Ishrarudi n baby reunion 3

Ruhi sees ishu sleeping n goes out
She enter bhalla house she open the door of ramans room she saw something under the pillow it was ishus pic ruhi holds ishus pic n smiles
Then she go to pihus room she was sitting on the bed holding a pic it was hers n shagun pic ruhi sits on the bed
Ruhi : hmm u didn’t sleep its too late
Pihu didn’t reply
Ruhi : what happen u r looking sad
Pihu : I don’t want to talk to u
Ruhi : why baby what happened
Puhu : dadi was saying now ruhi come now she will reunite ishu n raman
If u will reunite them where will my mumma go
Ruhi : o this is the matter today I will tell u a story there was a girl of your age who loves her mumma a lot but her mumma didn’t give birth to her when the girl was 5 yes old her life was very colour she didn’t have mom n her father don’t talk to her but one day a lady came to her life who changed her that lady cannot become mum she loves that girl a lot her father n that lady got married n that lady become her mom
Pihu : step mom
Ruhi smiles take a long breath according to people but mom is mom why v call a mom coz she loves us she loves us most right mom is mom not step or real the one who has motherly feeling is a mom that lady then after have her own baby girl according to people her blood n explain the whole niddhis incident
U know who the girl was that was me
N who the small baby is u n who that lady is ishimaa she stayed away from everyone from u me papa bhiya from seven yrs n now u r not accepting her u know how much she suffer when she can not become a mom I know u love shagun mumma but accepting shagun mumma didn’t mean that u have to forget shagun mumma u can meet her spent time with her i hope u will understand this now decision is up to u
Pihu think
Pihu : OK I will help u
Ruhi : really
They both hug
Ruhi got teary eyes n to herself finally finally ishimaa
Pihu : but one confusion
Ruhi : what
Pihu : what should I call ruhaan bhiya or ruhi didi
They both laugh
Adi come to n says what u guys r doing
Ruhi : gud u also come I was just going to call u v have to do something to unite ishima n papa
Adi : but what
Ruhi tell them something

Its morning
Ishu was setting some thing pihu came to her room
Pihu : ishimaaa
Ishu got teary eyes n sees towards pihu
Pihu touches her ears I am sorry for my saying
Ishu hugs her n kisses her
Rihu came out of room n sees this n get teary eyes b smiles
Ishu : but u how do u agree
Pihu points towards ruhi
Ruhi come towards ishu
The three of them her ishu kisses both of them n says my choto ruii n my big ruhi they all smile
Ishu : ruhi she exactly look like u
Ruhi nodes
Pihu : v have to go somewhere
Ishu : where
Pihu : v both r going for cycling
Ruhi n pihu go
Ruhi r u ready
Pihu : yes
Raman leave bhalla house goes out adi sees this n message ruhi
Ruhi sits on cycle
Pihu sees raman coming n start tieing
Her laces
Raman sees both of them

Precap : ruhi says to raman papa u don’t love me u love pihu u don’t love me raman says no ruhi no ruhi I have no choice left

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Ishrarudi n baby reunion 3


Ishrarudi n baby reunion 3


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