swaragini analysis

swaragini analysis: bashers just go hell

I’m here for requesting people’s to stop interfering in others life and stop bashing actors.. you can criticize swara ya ragini.. but you are no one to criticize helly or tejaswi.. who give the right to criticize them? how many of you know them personally? did any one of you see them earlier? how could you spread some nasty comments on a person whom you don’t see atleast once? it shows that you are not educated narrow minded person with no humanity.. people like animals only can spread some dirty comments of others personal life.. helly and tejaswi equally talented equally beautiful equally good souls.. they are more than soul sisters in real life.. if they know their fans spreading such news they will surely hate that fan.. hellu and tej loves each other so much.. they even confessed it.. you will not see any actress from any other show have such an amazing bpnd.. they have no ego or jealousy on each other..but their so called fans fighting like idiots..their fans jealous on each other..

just think if someone bash you like this how will you feel? these so called fans have no other job to do.. these fabs definitely depends on their parents for money..but helly and tejaswi are independent and strong in this small age..these fans bashing only increses their popularity.. god willbless them more when these people bash them..they have a better life and they have a great future.. but these fans reach no where and satisfy themselves with their bashing on others.. these people who are bashing and spreading these nasty comments will suffer.. they will not reach anywhere.. their jealousy mind made them a big failure.. so jealousy creep fans who only spread nasty comments.. do whatever you can.. your hatred became a bless for them.. hejaswi will suerly lead a wonderful life.. they both are gems

swaragini analysis


swaragini analysis


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