’s house
Tia: Thapki we reached your house???
Karan: Thapki are you okay?
Thapki: Oh sorry, I was thinking about something and thank you
Karan: Thapki
Thapki: Yes??
Karan: If there is something bothering you… then you can tell me
Thapki: I am fine I promise
Tia: Thapki, you know something
Thapki: Yes Tia??
Tia: Our friendship is so strong… Even I can realize that you’re sad right now
Thapki: I am not I promise
Karan: Well at least you’re smiling and you know something
Thapki: Know what?
Karan: You smile better then Tia
Tia: Hey no fair
Thapki: Really now (laughing so much)
Tia (whispers in Karan’s ear): Thank you so much for making her happy
Karan: After all she’s my sister
Thapki: Okay I am going to leave
Karan: Okay I will see you tomorrow
Ti: Bye my little sister (giving her a big hug)
Thapki: Bye and thank you so much (giving her a hug back)
At Pandey family’s house

Tanya’s room
Tanya: I feel different around Sid… but I have no idea why… I feel like a different person around him… (She goes near her balcony and sees the rain outside)
Tanya: Wow it’s raining and it looks beautiful… Wait why do I feel so different nowadays…
(Aadha ishq plays) Namkin Si Baat hain Har Nayi si baat mein Teri khusboo chal rahi Hai jo mere saath mein Halka Halka Rang Beete Kal ka Gehra Gehra Kal ho jayega Ho jayega Aadha Ishq Aadha hai Aadha Ho jayega Kadmo se Milo ka Vada ho jayega Aadha Ishq Aadha hai Aadha Ho jayega Kadmo se Milo ka Vada ho jayega Beshumar raatein Behisab baatein Pass aate aate gum ho jati hai Bekhudi mein dhal ke Bekali mein jal ke Sau naazare yaadein nam ho jati hai
Tanya: I realized something today… I never really liked Bihaan and only loved his money… But after meeting Sid I feel like he was the guy who taught be about love
Sid: Do you know something???
Tanya: What??
Sid: Love is something… that you can’t play games with their feelings… When you fall for someone don’t cheat on them for something so disgusting
Tanya: But why are you telling me all this??
Sid: I am telling you this because… You should change and become someone who is big hearted
Tanya: I don’t wanna hear your lecture
Sid: Mostly when you see the love in someone’s eyes you will realize your mistake
Tanya: I think I know how much I love Bihaan
Sid: Look at those couples… their so old but have been together since forever… now you call that honest love
Flashback ends
Tanya: Love is made by god and I acted like a horrible person…. I realized Siddharth is the guy who changed me…
Fika fika Pal betein kal ka Behka behka kal ho jayega Ho jayega Aadha Ishq Aadha hai Aadha Ho jayega Kadmo se Milo ka Vada ho jayega Aadha Ishq Aadha hai Aadha Ho jayega Kadmo se Milo ka Vada ho jayega Adha IShq Intezzaar sa hai Imtehaan sa hai Itminaan sa hai Kya hai na jane ITraa rahi hai Itna hui hai itraa rahi hai Kaise na jane chalka chalka Pal beete kal ka Tehra tehra kal ho jayega Ho jayega
Another flashback
Tanya: Are you blind??
Sid: Hey don’t blame those people
Tanya: Excuse me they just ruined my dress with their stupid ice-cream
Sid: There just a couple who love each other so much
Tanya: So what if they are couple, they should see the people around them too.
Sid: What do you mean? see the people around them?? Love is something that happen a lot but when you find someone who’s right for you… they don’t care who’s around them other the person they are with…
Tanya: How do you know all this?
Sid: I know this because I seen love happen before and you should accept it too
Tanya: So you basically believe in love??
Sid: when you truly fall in love… you will believe in it too Tanya.
Tanya: How would you know that?
Sid: Destiny (smiling at her)
Tanya: What does Destiny have to do with all this?
Sid: When Destiny meets their true love… that’s when you will realize the meaning of love…
Flashback ends
Tanya: Now I realized the meaning of love… I just haven’t seen it properly… Until I sat down and thought of the things Sid told me about the meaning of destiny vs. love… and I am happy that Sid came into my life…
Aadha Ishq Aadha hai Aadha Ho jayega Kadmo se Milo ka Vada ho jayega Aadha Ishq Aadha hai Aadha Ho jayega Kadmo se Milo ka Vada ho jayeg Adha Ishq
At Karan’s house
Tia: I am so tired
Karan: This time I have my keys with me
Tia: Oh thank god
Karan: Wait I swear to god it was in my pocket
Tia: Oh my god Mr. Karan what’s wrong with you (hitting her head)
Karan: Don’t worry I always have a plan number two
Tia: And what is your plan number two??
Karan: The windows!!
Tia: Now way Mr. Karan
Karan: Come on, no one will notice
Tia: Remember last time Mr. Karan
Karan: Okay that was my mistake, but I promise this time nothing will happen
Tia: I am knocking at the door
Tia: You’re so stupid, why are you screaming?? (Laughing)
Neha opens the door
Neha: Bhai why are you screaming??
Tia: I fell in love with a duffer like him?? (Laughing)
Karan: This is your entire fault
Neha: Oh god here we start again
Karan: I told you not to knock
Tia: I didn’t even touch the door and you started screaming like a monster
Neha: Good luck fighting, I am going back to sleep
Karan: I scream like a monster?? Well guess what Ms. Tia you scream like a monkey
Tia: Monkeys can’t scream… They hoo ahha
Karan: What on earth is hoo ahaa??
Tia: A monkey sound
Karan: No it’s not (laughing so much)
Tia: I hate you Mr. Karan (stepping on his foot and leaves)
Karan: Ouch that hurts and still I am dying of laughter
Tia: Laugh!!! Good luck
At Thapki’s house
Thapki: Why are you covering my eyes Aditi??
Aditi: I have a surprise for you!!!
Thapki: Yea and I am tired
Aditi: This won’t make you tired I promise
Thapki: Okay then
Aditi: There I let go and now open your eyes
Thapki: PAPA!!!!!! (Running towards him and gives a hug)
Krishnakanth: Thapki Beti, I missed you so much
Thapki: Papa I have became so alone without you
KH(known has Krishnakanth): I missed you too my Thapki Beti
Thapki: Please don’t leave me again…
KH: I won’t Thapki Beti
Shubh: So no one missed me??
Thapki: Shubh!!!!
Shubh: Hey Thapki Dii and why are you crying?
Thapki: I missed you that’s why
Aditi: Well you see Shubh, Dii has a crying problem
Thapki: No I don’t
Poonam: Well our whole family is back together
Thapki: I am so happy today that everyone is here
Aditi: I have an idea
Poonam: Yes!!
Thapki: What are you guys talking about??
Aditi: I and Ma made cake while you were gone
Thapki: Really?
KH: I missed eating the cake here
Shubh: Me too Papa
KH: Well Thapki you go change, we will be waiting for you
Thapki: Okay I will see you guys in awhile
Ten minutes later
Aditi: Dii is taking forever
Thapki: I am here Aditi
SH: Let’s all have cake now!!
Shubh: I want the biggest piece
Aditi: No fair, I want a big piece
Shubh: Me first
Aditi: No me
Poonam: Okay both of you gets big pieces
SH: Oh god my kids are always fighting (laughing)
Aditi: Well Papa, Shubh started
Shubh: No you did
SH: No more guys let’s eat
Poonam: Thapki Beti are you okay??
Thapki: Yes Ma I am fine
SH: Thapki Beti are you tired??
Thapki: No Papa I am fine
SH: You should go to sleep… You were out the whole day
Thapki: Are you sure Papa?
SH: Yes Thapki Beti
Aditi: Go to sleep Dii!!
Thapki: Okay I will see you guys in to morning (smiling)
SH: Okay Thapki Beti
Thapki (in mind): I am really happy to see everyone smiling again… I just hope Bihaan realized my love for him… But I shouldn’t think about him…

At Pandey family’s house
Dhruv: Oh god I forgot Ma and everyone comes back tomorrow
All of a sudden the doorbell rings
Dhruv: Bihaan? Why are you coming so late?? And are you drunk??
Bihaan: Thapki?? Is that you???
Dhruv: No I am Dhruv
Bihaan: Oh Dhruv, how are you??
Dhruv: Why are you drinking Bihaan??
Bihaan: My best friend Siddharth the richest man in the whole world called me a selfish rude guy
Dhruv: There has to be a reason why he called you that
Bihaan: He says I hurt Thapki every time?? Do you think that’s true??
Dhruv: Well I guess… Yes….
Bihaan: I knew it… I just knew it… Why does everyone think I like Thapki??
Dhruv: Bihaan you’re really not in the state to talk properly
Dhruv: Bihaan relax, we can talk about this tomorrow
Bihaan: No tell me?? Why do people think I like Thapki?
Dhruv: Bihaan I don’t know
Bihaan: YES YOU DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dhruv: Bihaan you’re losing it
Bihaan: I know you think that I like Thapki too
Dhruv: I never said that
Bihaan: You did the other day…
Dhruv: That was a joke??
Bihaan: Do you think I like Thapki?
Dhruv: Well… (Bihaan gets unconscious)
Dhruv: Oh god Bihaan why did you drink… I just hope you realize you love for Thapki soon and I hope you find out everything that Tanya did towards you… Just wait for tomorrow…

At Karan’s house (in the morning)
Dining room
Neha: Oh my god they were fighting yesterday too Ma
Ria: They fight everyday (laughing)
Karan: Fighting about what?
Ria: You and Tia fighting 24/7
Karan: No we don’t fight everyday though
Neha: You guys broke my sleep and you were screaming so loud yesterday Bhai (Tia entering the dining room
Tia: Your Bhai was screaming because he thought he saw a werewolf
Karan: What nonsense and I wasn’t screaming because of that
Ria: So why were you screaming??
Tia: He forgot his keys again
Karan: I was screaming because Tia was going to knock at the door
Ria: So what??
Karan: I didn’t wanna wake anyone up
Neha: At least knocking is better than screaming
Tia: You’re right tomato (sticking her tongue out at Karan)
Ria: You broke my sleep Karan, that’s not a good thing
Tia: I know that’s a really bad
Karan: Ha-ha very funny (making an angry face at Tia)
Ria: No more talking about this topic, let’s start eating
Tia: Well I won Mr. Karan
Karan: Not for long
Tia: We will see about that
Karan: I am still a winner like always
Tia: Very funny and remember we have to go meet Thapki
Karan: Don’t have to tell me Ohh ahaha
Tia: Not funny (stepping on his shoes)
Karan: Hey stop doing that
Tia: Oh I will always do that (doing it again and leaves the table)
Karan: Stupid witch
Ria: What???
Karan: Nothing Ma
At Pandey family’s house
At Bihaan’s room
Bihaan: Oh god my head hurts
Kiran: Yes because you were drunk
Bihaan: I was??
Kiran: Yes, now drink this juice and come downstairs for breakfast
Bihaan: Thanks Kiran (she leaves)
Dhruv: What up Bro, how are you feeling now?? (He enters)
Bihaan: I am fine, but I don’t remember anything that happened last night
Dhruv: Well you were just dancing like a crazy person
Bihaan: Wow that’s odd… I would never do that
Dhruv; I know right, okay I will see you at the dining table
Bihaan: Alright then
While Bihaan took a shower and starts getting ready he sees Thapki
Bihaan: Thapki what are you doing here??
Thapki: I don’t think that outfit would look nice on you??
Bihaan: How would you know that??
Thapki: I know because blue looks cute on you
Bihaan: Thapki are you really here??
Thapki: Yes Bihaan I am really here (coming closer to him)
Bihaan: Why do I feel so different around you??
Thapki: You will you have to listen to your heart
Bihaan: But I don’t feel anything
Thapki: You will Bihaan I know you can… (Whispering in his ears)
Bihaan: Thapki….
Dhruv: Bihaan who are you talking to??
Bihaan: What?? (In mind): Where did Thapki go?
Dhruv: Dude hurry up you’re going to be late for work
Bihaan: I am coming… So Thapki wasn’t actually here… and I was dreaming…
At Thapki’s house
KH: Okay I am going outside; I will be back by 9pm
Poonam: Okay did you take lunch with you
KH: Yes I did, don’t worry
Aditi: Ma I am off to College
Poonam: Okay I will see you later Aditi
KH: Aditi did you take your lunchbox
Aditi: Yes my caring Papa!!
KH: Okay take Shubh along with you
Aditi: Yes his coming
Shubh: I am ready let’s get going
Aditi: Okay bye! And tell Dii I said bye too
Poonam: Okay Bye!!!
Thapki: Oh good morning Ma
Poonam: Good morning Beta
Thapki: Where did Papa go??
Poonam: He went out to get something
Thapki: Oh okay
Poonam: Are you alright Thapki?
Thapki: Yes Ma, I am just hungry
Poonam: Then let’s make breakfast
Thapki: Okay Ma…

At Karan’s house
Karan: Oh god I can finally watch some TV after a long time (whiling he was walking he slips on the floor)
Tia: Oh my god!!!! (Laughing so much and starts clapping)
Karan: Oh so you did this
Tia: Did you see your face (laughing even more)
Karan: Okay now watch me get you (falling down again)
Karan: Oh really Ms. Witch you think this is funny?
Tia: It’s not funny it’s hilarious
Karan: Oh really
Tia: Yes it’s really funny (laughing)
Karan: So you’re not going to help me get up??
Tia: Fine I will help you (laughing)
Karan: Oh thank you Ms. Witch
Tia: Well it looks like you’re having fun so I should leave (laughing)
Karan gets up and pulls her and they both fall on the sofa…
Karan: Well Ms. Tia how are you going to escape from me now?
Tia: Mr. Karan what are you doing?? Auntie or tomato might see…
Karan: Oh they aren’t home.
Tia: Oh okay but were getting late… Remember we have to meet Thapki…
Karan: But first I need what I want
Tia: Mr. Karan…
Karan: Shush (putting his fingers on her lips)
Tia: hmm
Karan: I won’t do anything without asking you, I just know I love you and you’re everything for me in the future (kissing her on the head)
Tia: I love you Mr. Karan (giving him a big hug)
Karan: All I know I will always be on your side
Tia: I am happy you’re always here for me (kissing him on the cheeks)
Karan: Oh my Tia is getting romantic
Tia: Hey (they both touch their head and smiles)
At the Indian reporting centre
Sasha: Good morning Sir
Bihaan: Good morning Sasha

At Bihaan’s cabin
Bihaan: Thapki what are you doing here??
Thapki: Bihaan didn’t I tell you that outfit would look beautiful on you
Bihaan: I just wore it because you told me
Thapki: Then why would you listen to me??
Bihaan: Because I feel something…
Thapki: See what I told you… you listened to your heart and said it yourself
Bihaan: I didn’t… I just know I feel something for you… but I haven’t realized it until today….
Thapki: If you really loved me… then why do you always hurt me?
Bihaan: I don’t know Thapki… I just feel really different around…
Thapki: Really (coming closer to him)
Bihaan: Thapki are you really here (touching her face)
Thapki: When you touch me I feel so happy…
Bihaan: Thapki….
Thapki: Yes Bihaan
Bihaan: I….
Thapki: I what??
Bihaan: love…
Thapki: love what???
Sasha: Sir, are you coming for the meeting
Bihaan: you…
Sasha: Sir who are you talking to??
Bihaan: Um I was talking to T…
Sasha: Who??
Bihaan: Was anyone at my cabin today?
Sasha: No who else other then you sir
Bihaan: Are you sure Sasha
Sasha: Yes Bihaan sir and also are you still coming for the meeting
Bihaan: Just cancel it… I am not in the mood
Sasha: Okay sir
Bihaan: I love Thapki???? (Touching his head and feeling confused)

At Thapki’s house
Poonam: Thapki I am going outside to get home vegetables, will you be able to stay home alone while I am gone
Thapki: Yes Ma, I will and anyways Tia and Karan are coming
Poonam: Okay I will see you later
Ten minutes later the doorbell rings
Thapki: I think they’re here…
Tia: Hey Thapki!!!!
Thapki: Hi Tia
Karan: Hello Thapki!!!!
Thapki: Hi Karan
Tia: Look what I got
Karan: Here we start again
Tia: Hey Mr. Karan
Thapki: Can I guess first?
Tia: Sure go ahead
Thapki: You got your favorite pizza!!
Tia: Yes how did you know that??
Thapki: Because silly you’re my best friend
Tia: No you’re my sister
Karan: Thapki, fighting with Tia is not a good thing
Thapki: Why what happened??
Karan: She’s says whoo aha
Thapki: What’s whoo ahaa
Tia: I hate you so much Mr. Karan (she gets a phone call)
Karan: Oh my god (starts laughing)
Thapki: You guys are always caring for each other
Karan: Yes she’s really important for me
Thapki: I am really happy you’re always caring for her
Karan: Hey Thapki, I am here to take care of you too!! You’re like my sister and always will be from now on.
Thapki: Thanks Karan for always being supportive for me
Karan: I just hope everything can get back to normal…
Thapki: What do you mean?
Karan: I just hope my past doesn’t affect my future with Tia…
Thapki: Don’t worry Karan, I promise nothing will happen
Karan: Many things already happened in the past Thapki… I lost a brother
Thapki: What?? How did this happen…
Karan: I don’t know where he is… But all I know we were really close…
Thapki: You’re not the only one Karan…. I had a horrible past too
Karan: Why would you have a horrible past!! You look like a happy and honest girl
Thapki: Not really I was actually the saddest girl…
Karan: What are you saying??
Thapki: Every time my parents want me to get married they always break because of my stammering… I already had three marriages break ups… They say stammering girls suck… and I never had any friends only Tia… everyone would always bully me (she starts crying)
Karan: Thapki please don’t cry… Now I am here and I will find the right man for you and I will always fight for my sister (giving her a hug)
Thapki: Thank you so much Bhai… (Giving a hug back)
Karan: I am really happy you called me Bhai today
Tia sees this and starts crying
Tia (in mind): Thank you Karan for supporting my little Thapki…. I just hope she can be happy… (Crying too)
Tia (In mind): Now I finally found out proof about my father and where he lives… I just need to tell Mr. Karan later when we get home…
At Pandey family’s house
Bihaan: Great it’s already 6:45pm

At Tanya’s room
Tanya: I think I should tell Sid I like him and how I know the meaning of love…. I don’t want to hurt anyone else anymore… I just want to be happy from now on….
At the hall
Dhruv: Where are you? (Phone call)
Sid: I am on my way; the stupid goon is driving me insane
Dhruv: Hurry up or Bihaan will leave
Sid: Don’t let him go anywhere
Dhruv: Don’t worry I won’t
Sid: Okay I am almost here, so I am hanging up
Dhruv: Alright (sees Tanya coming downstairs)
Tanya: Hey Dhruv do you know where Bihaan is?
Bihaan: I am right here and I need to leave
Dhruv: You can’t go anywhere
Bihaan: Why??
Dhruv: Because I said so
Bihaan: You can’t stop me
Sid: But I can stop you
Tanya (In mind): Sid I was going to come meet you… But you came instead (smiling)
Bihaan: Sid what are you doing here??
Sid: You need to know the truth
Bihaan: Truth about what??
Dhruv: The truth that was hidden from you
Sid: Do you remember this goon Bihaan??
Bihaan: That goon was the guy who kidnapped Thapki and me.
Tanya is extremely shocked to see the goon
Dhruv: Do you know who sent the goons??
Bihaan: What do you mean who sent the goons??
Dhruv: They were sent by Tanya Patel!!!!
Bihaan: Tanya???
Dhruv: She wanted Thapki dead… so she can get close to you
Bihaan: What are you talking about??
Sid: Tanya is the most stupid girl you would ever be with… She wanted to marry you for money and not only that… After Thapki entered your life she was determined to kill her… So she sent those goons to kill her… Then her plan changed she didn’t want Thapki dead anymore… Instead she made a deal with her… Telling she will buy her house of she goes near Bihaan… So Thapki broke her friendship with you and not only that she also stolen the proof of the file so Thapki can get in trouble… She just wanted you to hate Thapki… Also she’s a characterless girl who doesn’t understand anything… She doesn’t know the meaning of love… I guess her father was someone selfish like her
Tanya was extremely shocked when Sid said something about her father… She started crying… She already realized her mistake and wanted forgiveness but she didn’t wanna hear bad things about her father….
Tanya: I know that was before… But now I really changed…. I am sorry Bihaan…
Bihaan slaps her so hard
Bihaan: Get out of my house right now!!!!
Tanya: Bihaan listen to me… I promise I am not like this anymore…
Bihaan: I said get out before I call the police
Tanya leaves the place staring at Sid with teary eyes…
Dhruv: Get out Tanya!!
Tanya leaves the house crying and thinks how Sid said all those harsh words about her father….
Bihaan: I can’t believe it that Thapki was innocent and Tanya was behind this… Now I feel so hopeless
Dhruv: It’s not your fault Bihaan
Bihaan: It’s my entire fault (he leaves to his room)
Sid (in mind): I hope you learnt you lesson Tanya
At Thapki’s house
Karan: Well the pizza was really good
Tia: We should get going now
Thapki: Oh okay I will see you guys tomorrow
Karan: Bye Thapki and remember always to smile
Thapki: Oh Karan Bhai
Aditi: Oyeeee
Aditi: How are you?
Tia: I am fine how about you
Aditi: Really good
Tia: That’s great
Karan: Okay will get going now, Bye!!
Tia: Bye Thapki and Aditi
Thapki: Bye guys
Aditi: Bye!!!!
Thapki: When did you get back?
Aditi: Right now, by the way is this your file??
Thapki: Oh great I forgot to give this file to Bihaan sir
Aditi: Oh wow
Thapki: I have to go I will see you later
At Pandey family’s house
Sid: I think I should leave or more problems will be caused
Dhruv: I will drop you off
Sid: Thanks
Thapki: I think I should enter from the backdoor, so no one will notice
Bihaan’s room
Bihaan: Why did I hurt Thapki so badly? (someone knocks at the door)
Bihaan: WHAT DO YOU WANT??????
Thapki: Bihaan Sir…
Bihaan: Thapki are you actually here this time??
Thapki: What do you mean?
Bihaan: Why are you driving me insane (pulling her closer)
Thapki: Bihaan sir… what are you doing??
Bihaan: I know you’re not here…But why do I feel you… (Banjaara plays)

Jise zindagi dhoondh rahi hai Kya ye woh makaam mera hai Yahaan chain se bas ruk jaaun Kyun dil ye mujhe kehta hai Jazbaat naye se mile hain Jaane kya asar ye huaa hai Ik aas mili phir mujhko Jo qubool kisi ne kiya hai Haan.. Kisi shaayar ki ghazal Jo de rooh ko sukoon ke pal Koi mujhko yun mila hai Jaise banjaare ko ghar Naye mausam ki sehar Yaa sard mein dopahar Koi mujhko yun mila hai Jaise banjare ko ghar Hmm…
Thapki: Bihaan sir… what are you doing??
Bihaan: I know you’re not here… But why do I always feel happy around you (pinning her against the wall)
Thapki: I am here Bihaan sir…
Bihaan: Shush… you really wanna know something… I know every time I hurt you badly and I feel bad… I really can’t see you hurt… I don’t know why…. But I have been dreaming about you for the past three days… it’s making me insane…. (Coming closer)
Thapki: Do you have any idea what you’re saying…?
Jaise koi kinaara Deta ho sahaara Mujhe wo mila kisi mod par Koi raat ka taara Karta ho ujaala Waise hi roshan kare woh shehar Dard mere woh bhula hi gayaa Kuch aisa asar huaa Jeena mujhe phir se woh sikha raha Hmm.. Jaise baarish kar de tar Yaa marham dard par Koi mujhko yun mila hai Jaise banjare ko ghar Naye mausam ki sehar Yaa sard mein dopahar Koi mujhko yun mila hai Jaise banjaare ko ghar
Bihaan: I feel something for you Thapki… I don’t know what it is…But I just doo….
Thapki: Bihaan is this really you saying this (crying)
Bihaan: Don’t cry…. Please it hurts me a lot… when I see you cry…. (Wiping her tears)
Thapki: Bihaan do you have any idea what you’re saying…
Bihaan: Yes I do… because you said… listen to your heart and I did… I feel it Thapki…
Muskaata yeh chehra Deta hai jo pehraa Jaane chhupata kya dil ka samandar Auron ko toh hardam saaya deta hai Woh dhoop mein hai khada khud magar Chot lagi hai usey, Phir kyun mehsoos mujhe ho raha hai Dil tu bata de kya hai iraada tera Main parinda besabar Tha uda jo darbadar Koi mujhko yun mila hai Jaise banjarey ko ghar Naye mausam ki sehar Yaa sard mein dopahar Koi mujhko yun mila hai Jaise banjarey ko ghar Koi mujhko yun mila hai
Thapki: Why are you saying all this…
Bihaan: I know you’re the girl… I really wanna say something… but I feel like… I can’t…listen to my heartbeat…and you will realize (kisses her on the forehead)
Jaise banjare ko ghar Jaise banjare ko ghar.. Jaise banjare ko ghar…Jaise banjare ko ghar….
Dhruv: Bihaan are you okay?
Thapki pushes Bihaan slowly and puts the file on the table
Dhruv: Thapki when did you get here??
Bihaan: Thapki’s here?
Dhruv: Dude she’s right in front of you
Thapki: I need to leave my sister is waiting for me
Dhruv: Do you need a lift?
Thapki: No I will manage (she leaves quickly)
Dhruv: That was odd
Bihaan (in mind): That means Thapki was here the whole time… and I told her everything I felt for her…. Oh god… Now I feel weird…
Thapki: You realized your love me?? (Crying and smiling)
Dhruv: Bihaan do you like Thapki???
Near the coffee shop
Tanya starts crying…
Tanya: I never knew… I would hurt someone so badly… Papa I miss you so much…. (crying so much)
Sid comes there and sees her
Sid: Oh look you’re fake crying now??
Tanya gets up and gives him a tight slap
Tanya: How dare you talk about my father like you??? Who gave you the right to talk about my father like that??? No one gave you that right…. Do you even know anything about me??? I lost my father when I was really little… My mother would always treat me badly and beat me up… My aunt and uncle hated me so much they told me to stay away from their daughter… My cousin threw things on me… The only person that loved me was my father and grandmother… and I lost both of them… I couldn’t handle the pain anymore… My mom would always beat me upp… you want proof look at the marks on my back… Here look at my leg… What else proof do you want… I was kicked out of the house… So I raised my own money… and worked at a small café… and went to college… that’s why Bihaan fell in love with me when we both were in the same college… I wanted to marry him for money… But I realized my mistake after meeting Thapki… Also after meeting you… I felt like I fell in love… I have never loved anyone in my life… Until I met you but you didn’t even listen to my story… Why do you think I was selfish because of that… No one understands my pain… (Crying so much by sitting on the ground) While (Hamari Adhuri Kahani plays)
(Paas aaye.. Dooriyaan phir bhi kam naa hui Ek adhuri si hamari kahani rahi Aasmaan ko zameen, ye zaroori nahi Jaa mile.. jaa mile.. Ishq saccha wahi Jisko milti nahi manzilein.. manzilein.. Rang thhe, noor tha Jab kareeb tu tha Ek jannat sa tha, yeh jahaan Waqt ki ret pe kuch mere naam sa Likh ke chhod gaya tu kahaan Hamari adhuri kahani.. Hamari adhuri kahani.. (x2)
Sid starts crying and realizes how much he hurt her…
Sid: I am really sorry Tanya…. I didn’t mean to hurt you
Tanya: Don’t touch me… Get away from me… I made a mistake by falling in love with someone like you (she’s crying In pain)
Sid: Tanya listen to for once (coming closer to her)
Khushbuon se teri yunhi takra gaye Chalte chalte dekho na hum kahaan aa gaye Jannatein agar yahin Tu dikhe kyon nahin Chaand suraj sabhi hai yahaan Intezar tera sadiyon se kar raha Pyaasi baithi hai kab se yahaan Humari adhoori kahaani Humari adhoori kahaani.. (x2) Pyaas ka ye safar khatam ho jayega Kuch adhura sa jo tha poora ho jayega Jhuk gaya aasmaan
Tanya: I said don’t touch me, you’re more characterless then I… and you were talking about my father… You know what Mr. Siddharth Khurana I never want to see your face ever again (crying so much in pain)

Sid: I hurt her so badly and I don’t where she is going … (Screaming in anger) (He punches a glass door and cries…) and I never knew she would actually love me…… I AM A HORRIBE GUY (While blood is dripping from his hand…)
Mill gaye do jahaan Har taraf hai milan ka samaa Doliya hain saji, khushbuein har kahin Padhne aaya Khuda khud yahaan.. Hamari adhuri kahani Hamari adhuri kahani.. (x2)

At Karan’s house (backyard)
Tia: Mr. Karan I need to tell you something (crying)
Karan: Tia why are you crying… please don’t cry (giving her hug)
Tia: I know where my father lives…
Karan: Really that’s amazing
Tia: Can you promise me something?
Karan: Anything for you
Tia: If I ever die what will you doo
Karan: Hey don’t say that I promise I will always keep you happy
Tia: I know you will (crying so much)
Karan: Remember this ring (puts it on her finger)
Tia: I will always keep this ring on my hand
Karan: My heart only belongs to you
While Subhanallah plays
Tia: I never want to leave you side ever (hugging him)
Ek din kabhi jo khud ko taraashe Meri nazar se tu zara, haaye re Aankhon se teri kya kya chhupa hai Tujhko dikhaaun main zara, haaye re Ik ankahi si daastaan daastaan Kehne lagega aaina Subhanallah… Jo ho raha haim pehli dafaa hai wallah Aisa hua, Subhanallah.. Jo ho raha hai pehli dafaa hai wallah Aisa hua Meri khamoshi se baatein chun lena Unki dori se taarifein bun lena (x2) Kal nahi thi jo aaj lagti hoon Taareef meri hai khaamakhaTohfa hai tera meri adaa
Karan: Our love story will always stay strong and we will fight together till the day we die
Tia: I know that you will always help me
Karan: Even if it risks my life
Tia: No don’t say that… If you die…then I will die without you…
Karan: But how will I see you (crying)
Tia: Oye Mr. Karan you’re the best thing that ever happened to me
Karan: I love you Tia (carrying her high up)
Tia: I love you too Mr. Karan
Karan: I promise you we will find your father
Tia: I know you will
Ek din kabhi jo khud ko pukaare Meri zubaan se tu zara, haaye re Tujh mein chhupi si jo shayari hai Tujhko sunaaun main zara, haay re Ye do dilon ka waasta waasta Khul ke bataaya jaaye naa Subhanallah… Jo ho raha hai, pehli dafaa hai Wallah Aisa hua.. Subhanallah (x3) Jo ho raha hai, pehli dafaa hai Wallah Aisa hua..
A guy is shown playing basketball and says I am back!!!! While Sid is crying thinking of how much he hurt Tanya… Bihaan keeps dreaming of Thapki and smiles and Thapki smiles remembering what happened when Bihaan expressed his feelings towards her and lastly Tiran are having a romantic and emotional scene.
Episode Ends

Moral- “Love just happens… But if you don’t know their story about life… then why are you always hurting them… Give them a chance and they will say it”

Recap: Sid will be dancing to Palat tera hero idhar hai to make Tanya forgive him…. Sid will be falling in love with Tanya!!!! Bihaan proposes to Thapki!!!! Sid and Tia will be talking about some childhood memories together!!! And Lastly Karan is shocked to see someone at his door. Also (Thahaan will be dancing to my dil goes Mmm while they are thinking about each other.)

Spoilers: Rishabh Sinha has Kabir will be making an entry has Karan’s brother… Another entry will be the new Main Antagonist… Sid will try his best to make Tanya forgive him… Tiran romantic date… Also Thahaan romantic date and Sid will find out Tia is his sister… Lastly Thapki slaps Aditi
Well you have to watch Destiny vs. love!! And wait for the answers. So guys this is my Thirteenth episode. It is nothing like the actual ongoing track at all. I hope you like this different track and twist in the story. By the way, I’m sorry if I don’t write many Hindi words it’s because I am not from India, I am from England but I do watch so many Indian dramas aha! I hope I get to know each one of you through this ff. But please comment any idea and no harsh comment. Also keep in mind this is nothing like the ongoing track!!. Enjoy for now my lovely friends ((: Thank you aha.
(By the way, if you’re reading this ff, please do comment your ideas and how is the story going for you. Also love you all aha)
Btw I’ll post the next episode maybe (Thursday April 14th 2016) But on Friday April 15th 2016 or Saturday April 16th 2016 But till then please bear with me if I can’t. Till then bye, bye He-he ((:

Destiny vs love. (Thapki pyaar ki) Maha/Special Episode 13


Destiny vs love. (Thapki pyaar ki) Maha/Special Episode 13

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