Manmarziyan – My Impossible Love (Episode 8)

Manmarziyan – My Impossible Love (Episode 8)

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Here you go with episode 8

Manmarziyan – My Impossible Love (Episode 8)

Recap: Radhika gets impressed by seeing and hearing goodness about Arjun.

Arjun’s PA tells a lot about Arjun and this makes Radhika changes her perception about Arjun on the first day itself. His PA gets a call and goes in side the meeting room. Radhika goes out from the conference room and walks ahead. She sees the employees there working happily and she can make out from their reaction is that they all are looking very happy working there. She gets a satisfied smile on her face. She turns to go but stops there seeing a picture of a person on the wall. She goes near the frame and stares the picture continuously. Teji comes there searching for and asks her, “What are you looking in this frame?”. Radhika says, “Teju…i don’t remember exactly but somewhere i have seen this woman”. Teji also sees the picture and it is none other than Nandini in the big frame. Then he takes her with him to the guest room and looking for Arjun’s time. To their surprise, Arjun and other business person’s comes out from the meeting room. Arjun greets them and sends them with his manager. He sees radhika and Teji in the glass room and comes to them.

Arjun, “So whats up guys? How you spent your time?”

Teji, “Yes sir…we were preparing points from the recordings”.

Arjun, “Good to know and anyways you will be showing me the copy right?”

Teji, “Of course sir”.

Arjun, “Good then, what is the next plan today?”

Teji and Radhika looks each other and says, “You have to say sir”.

Arjun, “Okay..its already noon now.. will go home.”

Rads, “Home? So early? Everyday u will be going like this or what?”

Arjun smiles at her and says, “Not everyday… today i got a invite for the business party in the evening. Will u mind to join with me?”

Teji gets excited and says, “Sure sir….i like… i mean… we would like to join”.

Radhika stops him and says, “No sir.. i am not interested. I be at home”.

Arjun gives a cold look at her and says, “If you are not coming then Teji also will not come with me”.

Teji is shocked and goes to radhika and starts pleading her to accept for the dinner party. Radhika is confused seeing Arjun’s winning smile towards her and finally accepts for Teji’s interest.

They 3 gets into the car and teji takes the front seat and chats with Arjun continuously. Radhika takes the seat behind Arjun’s seat and looks outside. Arjun stares her through the mirror and Radhika also feels the gaze on her from him and looks at his through the mirror itself. Arjun smiles seeing her tense gaze continues driving.

After sometime, Arjun asks them, “Do you ppl have a party wear with you?”

Teji nodded as No and looks back at Radhika who is also blinking and nodded as No. Arjun says, “Ok then we will go and purchase for you guys”.

Teji happily nods as yes but Radhika pinches him and says, “Not needed sir… we have our casual wear.. will come wearing that”. Teji keeps a pout face seeing radhika.

Arjun looks at teji’s pout face and says, “I am not asking you.. am just saying”.

Radhika gets irritated now and tries to stop him but all in vain. Arjun takes them to the big shop and asks them to shop whichever they like. Teji is excited and jumps into his sections. Radhika stands silently there and did not show interest to look at the dresses.

Arjun goes to her and says, “Why u always being so tensed Radhika?”. Radhika says, “Nothing like that..i am normal only”.

Arjun, “Nope…you face did not say what you said”.

Radhika gets irritated and says, “Oh so you know face reading also”. By saying this she turns and tries to go but stopped by Arjun holding her hands.

Arjun, “If am wrong then prove it”.

Radhika, “How?”

Arjun, “It is very simple…just go and purchase some this…veryy simple solution i gave.”

Radhika gives him an unbelievable look and goes from there. Arjun laughs seeing her angry and follows her. Just for the name sake Radhika selects a party wear and moves to the cash counter. Arjun stops her and throws the dress which she selected and tells her to take something good. Radhika gets angry and says, “What is your problem.. i told i am not coming but still you forces me. Ok i accepted and then you are asking me to buy something which i don’t want to be but still you forced me…i accepted that too….but now what are you upto…y u thrown the dress?”

Radhika tells everything in one breathe and looks at him having heavy breathe. Arjun stares her from top to bottom and moves to her and says, “I already told you that you look beautiful when you are angry….and even i will not be able to control myself then…” Radhika steps backward and keeps quiet for sometime. Finally she breaks the silent asks, “What you want me to do now?”

Arjun chuckles at her and takes her with him to the party wear section. After a while, Arjun sends Radhika to trail room to try the dresses he chosen for her. Its been half an hour now..Teji is done with his purchasing and comes to Arjun who is waiting for Radhika to come out. Teji sees the dresses chosen for Radhika and thinks to himself, “Hmmmm i should have been born as Radhika”. Radhika is literally tired now and comes out wearing the dress which is the last one to try now.

She came out finally and looks at Arjun helplessely. Arjun zooms her from top to bottom and says, “PERFECT. Pack this”. Radhika gives a sigh relief and goes back to trail room. She changes into her old costume and joins with Teji.

All 3 goes back to home and arjun informs them to be ready at 6 PM. Radhika rushes to her room…and he smirks seeing her. Arjun gets ready at by 6 PM exactly and waits for Teji and Radhika. Teji gets ready and joins with him and waits for Radhika. He gets restless to see her in the party wear with full accessories. To not make him wait more, radhika comes down in the stairs. Arjun’s eyesight is completely blocked and his sight zooms one and only Radhika from top to bottom. Rest everything becomes zoomless and he becomes dumbstruck seeing her beauty and charming.

Radhika wears a Red Velvet party wear gown and wears a matching accessories for the same.

She is just looking like a doll and stepping down to the livng hall and stops in the last step after seeing Arjun who is staring her like as if he is gonna swallow her lively. Radhika also losts seeing him in a perfect party wear and she never imagines him in this costume as everyone knows him in a formal way only.

She gets more nervous and binds her hands together. Arjun smiles at her and moves towards her and extends his hands to her. Radhika who just lost herself already gives her hand to him and walks with him. They all 3 reaches the party venue and goes inside. Teji is excited and starts observing the theme, the people everything. he moves to the other side of the party hall. Arjun takes Radhika with him wherever he goes. She feels little uncomfortable when the others stare her with Arjun. Whenever she tries to take her hands from him, he tightens his grip more. The more he tries, the more he tightens it.

The party started and everyone enjoys the slow music and the persons who comes with the partners starts dancing in the center of the stage. Ardhika stands out from the stage and looks at the others dancing. The party organizer calls Arjun also to participate in the dance. Initially he refuses it but due to their compells he accepts and moves towards the stage but stops seeing radhika tries to releases her grip from his hands.

He looks questionly and signs her to come. Radhika nods as No and still tries to get her hand off from him. That’s it…Arjun just pull her in one force and takes her to the stage and makes her stands in the position of keeping his left hand in her waist and puts her right hand on his shoulder and takes her left hand in his right and hold it tightly. Radhika pleads him to leave her and says she doesn’t know dancing.

Arjun stops her blabbering and says in husky voice, “Radhika….just look at my eyes…only my eyes…don’t look at anywhere.” Radhika becomes statue and simply nods yes. The music starts off with a romantic number and Ardhika starts their dance for the music..not only the dance their journey on love has also started with this…

The songs starts…from Movie Parthen Rasithen

Enakena Aerkanavey Piranthaval Ivalo

(She is the one who born for me already)

Ithayathai Kayiru Katti Izhuthaval Ivalo

(And she pulls my heart by tieing the rope)

Oli Sinthum Iru Kangal

(Both eyes are shining)

Uyir Vaangum Siru Ithazghgal

(And the small lips are torturing my life)

En Ulle En Ulle Yethetho Sigirathey

(Something is happening inside me)

Ah.. En Ulle En Ulle Yethetho Sigirathey

(Something is happening inside me)

Athu Ennendru Ariyenadi

(But i don’t know even know what is that?)

En Ulle En Ulle Yethetho Sigirathey

(Something is happening inside me)

Athu Ennendru Ariyendi

(But i don’t know what is that?)

Ora Paarvai Paakum Bothey Uyiril Pathi Illai

(When she gives a side look, half of my life is gone)

Meethi Paarvai Paarkum Thunivu Pethai Nenjil Illai

(She doesn’t have guts to see me face to face)

Enathu Uyirai Kudikkum Urimai Unakkae Unakkae..

(Only u have the rights to drink my life)

Ardhika starts slowly with the movements and as he said, radhika is just looking only his eyes and nowhere else. He pulls her so close to him and cups her face and slowly touches her forehead with his. She feels the hot breathe on her and closes her eyes due tothe closeness. He grabs her waist in both of his hands and makes her to put her hands around his necks. She feels the heat and tries to move away from him..she pushes him and turns to go. He holds hand behind her and slightly twist it and pulls her to his chest. her back touches his chest and she lifts her head and soft pain.

Maarbukku Thirai Ittu Maraikkum Penne, Manasaiyum Maraikkaathey

(You are hiding your body with the screen, but don’t put screen for your heart)

Èn Vayathayum Vathaikkaathey

(Don’t torture my age too)

He pulls her so close to him and her back touches his chest. He releases her hands and he keeps his hands on her shoulder and rolls on her hands till it reaches her palms. His tightens his grip on her palm and slightly gives a push and within a moment he pulls her upwards as it is in the same position. He takes a circle by holding pulling her upwards and he makes her land in the floor and turns her to him. He takes her both hands to his face and holds her hands tightly and keeps his lips on her. The next moment he makes her away and holds her one hand and twirling her all around till the song ends and finally he makes her half lean towards the floor and he keeps his left hand on her waist and holds her another hands. radhika holds his neck tightly and her hairs are flowing like a breeze and stares him lovingly. They share a sensous eyelock and it got disturbed by hearing a loud applause by the surroundings.

Arjun helps her in standing straight. Radhika feels shy and nervous..she runs down from the stage and goes somewhere. before Arjun follows her the crowd captures him and he lost her view on her.

Precap: Radhika is in drunken state and Ardhika’s first kiss.

I hope you all like it….pls let me know your comments for the same.

Manmarziyan – My Impossible Love (Episode 8)


Manmarziyan – My Impossible Love (Episode 8)

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