Abhigya: Story of opposite attracts each other- Rewind

Hi guys Maya here! So i thought of writing the short recap of the old ff that i had stopped. Sorry to those who all had liked this ff. So hope u all read it again once I write for this ff again

Abhi realised that he loves but do not want to accept it as he fear that being in relationship will only hinder his progress in his career. He was scared to face the same situation as his father. Pragya got to know all this from Purab and now they are both on a mission to make Abhi realise that being in love will only make his life and career better in all aspects….

Pragya told her plan to Purab and they both are in a full swing to execute it. Abhi was supposed to attend a promo shoot in two days and he was preoccupied with all his other music work to forget the thoughts of Pragya. But still at least once in a day her thoughts will come to his mind which only made him frustrated.

Promo shoot day….
Abhi had reached the venue and asked purab to call him once the press meet is ready as he want to relax a while in the vanity van. Purab called him once the press meet was about to begin where they will introduce the female model. Abhi knew the female model was Meethu and he was very comfortable with her as she was his childhood friend. So he was very much relaxed. The press meet begined and when they were starting to introduce the female model and he was shocked to Pragya in Meethu’s place. When he turned to Purab to ask why Pragya was here? Pragya quickly switched place with Meethu and Purab told Abhi look properly its Meethu! When Abhi looked again he saw Meethu instead of Pragya now and realised it was just his imagination. ( Guys so this was Pragya and Purab’s first plan and the promo shoot itself was a fake one. Everyone over there knows of the switching of Pragya and Meethu. They are all supporting Pragya and Purab to make Abhi confused and make him realise his love). So i stop here and continue once i am
free. Give suggestions and thank u all for ur support.

Sorrry foralways irritating u all with my stress about studies. I myself irritated for grumbling too much here. Since i accepted u all as my friends may be thats y i blabber here a lot. I will try to cut short on it. I was suppose to start as a recap but continued further into te nxt episode. Hope u all like it!?

Abhigya: Story of opposite attracts each other- Rewind


Abhigya: Story of opposite attracts each other- Rewind


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