TWINJ -MAVI Love circle (Episode 20)

OMG! just cant believe that in such small time i reached to 20th episode of my FF..
plzz one request to all do comment today with ur full open soon i m thinking to end this FF soon..
so if u love my FF do comment and let me know…(silent readers its specialy for u)
and one more thing….i know i m concentrating more on Twinj for few episodes
but guys dont orry more intresting is also planned for MaVi..
now enough of nonsense talks and lets procedd with the episode..

All see twinj comming in and smiling..
and leela says i think both are ready for marriage..

all say that tommo they shall call panditji for deciding the date..(muhurat)
just then adii have flash backs
how he saw kunj caring for twinkle and he recognized him as Riyas brother..but still dint utter a word…

just then he is interrupted by a voice YUVi
screeming This marriage cannot happen and enters angirly..
all were shocked at his behaviour..
he then makes a puppy cute face and says i m Best friend of kunj as well as twinkle and i m not called here..leela aunty and usha aunty u have disappointed me a lot..
but i liked that u arragned me something which i ll eat now..and feed Twinj by their own hands..
and what is that leela and usha ask together..
he removes the plate of samosa which he had hid back and goes towards Twinj..
who make ajeeebbb faces seeing samosas..
and get scared..
they both say they are full..
k-aree i just eat 2 full samosas which twinkle bought for me ..
t- i m on diet so i cant compromise with know na yuuvi…
so please..u-aree hows that possible..u guys are going to mmarry and u must have it by my hands..
he forces them to have ..
and comes to kunj..
twinkle gets worried..
and says sure we will have ..
kunj looks at her in pain and gives an tuff look..asking her no..
she says but first u..
leela-ohooo u guys continue..
she says we all are going for gurudwar..
as all is happening so good..
twinj shievs off relief..that they are escaped..
adi and riya stay back but they dont notice the..
once all lev..
twinj start hitting yuvi..
and uv is running here and their..
riya says-these all 4 look so good na..
and twinj look made for each other couple..
adii- even we look made for each other couple..
you neva said so..
btwn kunj is lucky to have Twinkle in his life..
so dooes twinkle replies riya..
and they both laugh and enjoy twinj and mavi’s mastii..
just then twinj feed uv..samosass
uv screems–cheeee.
who the hell prepared this yar…
any one can die eating this..
twinj start laughing..
and says so they were saying no to eat..
twinkle and u guys planned something else but this siyaapaaa queen became 2 steps forward and more over din tell me too..
twinkle interrupts and says ohh really..u din say me that u were only riya bhabhis brother..
and kept quite seeing me in such state..
i had said u i ll die but not marry any one else other than u..
u know how mad i had became ..
u gave me such good gift on my bday and i got shock of my life too..
ess laga zase paro tale zammen kisak gayeee(sorry,i dont know englisg version as ts a famous proverb of hindi)
kunj eyes her lovingly..
and says but i had said u..that i ll make everything correct..
Adii and riya were listening this..
twinj have an eye lock…mahi corrects her throt..
and they come to sences,…
twinkle turns to MaVi and asks if they are involved in kunjs plan too..

they nod no..
and twinkle and MaVi kunj..
k-What?(by making his eyebro bow)
they take cusions and start hitting him..
and run all three run behind him..
when they are shocked too see adii and riya standing behind them..
giving angry looks..
t-bhai..actually..i wanted..
riya and adii- its not fare..u guys cant be spared..
twinj and Mavi look at each other and are speechless..
riya-and adii together..tum teen aurkunj ek..
not fare..
both also get cusions and all start pillow fight..
kunj riya and adii one team
and twinkle and maVi other..
and all get tired..
and sit having some snaks..
r-twinkle by the way ur plan was awome..
when ever ur bhai would go mad on me after marriage..i ll give him warnings that if he dont bend down then they she ll make samosas..
the same way..
add-then i promise i ll neva miff with u..
all laugh..
twinkle-bhai..i know u got to know now that i and kunj loved each other from before..and i dont want the same to repeat and hurt u..
so we 4 want to talk to u something..
twinj look atmavi asking them to speak up..
they are shocked to listen what twinkle is trying to tll.
mahi-dii plzz.its not right time..
t-but its necessary..
k-yeah mahii twinkle is right..
u should..
adii is confused
twinkle says if not u..ill say..
uv-says no not now twinkle plzzz..
adii-i m relly worried now plzz tell..
t-bhai vo..
yuvi and mahi love each other..
adii-gets up and says what..
he looks at mahi..whos bending down her head..
and then at yuvi who is ignoring eye contact..
just then leela usha and all enter are happy to listen it..
leela hugs..mahi and says u cant imagin how good m i feeling right now…
now the friendship of me and anita which we had since i was married ..will turn to a relation..i ll call her noww.
just then they see the hall and says what is this…
all start gigglingg..
and riya speaks up saying we were playing and this happened..
leela calls up servent to clen the mess..

all leave for their home after lunch..
precap-leela informs anita..anita is super happy..
and uv decides to tell all that he dont want to marry..

feel free to comment as u are neva charged fpr commenting
jokes apart hope u liked it


TWINJ -MAVI Love circle (Episode 20)


TWINJ -MAVI Love circle (Episode 20)


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