Pyaar ki story kb (Episode 6) Part 3

As per ur com guys i am giving 3rdpart of this epi&haan guys i’ll unite abhigya as soon as possible but aft some emotional twists the epi starts with abhi narrating the whole inc 2hi frd in meantime he felt sleepy so he slept where the 3had already slept&now it was earmor 3.45am pragya was sleeping suddenly she wokeup with a jerk,P:i just met him yesterday but tday i am getting a drm like this how rubbish,at the same time in abhis room he was sleeping but at that time a small smile was appearing at the corner of his lips which turned into a huge one[haan guys ur guess is right they both r having same dreams&amp

their dream was abt abhigyas marriage],P:wht a weird drm did i got it was totally unbelivable pragya now a days ur growing mad abt crazy thoughts,saying this she gently patted her head at the back then it was morning the time was 7am now abhi woke up with a huge smile over his face,A:oh no!!! is it a drm if i had knew it b4 waking i would haven’t waked atall but its ok yaar as it will be true oneday my boy

Pyaar ki story kb (Episode 6) Part 3


Pyaar ki story kb (Episode 6) Part 3


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