One More Chance- Once Again (BI, PKHJD, MATSH, DYM) Intro

One More Chance- Once Again (BI, PKHJD, MATSH, DYM) Intro


Hi I am RANDOMFAN aka Fatarajo. I have wrote FF before. And I have wrote on PKHJD before. I really wanted to write a FF on Beintehaa, Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi and Manmarziyan. But as my lessons will resume this week, I have decided to combine them and write on FF. I miss these shows a lot and I feel they deserve one more chance thats why I named this FF One More Chance- Once Again. I am also writing another ff which is also a combination of 4 shows but 4 on air shows. Its named The Strange and Full of Krazyness Story. I published its introduction yesterday. And I will publish this once a week too.

The story of my fan fiction will be more of suspense than a romantic saga. Main focus is suspense followed by romance. In my this fan fiction it will have a general storyline. But a lot of suspense will be there. And also twists and turns. I hope you all will like it. The morale of my story will be that love deserves a chance at times basicalky love just happens at any situations and its possible. I will add romance but more of suspense will be there,

Abdullah family
Abdullah family is a rich famiky based in Mumbai.Here in Abdullah family, Rizwan who is the son of Zain’s father’s friend lives here with his adopted sister, Ishani.

Zain, 25 (Beintehaa)
Zain Abdullah is the only son of the Abdullah family. He is naughty, mischievous, and a big flirt. Ishani always scolds and taunts him. He still doesn’t pay heed to her. He is quite weird and strange too. He is closest to his cousin, Rizwan. He is not interested in the family business at all. He loves boxing a lot, he have a hidden dream.

Rizwan, 31 ( Pyaar Ko Ho Jaane Do)
Rizwan Khan is the son of Zain’s father’s friend. He is a Pakistani and since his parents death he is alone. Zain’s father found Rizwan after many years and they let Rizwan live with them. Rizwan has a dark past but no one besides his adopted sister Ishani knows about it. He is not interested in marrying anyone as he loves someone else. He shares all his feelings with Zain and Ishani, he helps Usman in handling the business,

Ishani, 22 (Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi)
Ishani Khan is the adopted sister of Rizwan. She is the only one who knows about Rizwan’s dark past and always consoles him. Ishani lost her family in an accident, and since then Rizwan is taking care of her. Even Ishani is hiding something which Rizwan himself also doesn’t know, She always fights with Zain. She is very sweet. When Rizwan met Abdullah family, Ishani was with him. Ishani is the most pampered member in the family. She follows the Hindu culture as she is Hindu.

Other characters(some episodes only)
Usman (Beintehaa)
Usman Abdullah is the father of Zain and also the best friend of Rizwan’s father who is a Pakistani. He considers Rizwan as his son. He never discrimiantes between them. He also pampers Ishani a lot. He wants his sister’s daughter Aliya to marry his son. He is nice, but professinally he’s quite strict.

Suraiya (Beintehaa)
Suraiya Abdullah is the mother of Zain, she likes Rizwan and Ishani. she is positive but a little grey shaded, but she is good. She pampers Zain the most, but she doesn’t likes Aliya at all as she have problems with Aliya’s mom and dad. She is very socialized and also professional.

Hooda family
Hooda family is based in Mumbai and also a rich family. The nephew of the family, Ishan passes away which makes the family sad, Preet the wife of Ishan lives with them and after Ishan’s death, Arjun is handling the family business.

Preet, 28 (Pyaar Ko Ho Janne Do)
Preet Hooda is the wife of Ishan Hooda. She is taking care of the entire family since Ishan’s death. She is a widow and have a daugher, Kavya. She knows that her husband’s death was not an accident. She is happy with taking care of the family, but in actual she is very sad. And she loves her. husband a lot and won’t allow anyone else to take his place.

Arjun, 26 (Manmarziyan)
Arjun Hooda is the elder cousin of Ishan. He considers Preet as his own sister as Preet takes good care of him. He is arrogant and quite strict. But he have a soft corner for his family, The only person that can understand him are his friend and sister, Preet. He knows that Preet is not happy and he have promised himself that he will make sure the person responsible for Ishan and his family’s death gets punished. He is very close to Kavya

Other characters(some episodes only)
Bade Papa (Pyaar Ko Ho Jaane Do)
He is the uncle of Ishan and father of Arjun.He is sad after Ishan’s demise. After Ishan’s death, Arjun is helping him out with the family business. He knows only Ishan or someone else can make the family happy again. He wants Preet to get remarried. He is a good friend of Usman Abdullah.

Bade Mami (Pyaar Ko Ho Janne do)
She is the aunt of Ishan and mother of Arjun. She takes care of the family and tries to help Preet if she needs anything, she also believes Preet should get remarried. She takes care of Kavya too. She is very sweet and loving.

Kavya (Pyaar Ko Ho Janne Do)
Kavya is the only daughter of Preet and Ishan. She misses Ishan a lit, and she can’t see Preet in tears. She is cute and chubby. She wants her family to be happy and wants a dad. She is the only one who can make Hooda family smile. She shares her feelings with her uncle, Arjun.

Vaghela family
Vaghela family is a middle class family based in Bhopal. They are a small and happy family but even then
Ranveer, 26 (Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi)
Ranveer Vaghela is the only son in the family and is the bread earner in the family. He likes to drive cars and also handle finance, he is an accountant. He wants to do big so that he wont face problems in making sure his sister get married . He have a big secret which he and his dad knows and that always breaks his heart, and gives him sleepless nights.

Radhika, 23(Manmarziyan)
Radhika Vaghela is the younger daughter in the family. She is cute, bubbly and chripy. She loves to write and wants to be a writer. But for her family always comes first, she feels her family is sad due to financial problems not other reasons. She wants to achieve high in the future and be a successful writer. She is closest to her brother, Ranveer and best friend and neighbor.

Other characters (some episodes only)
Mala (Manmarziyan)
She is the mother of Ranveer and Radhika, she loves her children a lot and wishes the best happens with them. She only wants them to stay happy. She loves to pamper her children by feeding them with her own hands. She knows how to stop Ranveer and Radhika from fighting.

Kailash (Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi)
He is the father of Ranveer and Radhika, and he always encourages them. He pampers Radhika a lot. He knows about Ranveer’s past which is hidden from Mala and Radhika. He is worried about his family, and he wants Radhika and Ranveer to complete their studies so that they have a bright future.

Qureshi family
Only Aliya’s mother is Aliya’s family and they live in Bhopal.
Aliya, 24 (Beintehaa)
Aliya Qureshi is the best friend and neighbor of Radhika. She is also Zain’s cousin. And Zain always calls her Mammu ki Bhanji. She hates Zain a lot. She shares everything with Radhika. She takes care of her entire household and tries to help everyone. She likes to do makeup a lot.She is very close to Preet, and always stay in touch with her as they both stay at different places. She wants to meet her Mamu she sees him in video chat,

Other characters (some episodes only)
Shabana (Beintehaa)
Shabana Qureshi is the mother of Aliya and she is a single mother to Aliya and brought her up single-hand after Aliya’s dad death.She is always worried about Aliya but she is very sweet. She is hidding something from Aliya and is quite protective about her, she is scared of her sister-in-law Suraiya.

Promo 1: A girl is shown taking care her entire household, and then her mom calls her out ‘Aliya’. Aliya’s face is shown. And then Aliya’s mom introduces Aliya to a married couple by saying they are newly married. Aliya thinks in her mind who will be my Shawhar will he be my Mr.Perfect. On the other hand, a guy is shown very naughty and spolit and he is none other than Zain. And while walking, he collides with a girl and her dupatta falls on his face, Yeh Ishq Hain plays he gets irritated and as he removes it, Aliya and Zain look at each other angrily, and as they were about to go they collide they look at angrily and they both walk on opposite directions.

Promo 2: A guy is shown smiling as he sees his uncle and his family, and he thinks in his mind, “I don’t know how to thank you!”. That guy is Rizwan. He is shown as a typical businessman busy in his work all the time. Later while going to sleep he looks at the family photo, and says “But what will happen when you all will get to know my truth.” Later, a lady which is Preet is seen taking care of a family and as she serves tea to her mother-in-law who tells her that she should get remarried. She says I will never get remarried and leaves. Rizwan and Preet’s face is shown as they think while sleeping what will happen. Kabira plays.

Promo 3: A guy is shown taking care of his family. He is none other than Ranveer. He teases his sister, and his father holds his ears. Ranveer says this is not fair and his mother comes and supports him. Later while his mom is feeding him and his sister and the sister says who will feed me like this after I get married, the mother says I will make sure the person you both get married to feeds you both. Ranveer’s expression changes to sad. At night he sleeps and he looks at a picture and says I am sorry I am your criminal but my love is only for you. And a tear drops from his eyes. Later, a girl is shown and she looks as someone calls out Ishani. Ishani is walking and while talking to her friends about love she thinks in her mind who will be her love?

Promo 4: A girl is shown cute and bubbly, while a guy is shown strict and arrogant. The girl is none other than Radhika and the guy is none other than Arjun. While Radhika is talkative, Arjun is not talkative at all. Radhika loves to enjoy life, while Arjun is always busy in his life. One day while Arjun is in the car, he looks at a girl enjoying and getting wet in the rain, which is none other than Radhika. Arjun says what kind of girl is this? She dosnt even care the fact she may fall sick. I pity the guy who wil marry her. Arjun drives the car, and accidentally due to his driving mud gets splashed on Radhika. Radhika says Excuse me. And the car goes away. Radhika says what kind of guy is this? He didn’t even apologize to me. I wonder who will marry him? Radhika gets angry.

I hope you all like it. If I get enough comments and also lots of positive response I will continue with this fan fiction. Whether I will continue with this fan fiction or not I will inform it by Wednesday, and if I continue I will publish the first episode on Saturday, 16 April or Sunday 17 April.
Please do feel free to express your options.

One More Chance- Once Again (BI, PKHJD, MATSH, DYM) Intro


One More Chance- Once Again (BI, PKHJD, MATSH, DYM) Intro

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