Pyaar ki story kb (Episode 7)

Hello my dear sweetoos this is not 0nly 4commenters but also 4u my dear sil readrs

the epi starts with pragya coming down with her nightsuit she is still in shock thinking abt her drm,K:wht hapnd na choti ,P:nothing bhabi,SM:come here dear have ur tea first,P:haan bhabi,ishani turning pragya twards her,I:hey princess wht hapnd as u looks as though u’ve got married in ur drm,P:how do u know it na bhabi[by splitting tea frm her mouth in shock],R:then this is the matter u’ve met ur prince charm right,P:haan bhabi i met him yesterday only but,[she stops as she said the truth unknowingly but she tries to manage]i mean to say bhabi actually i met him a day b4 my marriage in my drm,I:haan choti this will hapn in ur case if u r remaining like this,i mean to say that love anyone like us so that he may not be a new person to u na but if u r remaining like this not loving anyone i am sure to say tht ur drm will come true one day,P:stp pulling my legs bhabi,4 IN CHORUS:we r sayng it seriously choti it wld hapn in ur case

Pragya thinks abt her bhabis wrds&leaves frm there without noticing ranveer who is calling her frm back,RV:y my choti cutie is sad wht did u do her ,I:arey drama king stp ur dramas& listen wht hapnd,then she narrates everything to him,RV:oh now this is the matter then we’ll make my princess meet her prince,I:thats like my swt husband saying this she gave him a kiss on his cheek without noticing others presence ranveer was just stunned at her reaction thn they came back into their senses thn ishani blushes and leaves in abhis home abhi askd his frnds to come to his home then the 3 arrives abhi started to narrate abt his drms to his frnds the trio were blinking at each other cluelessly

guys i will give the rest 2morrow as its already 1.10am if my mom see me upd tonight thn she’ll definitely kill me so see u 2morrow gud nig swt drms and durga thnks a loooot dr 4ur swt com & 4 u too vaishu dr thnks to each and everyone 4ur swt com

Pyaar ki story kb (Episode 7)


Pyaar ki story kb (Episode 7)


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