The episode starts with meera coming to present and says : you know , it was so fun…..
Arjun angrily : ya…ya fun for you……….
Meera smiled at his cute words and says : so , should i tell them what happened on our mehendi day??
Arjun smiles and says : you can do anything darling….
Meera smiles while giya says : uhon…uhon..we are also here , do your romance some other day….
Arjun childish anger : what yaar giya??
Mohit eagerly : dii , please continue na…..

Meera nods smiling and says : again , mehendi was also in his home….
Fb starts:
Meera is sitting for mehendi and faking smile to everyone present there , tara’s friends, arjun’s friends , her own friend whom she had to call and other ladies were teasing her about marriage and to everyone she was passing a fake shyness look.
Mehendi was being applied on her hands , she eyed her hand and saw the letter , the letter which was never new to her as that was the her life , her life’s love existed in that letter and now revenge too.the letter was “A”.
Meera eyes it and a tear falls her eyes and she thinks : sorry adarsh , i am really sorry , i know , i promised you that i will spend my all lives with you but i am leaving you in this life only, i know after knowing all this marriage truth , you’ll tag me as a betrayer , you would be correct also , i am actually a betrayer but i can’t help it , i love you but i love aarav too, he is in icu just because of that person , i hate him and the fact is that i hate him more than i love you……………….

Her eyes are totally moist now and tara notices it , tara : what happened bhabhi???
Meera cleans her eyes and says smiling : nothing , something went inside my eye…
Tara nods smiling and says : oh…ok…
Meera goes as her mehendi had been completed.
She goes to a corner and thinks : i wish aadarsh this mehendi was of your name….
She smiles a bit remembering something….
Suddenly she sees her mom there , she is shocked to see her…
She runs to her and drags her in a room.
Meera tensed : ma , what are you doing here??
Mrs roy : i came here to see my daughters mehendi….

Meera angrily : ma please , come to he point…
Mrs roy : ok , so you haven’t given me any details from so many days , hows are plan going.??
Meera angrily ; you could have asked this to me on phone too…
Mrs roy : i wanted to meet you….leave it just tell me meera…
Meera angrily : ma, tomorrow is wedding , you know na…its all……i am soon gonna make his life hell…..
Mrs roy : good determination but lets see….
She leaves from there saying this while meera comes out of the room angrily after some time(so that no one gets doubtful) , arjun sees her and comes to her..
Arjun holds her hand and says smiling (acting): so where’s my name??
Meera eyes him smiling and says : you wanna find your name …???
Arjun nods while meera slowly lifts her hand and then gives a slight punch on his face by which the mehndi on her hands gets applied on his face, he is totally shocked for a second.
Arjun angrily : what are you doing meera???

Meera innocently : sorry arjun , i didn’t do it intentionally , it just happened , sorry….
Arjun eyes her angrily and then suddenly calms down .
Arjun : no problem , but your mehendi got spoiled , you are the bride and your mehendi only…
Meera thinks : yehi to mein chahti thi(this was the thing which i wanted) your name and on my palm , impossible…
She smiles and says : no problem , we love each other truly , the mehendi doesn’t define our love na….
She smiles and goes from there while arjun stands there and thinks : soon , your love life is goona be hell dear….
He smirks while meera too smiles evily.

The screen ends on the screen on their faces .
Hope you like it…
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