Fixing Broken Souls : A Swasan fanfic

Heeelllloooo!!! Anu here ♥ Here is the introduction to my brand new fanfic :
Fixing Broken Souls.

The past ~~
**Three year ago**

Swara, an ordinary girl met Sanskar, a rockstar who was high on name, fame and money. Both fell in love with each other, realizing their invisible chords which always stuck together and gave them happiness. While Swara had always been a freaking nervous girl, Sanskar was always a confident young man. Their love is what we called, blossoming into true unconditional love. Swara left her everything behind – her house, her parents and her sister, Ragini for him. She was with him, wherever he went. Be it Delhi, his hometown or London. The first few days of their relationship was just like any fairy tale romance. Just love, love and only love ♥♥

They had shared their everything except their surnames. But one dark day, a person from Sanskar’s past comes back to his or rather their life…

Kavita, Sanskar’s ex girlfriend who was always after his money, fame and fortune tries bringing the black rainy days in their otherwise endearing full of light life. She tries to create troubles between their perfect relationship.

Somehow, her attempts failed every now and then.

But one night, just that one night, when Swara gets to know Kavita’s real face, she slaps her hard – a much deserved slap, Sanskar sees this and witnesses Kavita’s crocodile tears too.

For her, Swara was always cool and calm, who would never even harm an insect, let alone be a girl and seeing her slap anyone was a big deal for him. To clear the misunderstanding between them he follows Kavita to her hotel room and Kavita somehow kisses forcefully inspite of resistance from Sanskar, for he always loved Swara. Swara, one the other hand misinterprets this and declares he is cheating on her, though he never did it rather he never meant it. . .

But it was difficult for Swara to trust him again and so she leaves him and moves back to India with her family.

That was the end of their perfect fairy tale. . .

Sanskar could never fix Swara but he broke her and broke himself too. Now they were nothing but two broken souls. . .

The present :

~~Fixing Broken Souls ♥♥~~

The main characters :

Swara : An independent mature girl with a broken heart. She has started smiling (could be fake) but is at least trying to move on in life for her own good. She loves her parents and her sister a lot and has her own clinic and is a doctor by profession.

Sanskar : A man who was at the top of his career. But seeing the girl he loved the most leaving her had broken him the most. He had a fall in his career post that but still somehow he is still in the band of “Bad Boys” who would never let him go for they are truly his best friends.

Laksh : He has transformed as an amazing singer and has even signed a film, he is at the top of his game, right now. When he had never expected falling in love with a girl, he meets a tomboy girl Ragini at Udaipur. He is always there for Sanskar, and he is truly his friend. He is also in contact with Swara who is also his best friend. He is the only person close to both Swara and Sanskar.

Ragini : Swara’s sister and her life support, she’s a total tomboy. Chirpy, bold and beautiful. She thinks of Sanskar as her brother. She thought she would never fall in love considering the consequences of this stupid love game. And Swara is a bit over protective about her. She is in the final year of her medical college.

Shaurya : He’s a mystery ♥ for now which will be revealed in the prologue.

Other characters :

Kabir : Leader of the band “Bad Boys”

Ria : Kabir’s wife.

Abeer, Rohan : Sanskar’s band mates.

Shekhar : Swara’s father and hates “Rock music” and Sanskar Kapoor.

Sharmishtha : Swara’s mother and she doesn’t like Sanskar as well. She’s very submissive.

Parvati : Swara’s grandmother and the only person after Ragini who understands her. Swara shares everything with her.


The plot :

People say, a lot can change in one night.

Now three years have passed. Everything has changed in the lives of Swara and Sanskar. They were no longer Swasan, they used to be.

While Sanskar had not been able to get over the fact that he had lost the love of his life, Swara is trying to forget her past and move on.

What will happen when fate will bring back these broken souls in front of each other again?

Will Sanskar be able to prove his love to Swara, or will he be too late to do so.

Keep reading to know what destiny has planned for them;

Because this time, it’s not about fixing her. It’s all about fixing each other.

Fixing The Broken Souls ♥♥ . . .

The future : ??
Keep reading to find out. . .



Hey guys. As promised I’ve posted the introduction of my new fanfic based on Swasan. There’s a bit of Raglak too and I hope u like them too.

Like you showered your love on Destiny and Fix You, I expect the same or hopefully more love in this ♥♥

That’s it for today. Let me know your views on the story and if you wish to continue reading it or not :-) Comment and let me know your views on this story and if you wish me to continue this ff. And also, feel free to ask your queries.

P.S. – Be ready for an emotional journey. .

And tysm Tia for the amazing cover pic. I suck at them but helped me. That’s really sweet bae ?

Love you all !!

Anu ♥♥

Fixing Broken Souls : A Swasan fanfic


Fixing Broken Souls : A Swasan fanfic


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