maasoon ko kuchalane…. intro

hey guys I am back …and tisha..congrats you gonna complete 100 episodes and all the best for your new one.I really missed you a lot guys.and sowmiya ,you didn’t upload ur ff for one week.I was sad and I read your latest episode…osum yaar.and surbhi…great one….I too missed your ff …and new people like aditi, arjun,pavi ,zuya and all….akshaya and many more.I could not remember as I am not that much bright …..and at last after the completion of my second year…I want to start fresh…my life …In telly updates.hope you all will understand

and coming to my topic….maasoon ko kuchalane. ….it means innocent crush…yes I know you people are thinking about abhigya…but there is three more pairs…it’s mix of swaragini and kumkum bhagya and kasam TERI pyaar ki…kasam is good guys…nice story…I was attracted by it.

coming to my story..
it reveals about the lives of
abhi- pragya

each pair has a different type of love story.
abhi ….a great rockstar but hates love.though he sings popular songs like happy love but he hates love.
rishi….abhi ‘s brother. he is just opposite to abhi he wants to find a true women of his life.abhi will say he is mad.

laksh – a young man who is cool.he likes to be friendly with all
sanskar….laksh’s brother. he is so innocent and wants to become a big business man.

pragya…a pretty lovely girl who cares for all.
tanu….pragya’s childhood friend.she lost her parents in an accident.she lives with pragya and her family.

swara…a sweet charming girl who cares for her sister
ragini…sister of swara…loves to be friendly…

ha…..I am finished…so please drop your comments.I am preparing this story but I want to know about your wish.and also I will not stop this because it’s a real story..I crossed in my I want to share with you all.I will update tomorrow itself as I have exams tomorrow….

ok guys….I think intro is enough tomorrow.

maasoon ko kuchalane…. intro


maasoon ko kuchalane…. intro


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