The heart needs what it needs episode 8

The heart needs what it needs episode 8
Ishaan: enough all of u finger on ur lips
Sujata ap and rp out their finger on their lips
Ishaan: bade dadu u 2
All luk at dp and dp eventually puts his finger on his lips
Everyone try an hold on to their laugh
Sujata: luk jiji wat no one could do ishaan has done today
Ishaan: I hav never slept alone without my mama but we can do one thing let’s all sleep here in the hall by this I will be sleeping with everyone ok
Sujata: wat an idea
Ap: yes
Sanskaar interupts
Sanskaar: Emm mom badi maa I was thinking let’s sleep in the hall tommorow
Ap: why sanskaar wat happened
Sanksaar: nothing badi maa it’s just
Lakshya: maa forget it na bhai said we will sleep in the hall tommorow then we will fix it for tommorow
Ishaan: but why dad why not today
Sanskaar: cuz ishaan I wanted to show u ur room but it’s ok if u dnt want to then u dnt hav to see it
Ishaan: no no I wanna see my room dadi let’s sleep tommorow
…..dining table……
Ishaan is sitting in the middle of sujata and ap and both r feeding him Kritika is sitting next to swara and gets upset that no one is paying any attention to her
Kritika is about to leave the table wen ragini stops her
Ragini: today I’m gonna feed by niece with my own hands
Kritika gets happy and sits down and ragini feeds her sanskaar comes to the dining table
Sujata: sanksaar where were u
Sanskaar: mom I was just doing some work
Ap: sujata at least let him sit down sanskaar sit down and eat something after 5 yrs u will be eating with ur whole heart
Ragini luks at sanskaar and has tears in her eyes sanskaar sees her and the tears
Sanskaar: that’s not fair mom badi maa ur not feeding me everyone is pampering Kritika and ishaan right lakshya
Lakshya: yh bhai ur right we dnt hav any importance left in this house
Sanskaar: and luk who’s getting pampered
Sujata: ur kids
Sanskaar: lakshya let’s go no one cares for us ragini is busy feeding Kritika and mom and badi ma busy with ishaan
Ishaan: ha dad dadi and badi dadi love me more than u
Sanskaar and lakshya signal each other they both get up wen they get stopped by ap an sujata who rush to them and hug them ishaan gets lonely and he runs to ragini and starts to hug her and accidently shoves Kritika
Rp: luk at the chore bhaisa and luk at the love between the mothers and sons
Bhaisa: ram we r left out alone
Ragini: bade papa dnt worry u and papa ji can join our team which has me swara ishaan and Kritika
All hav a laugh
Everyone goes to their rooms
Ragini enters her room and it’s dark she sees the whole room decorated
The bed has flowers scattered around and candles that are lighted ragini smiles wen she sees the room someone hugs her from behind it is sanskaar
He closes the door behind him
Ragini: I missed this room so much
Sanskaar: really wat else did u miss
Ragini: the Cuboard
Sanskaar: Cuboard
Ragini: yh arranging the messey clothes in the Cuboard
Sanskaar: wat else did u miss
Ragini: this window
Sanskaar:window how did U miss this window
Ragini: well every morning I used to look outside the window and see the view
Sanskaar in his head: wow luk at that she missed the room Cuboard and even the window but she didn’t miss me
Ragini: and the light but why is it so dark ( ragini was teasing sanskaar)
I’ll just turn it on
Ragini was about to turn the light on wen sanskaar holds her arm and pushes it towards him he get close to ragini wen ishaan runs into the room
Ishaan: mama
Ragsan compose themselves ishaan see the room decorated and gets happy
Ishaan: dad r we having a party let me call everyone dadi dadu badi dadi bade dadu sanskaar goes and closes Ishaans mouth
Ragini: sanskaar
Sanskaar: ragini wait ishaan listen there is no party the decoration is all for u
Ishaan: for me
Sanskaar: yes for u well we wanted to surprise u
Ishaan: really and ishaan gets happy and hugs sanskaar
Sanskaar winks at ragini
Ragini: ishaan come on nw luk it’s time to go to sleep u can do the rest masti later
Ishaan: ok mama m I gonna sleep in the middle between u and dad
Sanskaar: wat ishaan r u gonna sleep with us
Ishaan: yes m gonna sleep with my mama and dad if u dnt wanna sleep with us then u can go in another room come mama let’s go to sleep and dad dnt shut the light I won’t be able to go to sleep in the dark
Sanskaar to ragini: wat hav u given brith to
Ragini: he’s ur son handle him
Sanskaar: he gives orders just like bade papa
Ragini: u deserve that cuz u dnt listen to me so at least u will listen to ishaan
Swara knocks on the door
Swara: today I will be sleeping with ragini and sanskaar u can sleep with ishaan
Ragini: but swara
Swara: dnt worry ragini we will stay here till ishaan goes to sleep and wen he’s asleep sanskaar will quickly sleep next to him and dnt worry he will be ok
Ragini: ok
Sanskaar: where r u guys gonna sleep
Swara: in the guest room
After some time Ishaan falls asleep
Swara: ragini let’s go nw ishaan has also gone to sleep and best of luck sanskaar
Sanskaar: come on beta sanskaar nw sleep with ishaan and that to alone

Precap kavita’s entry

Do u guys want kavita to be in a negative role or should I add another entry ???? Plz help me

The heart needs what it needs episode 8


The heart needs what it needs episode 8


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