SWASAN – you are MINE! chapter 30

SWASAN – you are MINE! chapter 30

helloe guys an early update….as I said I will not be updating for tommarow so enjoy this…and thank a lot for you comments it really menas a lot….keep supporting me…there is a small raglak scene in this chapte…hope you like it…

Sanskar’s POV:


“What are you doing here?”

“I- I was looking for Lakshya.” She stutters.

“He is not in house.”

“Oh! Yeah…. right. I forgot.” She forced a smile and turn to go back.

“How much you have heard?”

“Almost everything.” She turned back.

“I see.”

“You’re not angry?” She asked hesitantly.

What these girls think of me??? I am not Hulk ….

“No! It’s just….. I don’t want you girls to know about our work.”

” Means all this…. these human trafficking things are true?”I nodded.

“And you guys are not….. um….Mafia or Gangster?” I chuckled on her confusion and shook my head in negative
“So why you guys are pretending to be?”

“I would suggest you to ask this to your husband.” We both start walking to living room.

“If he wanted to tell me, he would have told earlier.” She made a displease face.

“Yes, he would if I wouldn’t have stopped him.”

“But why you don’t want us to know?”

“The world we live in and the things we hear and see is probably the society’s ugliest reality. I don’t want to scare you both.”

“Thank you Sanskar.”

“Wait!… Sanskar? Is that how you’re going to call your friend’s husband?” I tease her to lighten the mood. I don’t want girls to take tension about our work.

“……um…Sanskar bhai?”

“Too common and I already have too many sisters.”

Everyone call me Sanskar bhai except Nats….

“Ah! I know …. I’ll call you Dulha Bhai…hows that.”

“What? No way.”

“Yes way! I have made my mind.” She held her chin up.

“You’re just like Lakshya.” I say in amusement.

“What do you mean.”

“You both have weird taste in names ….. like Lakshya calls Shona tigress now you are calling me Dulha Bhai.” I say sitting on sofa.

“There is a story behind him calling Shona a tigress.” She chuckled.

“Really…? What is it?” I got excited.

“Shona never had interest in animals and she especially doesn’t like cats, maybe because everyone sometimes called her as Mano, shes not less than a cat after all…ha (toddlers often use Mano to call cats because it Meows). Lakshya use to have a cat when I was in tenth grade and Swara was in ninth. The cat was healthy and a bit unusual and Swara mistook it as a baby tiger, when she first saw it, she was afraid to go near it. She wasn’t convinced of it being a cat until she heard its meow.” She chuckled with a distant look on her face, “since than Lakshya calls her tigress.”

“Oh! I didn’t know she is that……” I stop myself in middle when I realize I was about to say my wife stupid in front of her best friend.

“Stupid!” Ragini complete my sentence with an amused smile.

“Just because she is feisty doesn’t make her clever. Shona is simple, sometimes to the point where you consider her stupid, but she has s very gentle heart. This is really admirable.”

And which is not for me……

I got up feeling bitterness in me.

“Ragini! I need a favour from you.”


“Don’t tell Shona anything. Not about what you have heard and not what Lakshya is going to tell you.”

“Swara deserves to know the truth.” She protests.

“Truth loses its worth when you’re wanted to cling to lie…… let her figure things out on her own…. it will be easy for her to believe.” With that I left the house giving strict instructions to guards. I need to finish my work before tomorrow.

Swara’s POV:

I woke up again….early in the morning….stupid habit….and found my other side empty. My eyes scan the room but found nothing that could prove his presence in room. He has a bad habit of putting his wet towel on couch after bath, but there wasn’t anything on it now.

He didn’t come last night…..

I felt a bit uneasy feeling but shrugged it off soon and went to bathroom. After I came out the door swings open and Sanskar came in looking extremely tired. Our eyes met and I abruptly lower my gaze but I could sense his eyes on me for long before he went to washroom to freshen up. He came back and lay down on bed. I Was about to leave the room when he call me.

“Please bring me a glass of water.” He says with his eyes closed.


I bring a whole bottle and glass instead of just a glass of water. He usually drink more than two glass of water whenever he comes from outside.

Looking at the bottle he raised his brows but didn’t say anything and took both bottle and glass from my hand. As expected, he drank three glasses and put it on side board.
“Do you have few moments?” He asked me out of nowhere.

“Huh?…..Ah.. Yes?”

Why he is asking???

And the next I got the answer when he suddenly pulled me by my arm and spun me over to other side of him. Before my mind could register what happened, I felt his heavy arm on my stomach encircling me, his warm chest on my back, his leg on my legs and his face right beside me.

What the hell???

He held me so tight that I couldn’t move.

“What are you doing?” I yelled at him, trying to move.

“You said you have free time. So, I want to borrow it. Please be hugging pillow for now.” He kissed my side face.

“N-no. Leave me.” I said but it was no use. He didn’t answer me and soon his breathing become light and steady.

Is he already asleep???

I shook his arm on me but no answer. He is asleep …

I gave up struggling and quietly lay there but I am unable to calm myself. As his breath is creasing my side neck and his stubble tickling the back of my neck.

Why did I tie my hairs in a bun???
We both arrived to hospital in his black Prado and with three guards. He leads me to the room where Papa is and I couldn’t gather the courage to stop him from coming with me.

I am afraid that if I say something, he will drag me back and won’t let me meet them. So, I let everything to god.

He knocked the door and after hearing ‘come in’ he opens the door for me. I walked in silently praying that he won’t follow me but my pray got unheard. When I hear him greeting my parents.

I squeeze my eyes and open them to see Ma’s wide eyes filled with terror. I quickly give her a hug mumbling a Hello. She hugged me back tightly. I walk to Papa who was sleeping and kissed his forehead. He slowly opens his eyes.

” Papa.”

“Swara….” A bright smile forms on his face. He tried to get up but I told him not to. He makes me sit beside his and kissed my hand again and again.

“How are you meri beti?”

“All fine. But what have you done to yourself?” I hold his hand in my both hands.

“Nothing beta! The guilt of not saving you is eating me alive…. I am a failure as a father.” He said dejectedly.

“From whom you want to save my wife Sasur-ji?” I heard Sanskar’s voice.

I totally forgot about him.

We both look up to the corner of room. He was leaning against the window frame, while Ma is looking wide eyes, back and forth between us.

He is looking more dominating than usual and a bit dangerous too. This is not good for both Papa and Ma.

“Why he is here?” Papa asks me holding my hand tightly.

“Why wouldn’t be I be here? It’s my duty to take my wife where she wants to go.” He says before I could answer.

I glared at him but he totally ignores me. No one say anything after that. Papa closes his eyes, holding my hand to his chest and Ma came closer and embrace me.

She smells like home cooking ….!

I really feel like crying but it won’t do any good. Closing my eyes I stay in her embrace for a while. Totally ignoring Sanskar’s presence.

Ma left me when we heard a knock on door and a doctor came in. He froze for a moment seeing Sanskar in room but soon recovers from it and greeted him. Sanskar also answer him, nodding his head.

The doctor done Papa’s check-up and Sanskar asks doctor about Papa’s health which was really unlike him and went outside for a call.

As soon as he left the room Ami dragged me to seats.

“Shona tell me the truth. Did he force you to marry him?” She asked holding my both hands.


What else I could say???

“Then why did you marry him?”

“Ma please don’t ask any questions.” I pleaded.

“Don’t ask? Why? My only daughter is married to a killer and living with him and you want me not to ask how you are doing?” She got emotional.

“Sorry Ma, I didn’t want to hurt your feelings. But believe me, I am fine.” I put pressure on her hand.

“Don’t lie to me. If you are fine than why do you have bags under your eyes? Why did you lose your weight?”

“It’s nothing Ma, I told you I am fine.”

“Shona! Tell us. We are your parents.” This time it was Papa.

“Yes Shona, you can tell them that I don’t tie you to bed whenever I go out or give you three time food and never ever hit you.”


All of us turned to door and found Sanskar standing.

“What he is saying is true?” Ami ask in horror.

“What Ma?” I still don’t understand what he said and why he said.

“That he hit you and ties you up?”

“Huh? No Ma. It’s not true.” I panicked.

“You’re lying.”

“No Ami why would I lie to you?”

“Shona tell us the truth. Does he hit you?” Papa says in anger.

“No Papa he didn’t.” I rushed over to him and hold his hand.

“Isn’t it admirable Sasur-Ji how my wife covers up for me?” He said coming near to bed.

What is wrong with him????

“Come on love! Time to leave.” He whispered in my ear.

Maybe Papa have guessed what he said as his grip tightened on my hand.

“My daughter is not going with you.”

“Last time I check, she is my wife and I have right to take her home with me.” Standing just behind me he held me with my arms which I quickly jerked away.

“Shona I don’t want to create a scene here, so why don’t you be a good girl and come with me? I am already late.” He whispers again.

“But I haven’t met bhai yet.” I said.

” I’ll be waiting outside. You only have five minutes.” He says strictly.

“It’s nice meeting you Mother and Father-in-law. We will visit you soon when you get better. Bye.” With that he left the room, leaving the three of us in uncomfortable silence.

Ragini POV:

I don’t understand why these black eagles act to be the people who they are not….trying to be bad when they are good…understanding them is really difficult…..lakshya has been over protective since the incident of the stairs. It’s been a long time since that incident but he still takes care of me like a child…..it’s like the lakshya I loved is back…the caring and the gentle lakshya….seeing his care, I cant stop myself from thinking about him….i mean I don’t feel scared of him anymore, especially after hearing Sanskar’s talk today. They are not bad they just pretend to bed….but why….i was lost in deep thoughts when lakshya came into the room with a glass of milk….since the incident he forces me to drink milk cuz he think I weak and that why I slipped….he sat next to me on the bed with a bright smile on his face….but it’s hard for me to forget what he did with me…he forced me…forced into everything…marriage and accepting the relation…but on other hand his care is proving me wrong….saying I should accept him…give him a chance…

‘‘here drink this milk….and what are you thinking about”

‘‘ah…nothing…just thinking how complicated you black eagle are’’

‘‘really…and what made you think this…’’

‘‘I know about your work….i found out what type of work you people do..’’

‘‘hmmm…and how did you find out’’ he gave a questioning look

‘‘I overheard Sanskar conversation with samrad when I was searching for you’’

‘‘hmm..bad manner.. Listening to people talk….anyways drink this milk…and sleep you need rest.. .’’I took the glass and finished it in one go as I know he wouldforce me anyways…

‘‘I am fine…and r you not angry…’’

‘‘angry about what….you had to find out one day… now at least you will think positive about me……and not consider me as killers…’’

I was speechless. He’s right I always thought him to be killers and a heartless animal…..i just stared at him…while he did the same..

‘‘what…don’t look at me like that…now sleep…’’he said planning a soft kiss on my forehead…I don’t know why but I didn’t wanted him to sleep soon…just sit there look at him…was it because I felt guilty for misunderstanding him and hurting him …I don’t know….what it is …but…he was about to go but I held his hand…making him shocked and he immediately turned to look at me…

‘‘please stay here until I sleep’’I said in a pleading and as he sat back down I put my head on his warm chest…he was still shocked and looking at me surprised.. I don’t know why I felt my heart heavy and felt like crying…

‘‘are you okay..Ragini…’’ he said cupping my face with concern and making me to look at him..

‘‘umhum..i am fine…just ne-‘’ he cut me off…

‘‘it’s okay sleep…I will stay here with you…’; he placed another kiss on my forehead again. Indicating he is with me.. He rested his back on the beds backboard for support. And I rested my head on his chest and half my body on his…I don’t know when I fell into peaceful sleep…..

thank you hope you enjoyed….

SWASAN – you are MINE! chapter 30


SWASAN – you are MINE! chapter 30

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