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The Episode starts with Viplav, Dhaani and their family watching a couple dancing on the song Mohe Rang Do Naa…….during the maha bhoj function. Dhaani imagines dancing with Viplav and smiles. Raja imagines dancing with Raj Lakshmi….on the same song. Shalu calls Raja and he comes out of his imagination. She asks how am I looking? Raja says good, and asks her to meet her friends. He thinks Maharani is signing him to come, and goes after her. Viplav asks Dhaani to follow Raja and Raj Lakshmi, and take care of the latter. He comes to her…Raj Lakshmi says I thought you are busy with your wife….Raja says no…She says here it is too hot. Raja rotates the hand fan and thinks she is trap and thinks to play with her. Dhaani sees them. Just then Kanak comes and what is she doing here and who will make arrangements for food. She asks her to come inside. Dhaani goes inside.

Raja tells Raj Lakshmi that he tried but couldn’t tell her about his feelings. He says I wish I would have get a life partner like you, I wish I would not have been married. He holds her hand. Viplav asks Shalu to come with him. He sees Dhaani and thinks it seems they have reached the room. Raj Lakshmi asks Raja what are you doing? Raj Lakshmi says we shall go to Viplav’s room and talk. Viplav takes Shalu to room. Shalu says nobody is here….I am going? Raja tells Raj Lakshmi that he knows some other place where nobody comes. Raj Lakshmi gets tensed. Viplav signs Dhaani asking her where is Raj Lakshmi. Dhaani nods no, as she is unaware. Kanak asks Dhaani to go.

Raja takes Raj Lakshmi to some room in Viplav’s house, and says nobody will come here. Raj Lakshmi says I think your wife is looking for you to do puja.Raja says puja can happen at any time. Raja says my head is paining and asks can you do this for me. Raj Lakshmi coughs and throws her necklace to give sign to Viplav. She says her neck was paining and that’s why she threw it somewhere. Raja asks where? Raj Lakshmi asks why you are worrying for that cheap necklace. Raja says okay and takes her to room. He locks the room and says finally we are here and can atleast talk here peacefully. Raj Lakshmi says I think your wife might be searching you. Raja says no, he says she must be resting in room. He gets closer to Raj Lakshmi and says since I day I have seen you, I have become yours.

Dhaani serves the maha bhoj to the people. Kanak comes there, asks Dhaani to make the guest have food fast as others guests are waiting. Dhaani says she is looking for Viplav as he didn’t have anything since morning. Kanak says you are telling me now, my son is hungry and you are feeding these beggars. A poor lady looks at her. Kanak asks them to have food. The lady says you are very lucky to have beautiful and good bahu. Dhaani thanks her and asks her to bless her. The lady blesses her for happy married life. Kanak gets irked and goes.

Viplav comes to Dhaani and asks her to come with him. Dhaani refuses to come, and says she has to attend the guests. Viplav asks her to understand. He calls Kanak…Kanak says what you are doing here? Viplav asks Kanak to take care of the guests and says he is taking Dhaani with him as he has some important work with her. Guest asks Kanak to give some rice. Kanak serves unwillingly. Dhaani asks about Raj Lakshmi. Viplav says it seems Raja have taken Raj lakshmi somewhere. They couldn’t be seen in the entire house. He says I will search them. Dhaani worries for her and asks him to call her if he finds her. Raj Lakshmi opens the windows. Raja asks why you are feeling hot when there is AC and fan. Raj Lakshmi throws her stuff from the window. Viplav worries for her and thinks nothing should happen to her. Raja asks her not to worry as there is nobody here.

Viplav picks the stuff and thinks Raj Lakshmi is here. He sees her through the open window. Raja asks why you are worrying? Raj Lakshmi hugs him. Viplav signs her to give him 2 mins. Viplav calls Dhaani. Raj Lakshmi says I feel scared sometimes. She asks him to excuse her for few mins and goes. Raja gets happy and thinks he will have fun today. Raj Lakshmi goes to washroom and is tensed. Dhaani brings Shalu there and says Raja is not in the house. Viplav joins them and says he has search in the entire house. Viplav says I didn’t check in this room.

Raja knocks on the washroom and asks Maharani ji if you are fine. Raj Lakshmi gets shocked as her wig falls down and she couldn’t set it right. Shalu knocks on the door and asks him if he is here. Raja asks Maharani not to open door, until he asks her. Raja opens the door. Shalu asks what are you doing in this room and asks many questions. Raja says why are you asking me many questions? Just then they hear voice coming from the washroom. Shalu insists to see the washroom. Viplav opens the door and sees nobody inside.

Viplav tells Dhaani that Raja is a womanizer and his sister’s heart would break. He shows the video of Raja and Maharani to Shalu, Dasharath and Kanak…They are shocked. Raja’s mum comes there. Viplav shows video to her also. Dhaani says I know you are with him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 10th April 2016 –


Ishq Ka Rang Safed 10th April 2016 –


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