Manmarziyan- Destiny…Passion …Obsession (Chapter 13)

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Chapter 13

Life is twisted…sometimes it bestows you with things you think you don’t need …but trust me everything happens for a reason…all the people good bad…you meet them for a reason…Neil-Sam are alone from everyone for a reason…Arjun-Radhika met for a reason…but they will realize that later
Arjun reached the parking of Radhika’s flat in his Ferrari…he messaged her to come down…after 5 min she came down…wearing a knee length grey formal skirt with off white shirt hair neatly tied …and wearing thin strap kitten heels sandals…she looked at his car and thought; ‘’bl**dy show off’’ Arjun gave one look to Radhika from head to toe..his POV; ‘’God!!! she is so beautiful and delicate…I feel if I touch her…I might bruise her body…but guess I am the lucky one…she is mine’’

Once Radhika was inside the car he drove off…Radhika was in a awe of Golden Gate building…it was world’s best real estate giant…she felt nervous…she was so novice to all this…Arjun kept his palm on her thin waist and gently pushed her to move…’’Don’t worry…you are brainy enough to handle any kind of work’’

As he completed the formalities and got a temporary ID for Radhika…she noticed the female attention Arjun got…they way his female colleagues …fluttered their lashes and smiled at him showcasing their beautiful painted lips…she shook her head thinking ’’Silly girls’’ Arjun walked Radhika to his cubicle and directed her to the temporary system assigned to her right next to him…as he was briefing her he couldn’t help but notice that whatever girls he had met till date were artificial or interested in his resources…but Bunny she was beautiful real pure…and so flawless…he had a deep urge in his heart to protect her from the world. Radhika quickly got herself busy…Arjun asked her to read everything about the company….Arjun noticed Radhika’s blinking phone…she was completely into her work…he quietly stood behind her and noticed the name it was Jai…his temper was on peak now…he gently disconnected the call but it started again he curled his fingers into a fist…Arjun on pretext of helping Radhika…bend a bit and started explaining her the details to work on …he quietly picked her phone and kept it in his pocket…Arjun on the pretext of a break went to the smoking zone…he checked her call history…Jai had called her at least 50 times and he had been doing this on the daily basis…and no. of missed calls showed that Radhika was not interested in talking to him …but she was interested in talking to somebody by name handsome as that was most dialed and received no. other than her parents….he quickly copied the no. on his phone and dialled…Neil!!!…

Arjun burned…his POV ; ’’What is your relationship with Radhika.. Neil…why she trusts you so much…I don’t want to hurt you my friend…but I can’t leave her now…she is mine’’

As the day ended (both worked for 4-5 hrs being students) Radhika waited at the exit for Arjun…she still had time for her evening lectures and may be sometime in the library…Arjun unlocked the car and asked her to get in…once inside he fired the engine as they came on the road he spoke; ‘’Will drop you to your dorm’’

Radhika; ‘’Please if you can…drop to campus…I can take 2 classes and work in the library’’

Arjun was all surprised; ‘’you will climb the ladder of that library wearing a skirt…I didn’t knew it was a day for a free show’’

Radhika was furious; ‘’You are crude and shameless…none of your business…this is my body…I will decide what to hide and what to show’’

Arjun gripped the steering hard….he didn’t like her words…but he held himself back…he still cannot claim the right on her…he was not even a friend for her…but one day he will tell her that she belonged to him Arjun closed his eyes and took a deep breath to control his anger. He dropped her outside the building but did not respond to her farewell greetings…he drove off without a glance… Radhika just cursed under the breath; ’’Rude’’.

Arjun’s mind was still on Jai’s continuous calls to Radhika…and according Rana Jai wanted to marry Radhika but she seemed not be interested but her interest did not matter to Arjun …she belonged to him ..…so first Jai should be eliminated…then he will slowly take her away from Neil

Arjun dialed Rana he jumped looking at Arjun’s name; ‘’Get me all details on Jai Khanna…all means all…soon and I need details on Radhika’s family and friends too’’

Arjun POV; ‘’Slowly I will remove everyone from my way’’

Mumbai India Khanna Residence

Jai banged his phone…he thought hoe dare she ignore him…she disconnected his call 5 times today…where was she so busy… he pulled a picture of Radhika from his cupboard placed it on the bed he lowered himself on the picture said to the picture; ‘’Once I marry you…you will walk, talk smile and cry on my will…I will punish you for all the times you ignored me…denied me your time…I won’t even let the sunlight touch your skin…because your skin will be covered with my touch…you will be soon lying on my bed…same way as your picture….’’ Jai madly kissed Radhika picture and threw himself on the bed laughing thinking eventually he will win.

Samrat who had seen this behavior of Jai from the window was really worried…Jai was losing himself…and now it was very clear that Radhika was not interested in him…he had to do something before things go out of hand

Singapore University Campus

Neil had decided…he will no more be rude to Sam…even if she doesn’t love him back…he will live the best 6 months of his life with her…and cherish the moments…after their classes Neil was waiting for Sam to come…he was chatting with Hanna standing next to his car…Sam saw him enjoying with Hanna…her smile faded…she had decided…she will no more pester Neil…she quietly moved towards the car and exchanged polite greetings with Hanna…and sat inside the car…after some moments of discussion…Neil also took his place and they drove off…after few minutes Neil started the conversation; ‘’So Sammy how was your day?’’

Sam with a smile; ‘’Good how about you’’

Neil; ‘’Great!!!…best day till date actually’’

Sam thought Neil must have got a positive response from Hanna and he is happy about it she smiled and replied; ‘’Wow..that sounds good’’

Neil; ‘’Hanna is throwing a party this weekend and wants us to join…let’s go shopping…buy something good for you’’

Sam; ‘’Neil you go …I would prefer staying at home…’’

Neil; ‘’No you are coming…that’s final..we will buy a funky outfit for you…I want you to be the best girl on the floor That day’’

Sam; ‘’Ok let’s shop’’ Sam had agreed for Neil’s happiness but inside she felt she lost him to Hanna…but was happy that Neil was smiling.

Neil bought a beautiful one shoulder maxi dress for Sam with pearl earrings…once back home he asked her to try it on…Sam came out wearing the gown…Neil was mesmerized…she looked like a princess…Neil quickly controlled himself and playfully smiled; ‘’Sammy you look cute…let me take a picture of yours’’…Sam readily agreed for the picture…she posed for it…; ‘now I will be happy in what makes you happy Neil…your smile is so precious for me’ Neil clicked the picture and thought; ’Sammy…even if I never get your love…I will cherish these moments till I live…I love you Sam…wish I could show you how much’ They smiled at each other in a friendly way hiding all their emotions deep in their heart

Arjun’s Apartment…New York 10:00 PM

Arjun quickly showered…and dressed in a casual track pant…and a t-shirt he prepared himself a drink and leisurely sat in front of the television…but he could not divert his mind from what Radhika…said that she would do anything to her body as per her will….why was this simple sentence troubling him…the more he was trying to be good to her…the more she was testing his patience…Arjun smashed the glass on the floor and stood in the balcony to absorb the cool wind…yes he felt hurt today; ‘Bunny…one day I will tell you that you belong to me…from head to toe… each breath…your soul… in some days I will own each second of your life’

Anna’s Dorm

Radhika was reading…she suddenly realized she was very rude to ARjun…whatever he said was true she wasn’t appropriately dressed to work in the library…she picked her phone and dialled …Arjun answered after 3 trials; ‘’Yes Radhika’’

Radhika; ‘’Wow no bunny today…guess I should irritate you more’’

Arjun loved her voice…it was like wind chimes…he couldn’t help, he smiled; ‘’Any reason for calling this late’’

Radhika; ‘’To say sorry…I was rude…Sorry…am I forgiven’’

Arjun; ‘’Who am I to forgive you…I am not even your friend I should have been in my limits’’ he smirked

Radhika; ‘’you are one Melodrama queen…fine it was my fault…I was not appropriately dressed to work in the library…I was rude…SORRY…now am I forgiven…..please’’

Arjun kept quiet for a second then spoke; ‘’Yes bunny you are…will pick you tomorrow…goodnight’’

Radika irritated; ‘’Bunny!!!…you started again…well you won’t give up…fine will irritate you to the core…you don’t know me…goodnight no scary night to you’’

Arjun smiled…she was smart…fiery…difficult …childish….but amazingly cute…she had so much life around her…Arjun took a deep breath opened his arms…to him it seemed someone just gave him his life back…he had no plan how to get her…he just wanted her to trust him once and he will never break her trust…yes he loved her.

Neil’s House India

Mala had come down to meet Prema…they were having tea and snacks together…they discussed about the well being of there children…Prema desperately wanted to know about Mala’s opinion on Neil and Radhika’s match…she decided to ask now

Prena; Mala how is Radhika doing…’’

Mala; ‘’Good busy with her job classes…but misses RYTHYM and her two friends..’’

Prerna; ‘’I know they are quite close to each other…if you don’t mind I wanted to ask something’’

Mala; ‘’Why are you hesitating…we are friends go on’’

Prerna; ‘’Mala I have always liked Radhika as a student and also as a human you think Radhika will ever think about Neil as a life partner’’

Mala was surprised…but happy…Neil was a kind of boy that any mother would want her daughter to have…she gently ask; ’’But he loves Sam’’

Prerna; ‘’Sam loves Arjun Mehra…and I can’t see Neil in Pain…I know Jai is interested in Radhika but I also know that Radhika is not interested in Jai…its my request whenever you think about Radhika’s marriage…please consider Neil too’’

Mala; ‘’But Neil and Radhika…their bond is different…I don’t know if this would be correct …and don’t know how will Neil Radhika react to this’’

Prerna; ‘’Their bond is unique…they understand each other like no on can…please think about it once…and about Neil and Radhika…we can make them understand when the time is right’’

Mala smiled and nodded…she was happy that she wouldn’t have to work very hard to find a groom for Radhika…now it is only Radhika’s opinion which was required


Neil was ready for college but Sam was taking too much time; ‘’Sammy…today’s classes have to be taken today…they won’t re schedule for us again…please hurry up’’
Sam all annoyed came out; Neil…I have gained weight I am not fitting into my jeans…I will look ugly…I am depressed’’
Neil banged his head; ‘’Sammy we will talk about that in the evening…right now just wear something else..we are late’’ Sam curled her lip…Neil gave up he cupped her cheeks looked into her eyes and spoke softly; ‘’Lean or fat…jeans or sari…Sammy you are the cutest creature in this universe….you are more beautiful than the word itself…and I don’t care how you look at yourself and how does the world looks at you…for Neil Sam will be the best’’ Sam jumped in happiness and hugged Neil…he cuddled her like a kid…gently patted her cheek and said; ‘’Now go an come out fast’’

Sam POV; ‘No one has ever praised me the way you do…not even my family…I don’t want to lose your friendship’
People are funny…Sam has the best guy in the world but she in running behind Arjun… ………
Radhika who never seemed interested in love has guys raining on her…Jai Arjun and now by Prerna grace Neil…how will this effect Radhika…she not interested in any of them…if you ask me what would I do if I was Radhika …well I would have packed my bags and would have taken first train to Himalayas ?

Manmarziyan- Destiny…Passion …Obsession (Chapter 13)


Manmarziyan- Destiny…Passion …Obsession (Chapter 13)


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