Saath Nibana Saathiya- Rashi is Alive- FF Part 1

Meera is saved by Dharam and taken away from prison. Gaura’s truth is revealed by Kokila and Gopi and the police arrest Gaura. This marks the end of Gaura- yay! Meanwhile, in the Modi Mansion, the fight between Sona and Pari is still going on. In the morning, a phone call is received by Pari’s dad – Kokila picks the phone and answers it. Kokila asks Pari’s dad whether his health is ok now as he was very ill .Pari’s dad says that he was not ill and who told her that he was ill. Kokila says Pari did and then she quickly adds Pari is her daughter and must be exaggerating as she was worried about her health. Kokila also asks if he enjoyed his quality time with his daughter. Pari’s dad replies that she never even came to meet him – she quicky puts the phone down. Kokila thinks to herself that why did Pari lie to the whole family about her father’s health and where she was? She shous pari!
Pari comes down and asks why is she so angry. Kokila says that Pari’s dad just said that he was never ill and she never even went to meet him, she asks her to explain herself in her usual dialogue. Pari thinks to herself of what she should do. She says to Kokila that oh she is so forgetful- how could she forget that father has alzhemer disease. Kokila calms down and apologises for questioning Pari. Kokila leaves… Pari thinks- ” Thank God this witch never discovered her secret. The secret I have kept for 11 years. The secret which has kept me in this house. That witch will never learn this secret.” Pari walks over to Rashi’s portrait with its garland over it. ” This garland over your portrait is not even needed over your portrait, Rashi ben. In fact, this whole dumb family does not know that you are alive!” Pari deliberately knocks over Rashi’s portrait, breaking the glass frame. ” Oh,, everyone! Look what has happened here! Rashi’s portrait! Something wrong is happening!” Everyone comes running.

opi is shocked seeing Rashi’ portrait broken on the floor. ” Kahna ji, why do I feel something bad is happening?” Pari goes to Gopi- ” Oh Gopi, nothing will happen. Have faith in God and everything will be ok.” Pari thinks to herself that the way this portrait broke, I will finish you off once and for all Rashi.
lashback- During Rashi’s funeral pyre, the same way Gaura swapped the bodies, Pari did the same. Pari ordered her men to take Rashi away from the place. Pari reaches a warehouse. where her men kept comatosed Rashi. ” Once she wakes up, we will have to take her abroad.”
Day after Gopi goes jail- Pari’s men had told Pari that Rashi has woken up; Pari reaches there. Rashi is astonished to see that her capitor is none other than Pari. ” Hello Rashi. How are you?”
” How dare you keep me here? My family will save me?”

” What family? Did you know Radha came back and has been troubling the family ever since? Radha made the whole family, even me dance to her tunes. Radha even trapped Jiggs and gave birth to a daughter named after you. Radha tried to kill her own daughter and then Gopi ended Radha forever.”
” No Gopi cannot do that, She would not kill her own sister?”
“She almost got you killed. I have been observing Gopi for quite long and may I admit she tries to act as if she is some goddess. Gopi believes she can destroy any evil. But anyway, Gopi has gone jail, Ahem has left with Vidya and Meera and Kokila went to live with your mother”
” Mother! How is she? She must be very sad thinking I am dead.”
” Your mother is fine, she was against mine and Jiggs wedding.”
” You married Jigar?”
” Of course, I am Jiggs new wife and Tolu and Molus stepmother. Everyone has forgot you. Now listen to me Rashi. My men will kill you if you refuse. You must come with me abroad.” Rashi cries vigourously and stays quiet. Pari’s men take Rashi to a van off to a airport.
10 year leap- Pari arrives in London, entering a mansion. Owner of mansion is Pari’s aunt, Sudha Khanna. For 10 years, Sudha has kept Rashi in her custody. Pari greets her aunt. ” Greetings, auntie. Have not seen for ages? I have really missed you. I am so hungry.”
” I will give you food. Tell me tell me, how is like being the malikan of that place. And look how much you have gone skinny. don’t your in laws feed you?”
” Feed me! Me the malikan! Hell no. Gopi is back and she orders me around like her servant. The foolish family is busy with Vidya’s wedding. Mean time, I thought after 10 years, I will get to greet my lovely cousin Rashi.”

” Rashi? She is in basement locked up. I had to bring her out yesterday as Rashi was screaming and crying disturbing my guests. The guests would of found out. You should of seen her face when she greeted the guests.”
” Well I am off to meet her”
Pari enters the basement. She approaches an aged Rashi, with slightly grey hair from depression and anxiety. ” Challo, Rashi, are you pleased to see me? 10 years has passed and you are still in my trap.”
” How is Jigar? How is Gopi, maa, Kaki, Tolu Molu, Baa? How is everyone?” Rashi sobs.
” Stop your emotional drama. Gopi is back and she has also brought back Ahem and Kokila. However, Meera has changed. She is so arrogant and evil. Did you know she almost killed Gopi?”
” Meru has changed so much? What about Vidya?
” It is Vidya’s wedding with Gaura Suvanyashi’s grandson. Gaura is Kokila’s childhood best friend. There was some enmity between them but that has gone now. Tolu Molu are fine. They have forgot their mother and your Jigar loves me now. Rashi you will soon realise why I have kept you alive after so long.”
Present day- Gopi prays to Kahna that protect all her loved ones. On the other hand, Rashi is in the basement- ” Gopi please save me. I know Kahna will bring you to me.”

Precap- Ahem tells Gopi that they must go to London for a business deal.

Saath Nibana Saathiya- Rashi is Alive- FF Part 1


Saath Nibana Saathiya- Rashi is Alive- FF Part 1


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