Tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 73

Recap: Rajesh truth and he asked yuvi to obey him and do his work.

Yuvi went to the place where he used to go with his father. He was tensed and confused. He didn’t know what to do. After sometimes, he left and returned home.

Once, he arrived he saw a doctor leaving the house. He rushed inside ans saw that Anita was hurt. Yuvi came to her side.
Yuvi:”mom, what happened?”
Anita:”nothing baby, i just slipped over the stairs.”
Yuvi:”but mom, you…”
Anita:”relax baby, i am fine”
Malhotra came to Yuvi and hold him his shoulder:”yuvi, relax she is fine, its just a sprain”
Yuvi stared at him angrily.
Yuvi:”mom, lets go to your room, you will be on complete bed rest”
Yuvi took Anita to her room and make her rest on the bed. Anita called yuvi to her side.
Anita:”baby, I am fine…”
Yuvi hugged her and said:”mom, I can’t see you hurt”
Anita:”I didn’t know that you love me so much”
Yuvi:”you should rest now, I will be back.” Yuvi left the room.

In Malhotra’s room
Mr & Mrs. Malhotra were laughing.
Mr:”now he will do as we tell him.”
Yuvi came there and hold Mr. Malhotra by his collar.
Yuvi, angrily:”how dare you hurt my mom, I am not going to spare you” He punched Malhotra. Malhotra started to laugh.
Mrs M:”your mom got just a sprain and you are worried so much, what will you do if she…”
Yuvi, shouting:”do you even dare to think more than this. I didn’t think that you (Mrs. Malhotra) will help them in these things.”
Mr M:”now you saw that we were not just talking, we can really hurt your family”
Yuvi, with no option left:”what will i have to do?”
Malhotra:”you will know tomorrow”
Yuvi:”tell me now, I will do it”
Yuvi left the room helplessly.

Yuvi, in his room. He was on his bed. He knew that there was the camera so he couldn’t do anything. He got up and went to check Anita, he saw that she was asleep. He returned to his room. He switched the lights before going in.
Rajesh who was watching him was tensed to see that but then he noticed a shadow in the room and said:”he is there, he will act smart after what we did with his mom.” He continued to watch the footage. He noticed that the Yuvi went on bed, but he continued to watch the footage thinking that he might do something.

Meanwhile, Yuvi is seen outside the house,
Flashback, when yuvi went out earlier, he told rohan the truth and asked him to take his place. How yuvi got him in escaping from the cameras. He made him enter through the bathroom’s window as this in the only place where there is no camera. Flashback ends.

Yuvi sneakily, enter Twinkle’s room. Twinkle had her earphones and was reading a book. Yuvi pat her shoulder and she was about to scream but yuvi put his hand on her mouth. He removed the earphones,
Yuvi:”twinkle, plz don’t scream. I need to talk to you urgently. You won’t scream right?”
Twinkle signs no.
Yuvi slowly removed his hands, but twinkle screamed so yuvi put his hands back.
Yuvi:”I told you not to scream…”
But this time, twinkle bit hie hands. He screamed:”ouchhhhh”
Yuvi:”what is this twinkle?”
Twinkle:”what are you doing here? Get out of here!”
Yuvi:”twinkle plz listen to me”
Twinkle started pushing him out. Yuvi tried to stop her and finally he caught her hands and pinned her against the wall.
Twinkle:”leave me!” She tried to release herself.
Yuvi:”twinkle… twinkle.”
Twinkle:”leave me or else…”
Yuvi:”else… what will you do? scream? Go ahead scream but i will not leave without talking to you”
Twinkle:”yuvi leave me or i will really scream”
Yuvi:”twinkle, i know that Malhotra told you what happened long ago but…”
Twinkle:”if you have come to justify yourself you don’t need.”
Yuvi released her and turned away from her.
Yuvi:”twinkle whatever he told is the half truth…”
Twinkle:”ok, tell me the whole truth you, didn’t your dad misbehave with my mom? Didn’t your mom accuse my mom of having an affair with your dad?”
Yuvi:”But that’s not the whole truth. twinkle, our moms were best friends….” And he told her everything. (from the beginning till what happened yesterday: about Rajesh and Malhotra, how they said that they will hurt her and Anita, how Anita got hurt, everything). Twinkle was shocked hearing about Rajesh the twin.
Twinkle:”how can i trust you?”
Yuvi:”you don’t have to if you think that I am wrong, twinkle. But just look into my eyes, do you think that I will try to take revenge when I know that somewhere my dad was at fault. I never deny the fact that my dad misbehave with your mom. I just want to know the truth. Do you think that i will hurt you like this.”
Twinkle had nothing to say, her heart was telling her to believe yuvi but she was confused.
Twinkle:”why will he lie to me? I don’t even know him”
Yuvi:”plz, trust me twinkle.”
Yuvi phone rang, he checked which he received from Rajesh who asked him to come to his place right now, enough of sleeping. Yuvi quickly sent the message to Rohan and asked him to go out right now and meet him at some place where they could exchange their places.
Yuvi:”twinkle, I need to go, but think about what i told you and tell me if you trust me? But for now I must go”
Yuvi left from there through the window leaving Twinkle in deep thought.

Twinkle was thinking about it the whole time and couldn’t decide anything.

Yuvi was waiting for Rohan to come to the place. Once he arrived, they exchanged their places.
Rohan:”yuvi, be careful”
Yuvi nodded yes and left from there.

@ Rajesh place
Yuvi entered and rajesh asked him to seat down. There was only both of them. Malhotra was not there.
Rajesh:”so, you saw right what happened to your mom, if you don’t want that to happen again then you will follow my orders.”
Yuvi:”what do I have to do?”
Rajesh:”relax, relax. I will tell you everything. Tomorrow, your mom had a meeting with a client which was scheduled in the office but now that your mom is hurt, it will happen at your place.”
Rajesh:”so in front of those clients, you will have to misbehave you know like a child, a naughty child”
Rajesh:”you ask a lot of questions but never mind I will answer you. Those clients are very old clients of your company, your mom and them are like friends and I want to destroy all your business contacts. So I thought to start with the most old one. Good strategy, right?”
Yuvi thought for a moment:”ok, I will do it”
Rajesh, laughs:”you agreed so easily. I thought that I had to convince you to do that but… Anyway, don’t try to act smart. So you can go, come on, get out, go out”
Yuvi left from there irritated.

In the car, Yuvi think of what he will do. He thinks:”what am I going to do? Neither can i refuse him nor humiliate my mom.”
He continued driving and stopped outside Luthra’s house. He got down the car and walked home quietly and worried. Twinkle saw him from her window as she was unable to sleep. Twinkle thinks:”God, I am not able to think of anything. My heart wants me to trust yuvi but my mind tells me that he is playing a new game. What should I do? I have to find out that whatever he told me earlier id true or not, and for that I will have to ask maa”

Next morning,
As soon as Twinkle woke up, she went to Leela, in her room.
Leela:”twinkle, you woke up so early today, when you have no college, I am surprised”
Twinkle:”maa, I want to ask you something”
Leela:”yeah, tell me”
Twinkle:”but promise me that you will tell me the truth and would not try to ignore the question”
Leela:”ok, but what happened?”
Twinkle:”maa, what happened between you and Anita aunty year back?”
Leela:”but you already know it twinkle”
Twinkle:”yes, but I want to hear from you, plz tell me”
Leela:”ok, I will tell you but after that you won’t ask me this again”
Twinkle nodded yes.
Leela told her about their friendship, how they were closed and their husbands too, how yuvi’s dad misbehave with her, her complaint against him, his suicide because of that, how whole taneja family went away for some months due to her pregnancy, when she came back Anita allegations and those pictures, how her husband took her sister and left, their accident.
They both were in tears.
Leela:”i lost my second daughter and my husband because of her, that’s why I hate her so much and she thinks that I was having an affair with her husband and for that reason she hates me”
Twinkle:”didn’t you try to explain her that she was misunderstanding those pictures?”
Leela:”she was already angry with me but hearing your dad and sister’s death, i also got angry and we fought a lot and see it continued till now”
Twinkle thinks:”Yuvi was right. Mr. Malhotra lied to me”
Raman called Leela from office citing some important work and she left.
Twinkle was still confused but one thing was clear that this time Yuvi told her the truth.

At that time, dadaji came in and said:”i told you that yuvi will never do this to you twinkle”
Twinkle:”but whatever happen on holi…”
Sana:”that i will tell you…”
Dadaji brought sana there as sana told him what happen on holi day.
She told everything to twinkle and twinkle felt guilty of how she treated yuvi. She remembered what yuvi told her that Malhotra and Rajesh were forcing him to do certain things, she was about to tell dadaji but stopped seeing Sana. She thinks:”Sana should not know about this. She is a child, she won’t be able to bear what her parents had done”

@ Luthra’s house,
Mr & Mrs. Malhotra was helping Anita with the preparations of the meeting.
Mr. M thinks:”do how many preparation you want, Anita. Today your son will ruined you.”

Rohan came there and greet Anita. Malhotra greet him but Rohan ignored him and asked Anita:”where is yuvi?”
Malhotra:”must be busy in his room”
Rohan left for Yuvi’s room.
After sometime, Rohan came saying that he didn’t find yuvi anywhere.
Malhotra:”what? How can he go like this?” But then realized that everyone was looking at him and he changed his words:”I mean he could inform us, Anita will be worried for nothing.”
Anita:”no its ok, he use to do this”
Rohan:”yes,don’t worry, he will be back, UNCLE”
Malhotra give a fake smile and went to side, he call Rajesh and told him the situation.
Rajesh, angrily:”no, he can’t do that. He can’t just go”

Here the meeting start, Anita excused herself to change the venue of the meeting but the clients was ok with that. The meeting was going well. Rohan stayed for the meeting as he knew that Malhotra could do something as yuvi was not here and that he could ensure Anita’s safety.
Rohan’s phone rang and he went aside to take it. It was twinkle.
T:”where is yuvi? I am trying his phone but he is not picking up”
R:”I know and he is not at home. But You take care.” Rohan couldn’t say anything more because of the cameras.
T:”you inform me when yuvi comes…”
At that time, they heard a drunk yuvi screaming at the watchman who brought him in.
Yuvi:”I don’t need your help, go away.”
Twinkle heard everything as Rohan didn’t cut the call. Rohan rushed to yuvi’s side to hold him.
Yuvi:”no, Yuvraj Luthra doesn’t need anyone’s help. Not even yours.” Rohan felt a bit bad.
Yuvi was about to fall, but Rohan caught him
Yuvi, whispered to Rohan:”I am sorry yaar!” And he resumed his acting. Rohan understood that he was acting and he noticed Malhotra smiling and understood everything.
Yuvi came next to Anita:”mom…” He hugged Anita.
Anita:”yuvi, I am….”
Yuvi:”ohhhh, meeting. sorry I didn’t know”
Anita felt embarrassed in front of the clients.
Clients:”Anitaji, this is your son…”
Malhotra called rajesh and made him listened to all that was happening. He smirks evilly.
Yuvi:”yes, I am her son, Yuvraj… Yuvraj Luthra. The one and only Yuvraaj Luthra”
Anita:”I am really sorry, yuvi is…”
Yuvi:”mom, don’t apologise to them, you did nothing wrong. plz give us the deal” Yuvi felt on their feet.
Anita:”Rohan, plz take him upstairs..”
Yuvi:”no, i won’t go…”
Clients:”Anitaji, what’s all this? Is this a joke?’
A voice came from the door:”yes, it’s all a joke” Everyone turned to see and they saw twinkle there. Malhotra’s smile disappeared seeing her.
Yuvi thinks:”twinkle what is she doing here?”
Twinkle came to them.
Twinkle:”you are right, it is a joke. Actually, yuvi thought that you came from so far away, so we should make you all feel a bit relaxed. I know that meetings are very serious, but we can have a little of fun. Sorry, you didn’t like it but it was only to entertain you and yuvi didn’t want to drink but he had to get into the character.”
Rohan also backed twinkle:”we thought it will be fun, work can be done in a funny way too, and we, the future generation we like to work like this. Masti (fun) + work. In this way, you will not get bored doing the work but it would encourage us to work and have fun also. We will be away from the boring routine life of work”

The clients:”I liked their thought, sorry beta (yuvi), we misunderstood you. You were trying to make the meeting more fun, thanks for this little prank, we enjoyed it. And Anitaji, your son and his friends are super. After this small drama, even I felt away from all the tension I has before presenting this project to you. Now, youngsters, if you have finish, can we continue with the meetings.”
Twinkle and Rohan, in unison:”yeah, sure”
Yuvi looked at twinkle and in his mind thanked her as she saved his mom’s reputation. Twinkle left from there citing some important work.
Malhotra took yuvi to the side.
M:”what the hell?”
Yuvi:”I didn’t know that Twinkle would come here and said all this”
M:”you must have told her?”
Y:”she is not talking to me since the day she accused me, and even I am angry with her so do you think that I will tell her”
M:”I don’t know but Rajesh is very angry with you and as soon as this meeting finishes, he called you to his place. And you better have an explanation for him. Now let’s go”
Y:”i need to go to the washroom”
M:”hurry up!”
Yuvi went to the washroom.

When he came back, he signs Rohan.
After sometimes, the meeting was over but Anita stopped the clients for lunch. They couldn’t refuse as Anita insisted a lot.
Malhotra called Rajesh.
Rajesh:”bring that yuvi to me right now”
Malhotra went to Anita and said something to her.
Anita:”yuvi, can you go with Mr. Malhotra. He needs you for something”
Yuvi went with him.
As the servants were setting the table, the clients and Anita were chatting with Mrs. Malhotra, Sana and her dadi.
Rohan went to the washroom (which yuvi went previously), he found a note there,
note:”rohan, don’t leave mom, alone until I come back. Rajesh is very angry and he might do something. And don’t let Mrs. Malhotra go to twinkle.”

Rohan afterwards kept the note with him so that no one sees it.

precap: rajesh talking to yuvi and he told him to compensate for twinkle’s and rohan’s mistake for spoiling the plan.

Tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 73


Tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 73


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