Fixing Broken Souls : A Swasan Fanfic (Prologue)

Fixing Broken Souls : A Swasan Fanfic (Prologue)

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I’m back with the prologue. First of all, thank you so so so very much for your lovely comments. Your comments made my day and its the reason for my smile today. And this is a short update. I’m sorry about that, I’ve no reasons. I just got busy with completion of my journals, submission week. So sorry!


~~The Invitation ♥♥~~

Sanksar’s pov~~

Standing at the doorway, I received the three little envelopes from postman. Decorated in the fanciest and the classiest way possible, they were someone’s wedding invitations. I wondered who would send them to me. I carried them inside, closing the door behind me.

There I sat, in my ugly messed up room, with a glass of whisky in one hand, and the three envelopes in the other. I gulped down the last sip of the bitter drink and slammed the glass on the table.

The three of them were in different shades of red. The first one was light red, which almost looked like pink. The other was a little darker. And the third one, was rose red. All of them were bordered with different and beautiful gold embroideries.

The last one, was the most appealing to me. Also, I was curious to know, from whom the invitation was. I gently opened the envelope to reveal a little card. It bared a familiar name on it – “Sanky”.

It took me a while to process that it was my name. I hadn’t been called by that name since what seemed like forever. And the only one person, who called me “Sanky”, was her.

My hands trembled with her thoughts in my mind. I was sweating. I didn’t want to see this. I didn’t have the courage to open up the card. But I was curious; and my curiosity made me do it. . .

The thing I was afraid of most, had happened. It was there, right in front of me, flashing in bold letters.



Hell-o. So how was the prologue? I know it was short but I’ll try making the upcoming chapters longer. So this was the “thing” which came at Sanskar’s door which shattered his hope into pieces. But as they say, never lose “hope”

Ahh. Swara wedding someone else. And Sanskar attending the wedding too. That’s the theme, this time. I hope you liked it. And Shaurya is played by Vatsal Seth, he’s an amazing actor and credits to him for his role as Shaurya Goenka in Ek Haseena Thi, I’m his big fan (Not bigger than Varun Kapoor though ;D)

Surely updating chapter one will be longer ?
Sorry if I had disappointed you. I’ll try my best to live upto your expectations next time. Just keep supporting and reading!

Anu ♥

Fixing Broken Souls : A Swasan Fanfic (Prologue)


Fixing Broken Souls : A Swasan Fanfic (Prologue)

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