Tashan aur twists (episode 4)

No blabbering…. So the episode starts…

Scene 1 (hospital)

Twinkle n chinki r in hospital 4 twinkle’s check up. They tell the receptionist dat dr. mira snt dem to meet a Dr. for B.P. check cp n blood tests.

R- yea yea u r twinkle taneja , right ? (pointing chinki)
T- no’ I m twinkle taneja.
C – n m her sis chinki
R- ok ok u hve 2 meet Dr. yuvraj
C- cn u giv his full name n wers his cabin??
R- yes.. dr. yuvraj luthra, 1st floor, right side, 3rd cabin…
C- ok.. thnk u …
R- hey listen.. doctor is nt der right now.. bt he’ll cme in sometime.. if u wish u can go… u giv contact no. I’ll call u as soon as he comes…
T- no, its ok..v’ll wait…
R- as u wish… (starts with sme work)
Twinkle n chinki go to the waiting area near the cabin bt while they reach ..twinkle again feels dizzy n faints….
Not knowing wat 2 do chinki screams twinnkkklllleeeeee………… she jus starts crying n da receptionist goes to see her n calls uv…
R- dr. yuvraj plz be quick to the hospital(n tells wat happened)
Uv- tell the nurse to take her to my cabin

Scene shifts to Luthra house

Uv rushes out of d house
A- arre wer r u goin so fast??
Uv- (while rushing towards his car screams) 1 of my patient has fainttt….. (b4 he had completed he gets off)
A- ohh dis boy… m so glad he cares so much for his patients.. u r perhaps… y perhaps… u r actually d best doctor of Amritsar uv… I luv u beta…. Live long….

Next scene (hospital)

Uv reaches to his cabin n finds twinkle fainted n chinki besides her crying vigorously n trying 2 wake twinkle…
Uv- xcuse me miss…
Ch- m chinki, chinki taneja.. she’s my sis twinkle taneja… actually v had cme here for dis only…
Uv- wat? Wat u mean??
Ch- actually… (tells her abt how she starts feling dizzy n faints since last 1 month n wat dr mira had told)
Uv- ye dr mira had told me abt all dis… jus forgot it… I m so sorryyy… let me do her checkup…
Uv checks her BP n says BP is normal… n takes her blood samples n gives for tests.. twinkle starts gaining consciousness… meanwhile uv goes to chinki n says-
Uv- miss chinki…
Ch- yes dr..
Uv- twinkle ji has started bcoming conscious n BP is normal.. I ve taken n given her blood samples for tests.. ull get her reports in the evening,,,
Ch- ok, thnk u… cn I take her wid me??
Uv- yea sure …u can….
Chinki goes to twinkle n they both leave….

Precap- twinkle’s blood test reports…

Tashan aur twists (episode 4)


Tashan aur twists (episode 4)


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